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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

DBS credit card review

DBS credit card review

DBS Credit Card Review 

Have you always wanted to sign up for a DBS credit card but don't know which one to sign up for and when is the best time to sign up for 

I will teach you what are the best credit cards of DBS to sign up for and analyze the pros and cons of each card and i'll do the analysis for you so that you don't have to 

Dbs ltd credit card 

Dbs ltd which has the visa and the amx version so this card gives you 1.2 miles per dollar spent if you spend it locally in blocks of five dollars every spends so that means you earn three DBS points per five-dollar spend and that will equate to 1.2 miles 

For overseas purchases, you'll earn 5 DBS points per 5 span and that will equate to 2 miles per dollar and then if you spend it on online flight and hotel transactions you'll earn up to 3 miles per dollar kept at 5 000 per month

Also if you spend it on travel agent sites such as Agoda Expedia and kaligo you earn up to 10 miles per dollar 

But don't let that fool you because actually these rates in aagoda kaligo and Expedia will be a little markup 

So you have to compare the non-markup rate versus the rewards that you earn and see which is a better benefit for you 

Also, you can get up to one million dollars of travel insurance if you charge your full travel fare to this card and this car will have a one-year annual fee waiver which is worth 192.60 but subsequently, if you wish to continue using this card you can pay 192.60 to get 10 000 miles 

But of course if you don't need the mouse you can definitely call it in and try to wave it also for the ltte visa it comes with two complimentary launch passes with priority 

So you can go to your airline launch two times per year but it's not available for the amex card version also if you want to convert the mouse each mouse conversion is charged at 26.75 with gst included 

Do remember that this card similar to ct premium mouse will have no expiry in the mouse earned so it's good if you want to accumulate mouse in the long term to me this card is good to keep especially for the visa version because you can use it to sign up for the airline launch with priority pass 

And then if you keep waiving the annual fee every year you get free two airline launch passes for free infinite airline launch hack okay with that 

 Dbs refresh credit card 

So this card is very simple you have a minimum span of 600 dollars per calendar month to be qualified for the additional cashback which is five per cent on all visa contactless transactions and five per cent 

On online retail spend it also offers you five per cent additional cashback on the green initiate these merchants they call this the additional green cashback on selected eco eateries retailers and transport services 

So they are trying to promote environmental and sustainable growth so example merchants include simply go which is a public transport merchant for the bus and mrt rides new sg car rental 

Which is an electronic vehicle car rental and that means you can earn up to 10 cashback using your lift fresh card on this retailers but if you don't hit that 600 of minimum spend you would not get anything other than 0.3 per cent of cashback 

Also the cashback is kept at 20 per category so that means 20 on your visa contactless 20 on your online category and 20 on your miscellaneous another spend there is earning 0.3 per cent cashback 

So effectively if you ask me the max cashback you could earn is only 40 if you spend 400 online and 400 on visa contactless 

Which to me judging by the cards that i have now ocbc frank and uob evocart are much better competitors than this dbs refresh credit card alright 

Dbs women's credit card 

It comes in two colours blue and gold don't let the name of the card fool you even though the name of this card is called the dbs women's card even a man like me can apply for it and i believe you can too 

So the difference between the blue card and the go-kart is different spending requirements and different rewards l

So for the women's blue card, you earn 5x rewards points for every five dollars spent on your online purchases and 1x reward points for your other purchases 

So this card is primarily only for online purchases spend and you don't want to bring this out in your wallet going used to use it on pay wave or other stuff 

You could just keep this card at home write down the credit card number somewhere and then use it for your online purchases anyway and for the blue woman's card there is a reward cap of 1 000 spent per month 

So that means the maximum that you could earn it's only for the first 1 000 spent so anything after that does not earn 5x reward points moving on 

Dbs gold women's credit card 

What is the difference so this card has a slightly higher annual incomes requirement on the webpage it says that you need 80 000 of annual income to apply for it but don't take it too seriously i believe that as long as you have other dbs credit cards 

If you sign up for this credit card you'll get it almost immediately because i don't even have eighty thousand dollars of annual income 

So this card gives you 10x dbs points for every five dollars spent which is effectively four miles per dollar for online purchases as i mentioned both men and women can apply for it despite the name but the rewarding of these points is quite complicated

Let me put it this way every time that you spend on this card within a few working days after the transaction is posted for local spend you'll get the 1x points first for overseas purchases you'll get 3x points first and then coming to the next calendar month on the 16th day for local spend 

If it's eligible you'll get your 9x reward points and then for overseas spending you'll get your 7x additional reward points totalling up to 10x reward points 

So it's not like in the same one that you spend you get the same reward points you have to actually wait for the next calendar month 16 days to get your additional bonus reward points 

Which is why i recommend you to check your spending and your reward points calculation to make sure that they tally also you have a question of why do i have the blue woman's credit card 

If i already have the gold woman's credit card isn't this card so superior to this my answer to this is because dbs actually gave me a promotion where if i spend 800 on a newly signed up dbs card i can get 80 cashback which is effectively 10 cashback on top of the rewards that i earned on this card 

So from time to time dbs actually run such promos so be sure to look out for them if you are a dbs credit cardholder i also need to mention that for the gold women's credit card only the first two thousand dollars of spent per calendar month is eligible for the 10x reward points 

So any other spend above two thousand dollars would not be eligible for the four-mile per dollar last card that i want to talk about is actually 

The post everyday mastercard and i hate to talk about this card this card has one of the most complicated terms and conditions that even i myself will be confused and that's why 

When i sign up for this card it's only for the sign up bonus okay pardon me here but i need to refer to my script because the complicated terms and conditions you'll earn up to 10 cash rebates on any online e-market places 

Such as your food panda delivery and you'll get 10 cashback you get 3 on other dining spend on your restaurants and online shopping 5 percent on amazon lazada cool 10 shopee rate mark and i hop so 

It's like different cash back for different categories and then you can earn five percent cash rebate at xing 20.1 percent discount with sbc petrol station one percent cash rebate on your sp utility and electric city 

As well as recurring mobile and internet views you'll get 0.3 cash rebates on other spam categories not in the listed categories and then the cash rebates will never expire and the cash rebate is kept at different categories for each month 

You need to spend a minimum of eight hundred dollars per statement months what that cost my blood to boil 

You know you have so many terms and conditions and then you still want to have a high minimum span of such category wow cannot make it this cut i don't even know why people will sign up for 

It other than sign up gifts okay so with all the cards comparison i hope that you can make an informed decision of which card to sign up for 

As usual i'm going to share with you what are the sign up gifts that you could get for signing up with dbs credit cards so for now you can enjoy up to 200 cashback 

If you use the promo code file by referral link below and key in 200 cash make sure you key in the promo code make sure it's there and then all you have to do after you receive your card is just to spend one qualifying spend

 So you just go to your nearest supermarket nearest convenience store just buy a drink buy something there and then you are qualified to get 200 off cashback 

If you ask me which card to go for i would say go either for the altitude visa or the dbs lift fresh their terms and conditions are easier to understand as a beginner but if you are mild chaser definitely go for the woman's goal mastercard 

I think that is the best rewards outfit if you are a mile chaser alright so i hope i have brought value to the dbs credit cards and help you in your comparison analysis.

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