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The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest Pdf Download


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The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest Pdf Download

Details of The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest  Book

  • Book Name: The Mountain Is You 
  • Authors: Brianna Wiest
  • Pages: 240
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: May 28, 2020
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest this book as and i came up with that it's like all your inspirational quotes on pinterest but in a book not in the way that it's just a bunch of quotes which the one that i actually started a couple days ago is actually that the strength in our scars it's literally just a compilation of quotes from her it's like that in that every time i picked it up and read it 

I felt inspired or had a whoa moment or just some revelation or like oh that's deep you know i'm just going to read the chapter titles for you so you can get kind of an idea of what i mean and i'm just now realizing it does not have a table of contents oh well i'll just flip through 

It chapter one is the mountain is you chapter two there's no such thing as self-sabotage chapter three your triggers are the guides to your freedom chapter four building emotional intelligence we all know that's important chapter five releasing the past up until this point in the book 

I was like okay yeah it's like it's good but i don't know if it's like that good because everybody i i've been getting a lot of book recommendations on pinterest like little reels and tick tocks and stuff that people had posted i reposted on pinterest and this book kept showing up over and over and over in these people compilations of like the top five books that you have to read 

So i was expecting it to be like really really good so up until chapter five i was like okay no it's okay but then once i got to chapter five releasing your past that's when it started to hit and i was like okay this yeah 

I understand the hype now chapter six building a new future chapter seven from self-sabotage to self-mastery the basic premise of this entire book is kind of within the title and subtitle which obviously they would try and do that but anyways it's basically telling you you gotta get out of your own way and here's how to do it 

There were so many moments in here that i was just like whoa that is exactly what i needed to hear and let me actually look up because i know i've shared several quotes from it on my instagram over the course of reading it okay here we go 

So this little excerpt says you are not here to live up to the exact expectation that you've mustered up in your head you're not here to do everything precisely right and precisely on time to do so would require stripping your life of spontaneity curiosity and awe that really spoke to the perfectionist side of me because yeah 

I felt like my life has not turned out so far the way that i wanted it to specifically with like college and relationships and even friendships and this kind of was comforting to be like hey it's okay you don't have to live that expectation that you had when you were little or not 

So little or whatever or what society expects of you and there's no such thing as precisely right or precisely on time for like the way that your life is supposed to go so embrace the spontaneity and the curiosity and the awe of just living each day and going with the flow in the aspect of like accepting things and not getting knocked off course when things don't go the way 

You want them to go but not in the way of like just not having any plans or not having any direction that you're going there was one section that was about like reclaiming your power and how society thinks that power is aggression but in reality power is those those people that are like

It says here unfazed by small disturbances and are willing to fully process and work through the big problems that come up in life it's those people that are emotionally intelligent and mentally strong and are able to respond not just react i guess those were all the quotes that 

I shared but yeah it just there are a lot of things in that book that were like wow i really needed this and i'm gonna like go back through and read this book over and over again one big thing that stuck out to me from the chapter about releasing the past was you can't expect yourself to be able to go back to who you were before whatever happened like you can't make your standard of oh i'll be healed 

When i've arrived at this place where i'm back to who i was as if that never happened that is unrealistic that is not going to happen healing is this really non-linear experience where you have to come to terms with what happened and be able to accept it not in that like 

It wasn't wrong but as in like okay yes this happened to me but no i'm not gonna let it define me and i'm going to accept it as being a piece in the puzzle and a part of the journey that led me to who i am now i can acknowledge the feelings that it brought out in me and the pain that it brought out and the ways that it's changed me but then 

I can take all those pieces and be like okay here's where i'm gonna let you be i don't know if that really makes sense but like you recognize that the experience changed you and you stopped trying to fight it and i guess you kind of take that as your new starting point and just improve yourself from there and not allow yourself to be disappointed or beat yourself up because that 

New baseline is lower than where you were before so if you have struggled at all with self-sabotage like really wanting to do something wanting to chase a dream or wanting to change wanting to create a new habit in your life and you just find yourself sabotaging it.


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