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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Delta SkyMiles GOLD Card Review 2022


Delta SkyMiles GOLD Card Review 2022

Delta SkyMiles GOLD Card Review 2022

One of the best ways to fly like a vip without having to qualify for elite status every single year is to use credit cards effectively for their perks and benefits 

However not all airline credit cards are created equally in fact delta airlines alone has four personal airline credit cards 

All with different annual fees benefits and reward structures and that's because each one of these card products is aimed at a specific type of delta flyer 

We can see what type of outsize value you may be able to get in your first year of card membership right 

Now as of may 2022 you can earn 40 000 bonus delta sky miles after spending 1 000 on purchases in the first three months 

If we were to put a cash equivalent value on that those bonus miles would be worth around 440 on average of course that may vary based on the flight and the itinerary that you build and that's because the delta miles like most miles and other programs 

Do not have a set value that is guaranteed when you redeem them for a flight just like the cash price for the same flight can vary from one day to the next 

So can the number of points or miles that you use for flights however the delta cards including the gold the platinum and the reserve versions do have a special feature called to pay with miles that will guarantee a set value

When we go over the benefits and by the way that offers for the 40 000 miles is just the standard base level offer you'll oftentimes see elevated offers for a limited timeline 60 000 70 75 even up to 90 000 and various select times of the year for a limited time 

So keep your eye out if you don't need the miles right now you might want to wait till a better offer becomes available though do keep in mind that the bigger offers usually have a bigger spending requirement as well 

So always be sure that the spending required fits in line with your normal monthly spending habits that way you're not spending more than you would normally spend anyway in the meantime 

Let's go over the ongoing rewards structure to see how you can earn long term with the card the delta sky miles gold card will give you double miles on all Delta purchases when you mate them directly with delta 

So if you purchase a delta flight through Expedia or some other online travel agency or portal that will not work those will only earn one mile per dollar 

So make sure that you book directly at you'll also earn double miles on dining at restaurants worldwide plus that will include takeout and delivery only within us then you'll also earn double miles on grocery purchases at u.s supermarkets and one mile per dollar on all other purchases the annual fee on the card is 99 congratulations

You now have some delta SkyMiles sitting in your account waiting to be redeemed for that free flight so when you're ready to do 

so what type of value can you expect to get let's talk about that it should be no surprise that delta sky miles are best redeemed for flights specifically flights on delta or any of their partner airlines within the sky team alliance and while the value of these miles may vary from one itinerary to the next 

The average that you can expect is around 1.1 cents per mile so as the example that 40 000 mile welcome bonus will be worth around 440 there are other redemption options available through delta's site for example on a partner hotel rental car flight upgrades even magazines and other online merchandise like that 

But in general, those types of redemptions give less value than you would be able to get for the flight so if you want to actually preserve your value and extend the value of those miles as much as possible 

I would only look to flights now on to the benefits the main benefits of the car doll what really help you justify the annual fee year over year 

So the first main benefit here is a first check bag free it's valid for up to nine total passengers on the same itinerary and paying with your delta card is not required however you must include your sky miles 

The number on the reservation and that's because although you do need to have the card to unlock the benefit once it is unlocked it's then associated with your delta sky miles account so something by putting your delta 

The number on all of your bookings is sufficient to be able to use the benefit some exclusions to the free bag benefit include overweight or oversized bags authorized user cards and codeshare flights benefit 

Number two is priority boarding you'll receive main cabin one priority boarding on Delta flights it's also valid for up to nine total passengers on the same itinerary and once again paying with your delta card is not required but you still must include your sky model's 

The number on the reservation exclusions here include authorized user cards and delta shuttle flights our third benefit there at the bottom is 20 back on in-flight purchases it's valid on food alcoholic beverages and audio headsets and it's issued as a statement credit within eight to 12 weeks 

It will very likely take less time than that but just realize that it may take more time so if it's been a month or so and you haven't seen your credit yet don't worry it still may be coming your way also to use this benefit 

There's no need to activate or enroll in anything simply use your SkyMiles gold card in flight for your purchase charge it to the target and that statement credit will automatically be generated and issued to you within that time frame 

Now unless you're the type of person who really enjoys putting together more complex itineraries and doing a lot of research and maximizing point values through airline alliance partnerships then most people will probably not get tons of value out of delta sky miles on average which is very likely means 

You'll be better off using a different credit card for your regular monthly spending which means also juggling multiple credit cards and if you're looking for a great way to manage multiple cards and different reward systems your credit score 

More all in one place definitely check out the app maths rewards matt's rewards is a great app that puts all of your cards rewards programs and more and different dashboards that make them very easy to manage you can also stay on top of your financial health by looking at your overall utilization 

Your credit scores even see all of your individual transactions across all cards in one list the app will also help you find the best card to use for a specific purchase to earn the most amount of rewards 

If you choose to sign up for the gold level of maths rewards it'll unlock even more features like activating your quarterly spend categories chase offers ameth offers and a bunch more 

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