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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022


FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022

FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022

FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022 this card in particular i tried a lot of different zip codes when they popped up the thing on the screen and it seemed like they all worked in terms of being able to apply for the card i did not actually go through and get it but as far as i can tell this card available everywhere the evergreen card from fnbo i know is available everywhere 

So i think this is the trend with them anyway this is a pretty good uh no annual fee rewards card let's look at the details and then i'll tell you about the one thing that i'm not too happy about technically it's called the getaway card by fnbo but we're not going to get too fancy 

It is a no annual fee rewards card that gives you those rewards using the following formula you're getting three points per dollar on travel purchases which encompasses a whole lot of travel from the you know airline hotel car rental stuff that you would expect but also transit purchases for the most part 

I was looking through all the codes so a lot underneath travel there three points on travel three points on gas gas is service stations and automated fuel dispensers i think it said in terms of how they code which generally means if you are buying your gas from walmart or you know another big box store oftentimes it's not going to code as gas 

So you want to make sure that you find out if it's going to work or not maybe do a little test and see before you go whole hog so you're getting three points per dollar and travel three points per dollar on gas three points per dollar on dining and then one point per dollar on everything else 

So that's pretty good you got three three x categories there we're gonna get three percent either cash back or you could use them toward travel purchases now the big flaw that this card has as far as i'm concerned is there is no potential new card holder bonus 

So a lot of cards in this area that are going to have no annual fee pretty good rewards but not like oh my god rewards are going to have a new card holder bonus this card does not 

So that is definitely something to consider you can redeem your points for travel rewards merchandise rewards and then cash back rewards as well if you redeem for cash back which i think is probably the best way to redeem for this card even though it sort of suggests that it is a travel card cash back still seems to be the best way to redeem for the most part 

However you do have to accumulate at least 2 500 points which would be at least 25 dollars in cash back before you could redeem in that way you could redeem as a statement credit you could redeem into a checking your savings account or have them send you a check so you do have a lot of options there 

But you do have to get at least 25 in order to redeem that way a lot of cards on the market used to do this more and more of them are letting you redeem for lower levels so this is sort of something that is not great on fnbo's part in terms of your everyday rates and fees 

You do have a zero percent offer here on both purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months so you can make purchases in that first year and if you carry them from month to month you're not going to pay any interest on them as long as you get it all paid off within that first year you wouldn't pay interest on those purchases balance transfers also a zero percent offer for those first 12 months 

However no note that there is a five percent balance transfer fee which is pretty high so you're gonna pay a good chunk up front in order to move money onto this card but you can let it sit at a zero percent rate for 12 months after that 

So it still could be worth it your apr your interest rate essentially after those initial 12 months is going to be anywhere from 16.24 to 24.24 depending on your credit history now this card also has no foreign transaction fees which is a pretty nice thing for a no annual fee card 

So if you use the card outside of the united states you're not going to pay anything extra on those foreign transactions or if you buy something from overseas even have it shipped here sometimes you would have those foreign transaction fees

So you're not going to have to pay them with this card so there are sort of uh they're sort of a growing body of cards i guess you could say that don't have foreign transaction fees anymore but it's still definitely not the norm so that is definitely something in this card's favor now that

If you are someone that cares about extra card benefits this card doesn't have a whole lot of them you are going to get this card as a world mastercard most people probably will they also have a platinum edition that they talk about but neither one of them really seem to give you a whole lot in extras 

So sometimes if you have sort of a higher level mastercard or a higher level visa they will give you some you know travel protections and purchase protections and all that kind of stuff as far as i can tell not a whole lot of that here if anything in terms of being approved for this card fnbo does not really have much of a reputation in the marketplace in terms of what they are looking for credit score wise or credit history-wise 

So my guess is it probably fits in the same slot as a lot of credit cards that are you know sort of generous on the rewards end like this with no annual fee if you have a credit score over 700 probably have a pretty decent chance of getting approved here if your credit score is between 650 and 700 i'm guessing you're getting into sort of a hazy gray area in terms of approvals and then as you get below 650 probably a lot less likely that you would be approved 

So on an everyday basis as a rewards card the fnbo getaway card pretty nice three percent on travel three percent on gas three percent on dining three of these sort of uh you know big rewards categories that people often will use their credit cards for and that travel uh category encompasses a lot so that is pretty nice and is all on a no annual fee card with no foreign transaction fees 

So a lot of good things going on here that lack of a new card holder bonus is something that bugs me because there are other cards on the market that you could compare this to that do have new card holder bonuses or maybe

If they don't compare completely apples to apples you could look at them and say some of them have overlaps in the categories and you get yourself 150 or 200 bucks perhaps now depending on how many credit cards you have maybe you are looking for a new bank that you would get a credit card from 

So maybe if you like these categories you wouldn't care as much about that new card holder bonus but the less you spend on your credit cards the more the new card holder bonus matters so that is something to think about 

If you're someone that doesn't spend very much well then you might want to look elsewhere for cards that are going to give you that 150 or 200 bucks potentially up front versus this card now i am going off of what is on the fnbo website in terms of that bonus it is possible that you could get an offer in your mailbox or via email especially 

If you are in fnbo's sort of geographic area and then maybe there would be a bonus offer attached to that as far as i can see just going in off their website there is not though other than that lack of bonus though you've got a pretty nice package here no annual fee good rewards no foreign transaction fees a nice zero percent offer 

You don't have sort of the extras in terms of travel protections purchase protections that kind of stuff but for a lot of people they never use those don't really understand them and don't really care so the core product here i think is pretty nice and i could understand.

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