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My First Student Credit Card! Discover it Student Credit Card 2022

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Discover Financial Services Reviews 2022

  Discover Financial Services Reviews 2022 So we're going to go over the discover bank program as well as the pros and cons and if it's the right fit for your wallet  So let's begin with the checking account is going to allow you to be able to get a debit card obviously will be able to get up to one percent cash back on up to three thousand dollars  Which I find very fascinating compared to other banks out there that don't even give you one percent cash back on a debit card now personally I do recommend you use a credit card just so that way you have more protection  But if you do use a debit card just know that you have that one percent cash back on up to three thousand dollars with their checking account as well you have no fees whatsoever no hidden fees no overdraft fees that could save  You are potentially 35 or more compared to other banks and you have no minimum balance fee now moving on to the savings account you can get up to 0.40 percent of savings per year on

Alaska Airlines Credit Card Review

  Alaska Airlines Credit Card Review Alaska Airlines despite its name doesn't only go in and out of Alaska but it is an airline that serves the western half of the u.s as well as  Alaska and Hawaii more  so  t han the eastern half of the u.s so if you're someone thinking of getting the card it would make more sense probably if you lived in the western half of the united states for it to be something that would be desirable to you  Alaska airlines recently joined the one world alliance and in fact as I make this video some of the details are still being worked out in terms of how their frequent flyer program is going to uh you know sort of correlating with some of these other airlines but anyway they had some airline partnerships before but now those have expanded  so you've got American Airlines as a partner if you've got British airways cafe pacific japan airlines and there are some others in that alliance as well so you're going to have more opportunities to redee

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Card Review

  Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Card Review  Indigo Mastercard is a card marketed by a company called genesis fs card services and if you have bad credit yourself you might also get offers from some of the other cards  They market that are in a similar space there's the milestone mastercard and also the destiny mastercard those also come from genesis fs card services  They are somewhat similar in the terms and conditions that they're going to offer you in terms of fees and interest rate and that sort of thing but the indigo mastercard is what we are looking at here  So while the indigo mastercard is one card product it can have different rates and fees depending on who they are marketing it to depending on how bad or sort of middle-of-the-road your credit  But in general, you can expect that there are probably going to be annual fees and small credit lines for most customers now if you actually go on to the indigo site as far as I could tell  They don't show you any cre

Chime Credit Builder Card Review 2022

  Chime Credit Builder Card Review 2022  So what do I have to do in order to get a chime credit builder card, well it's pretty easy you're going to set up your chime account when you set up your chime account  It's an online bank you're going to enter in your email address and password and so on but you're going to want to set up a direct deposit  Once the direct deposit is set up and you've added funds to your chime account you're then going to move at least 200 or more into the account below which will say chime credit builder account  Now once you have your credit limit selected and that $200 or more in that actual credit builder account you then can just do everyday purchases  Now you can just shop anywhere you want you can go anywhere that visa is selected as a form of payment which pretty much is everywhere nowadays and then just spend it on normal transactions  Also, we can't forget that they have a feature in there which is basically called safer

How does cash app taxes make money | Cash App Taxes Review 2022

  How does cash app taxes make money  Now everybody probably already knows and if you don't cash app acquired the tax software or program that used to be run by credit karma I loved credit karma's tax software it was very easy to use and straightforward  Now the cash app is no different it is very straightforward it's easy to do and everybody is on their phones anyway so of course, it appeals to a lot of people that are already addicted to their cell phones  But here's a problem this might hurt some people but I'm going to say it not all states are supported I started filing with the cash app software on my phone got halfway through to find out the state of ohio that I currently live in is not supported yet  Federal it's totally fine I could e-file with them instantly and totally be okay however I'm the type of person that wants to use one software for federal and state  Again not everyone is going to do their taxes themselves and I highly recommend that you

Mercury Mastercard Review 2022

  Mercury Mastercard Review 2022 If you've never heard of the mercury MasterCard don't worry it's invite-only meaning you will get the offer in the mail and when you remove the fake card and you peel it off they'll give you a code to enter it on the website  Now this is where it kind of gets tricky I don't have a lot of information to provide for you because it's invite-only obviously now they do say there's a rewards program  But again I can't tell you any information because I have not applied there are zero annual fees meaning it is free to use this card but I only get one percent cash back  Now besides the point of them offering one percent cash back, other companies are going to do that it's zero dollars to use the card which is cool you ask for my personal opinion basically  This card looks cool but it also is kind of enticing you to sign up out of desperation because you follow me on this channel I know you know better we have to pay our bills

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What is Flipkart axis bank credit card

What is a Flipkart axis bank credit card? Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, if you also shop with Flipkart So you must have seen the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card banner on Flipkart. Do you know?  What is Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?  Where can you use Flipkart axis bank credit card?  How to use Flipkart axis bank credit card? What are the benefits of using a Flipkart axis bank credit card? What is the downside of Flipkart axis bank credit cards? How to get Flipkart axis bank credit card? Which documents requied to make a Flipkart axis bank credit card And following which terms and conditions can be eligible to get a Flipkart Credit Card? After making Flipkart axis bank credit card If you use Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card? So when will his bill comeWhen and how you can pay the bill?  If you do not pay your bill on time What will happen then? If you were also applying for Flipkart Axis bank Credit card And you get the option of coming soon? So when and how will you get the option to

Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review

Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review What is Federal Bank Signet Credit Card?  Federal bank and RuPay have now joined hands to launch the Federal Bank Rupe Signet Credit card, bringing you the best features in a single card Like. The lowest dynamic annual percentage rate starting from 5.88% per annum.  "3x Rewards" on Spence for electronics and apparel categories "2X Rewards" on entertainment category.  Personal accident insurance cover of Rupees to Lakhs 24/7 concert services  Complimentary airport lounge access,  Complimentary Swiggy vouchers  Buy One Get One offers on Inox Movie  Federal Bank Signet Credit Card Welcome Benefits:  Amazon Pay E-voucher worth Rupees 500 on spent off Rupees 3000 and above in 1st 30 days. Additionally, experience fabulous dining offers at partner hotels through the Fed Delights programme,  Giving up to 15% discounts gain access to a wide variety of RuPay offers and deals, including travel, food and dining, shopping, sports, ent