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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Should Your Credit Cards Be From Different Companies?


Should Your Credit Cards Be From Different Companies?

Should Your Credit Cards Be From Different Companies?

When the verizon visa credit card first rolled out and we talked about it I said those first couple days they had this bonus opportunity if you got approved in the first 

I don't know two or three days you would get a share of a 1 million dollar bonus well technically it was a one million verizon dollar bonus but whoever got approved was going to get an equal slice of that million verizon dollars 

Now you couldn't get more than one thousand dollars individually so you knew it wasn't going to be an incredible bonus but still if not too many people got approved you might get a decent bonus

Now you know how this stuff usually goes if there's some kind of new product introduction and they say they're giving away some ridiculous amount of money but 

It's going to be split among everybody that gets that product you know that they expect that an awful lot of people are going to get that product and so any individual is not going to get that large of a bonus so when I looked at this I thought well you know 

I'll be lucky if it's even as big as the bonuses on some you know other credit cards out there maybe a hundred bucks 200 at the very most but it came through on friday and check it out 411 dollars and 35 cents 

Now like I said those are only verizon dollars I can't use them anywhere but verizon but since I am a verizon customer that means I now have 411 extra dollars to use toward my verizon bills so not everything in 2020 has sucked 

So doing the math that means that there were 2431 approvals in that window for the early adopters or whatever you want to call them for the verizon visa 

Which I have to imagine verizon was hoping they were going to get more than that in those first two or three days but me and the 2430 other people will take it 

I actually started to wonder if this bonus was even going to come through because I had called synchrony bank about 10 days or maybe two weeks ago synchrony bank being the issuer of the verizon visa and the person I got on the phone at the time had no idea what I was talking about 

I asked her about it and she said well that 10 a month discount for new verizon visa card holders I said no no not that I'm talking about you know that million dollars that was supposed to be split among 

All the new card holders and she said okay well that ten dollar a month discount and I said it's like dice you're not even listening to me it feels like and so I told her again and then she said hmm 

Let me ask someone here and then she put me on hold and then she came back and when she came back guess what she said she said that 10 a month discount for verizon visa card holders and then 

I said and then I had to hang up the phone because I was afraid I was going to completely anyway if you were one of those 2 400 plus other people that got the 400 plus in verizon dollars congratulations.

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