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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review


RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

We can avail of free flights, hotel stays, cashback and lounge access using credit cards. But what's it like to eat free with a credit card? This is what the RBL Zomato Edition Classic card is for. 

This co-branded card is the best in RBL Bank's credit card line-up with great rewards on spending. Zomato has expedited the process of issuing invites for this card. 

I review the RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card and see if the rewards/benefits are worth the hype.

Fees and Charges

Joining/Renewal Fee

LTF (Lifetime Free)

Welcome Benefit


While RBL and Zomato were charging for this card when it was introduced, all the current ones are LTF



Zomato (Food Orders and Dining Bill Payments)


Restaurants Spends


Birthday Spends


Online Spends


Offline Spends (including Petrol Pumps)


Complimentary Zomato Pro Membership

The card also entitles us to complimentary Zomato Pro membership as long as we keep the card. There are many benefits of Zomato Pro. Not worth buying separately but good because it's bundled with the card.

How to apply

Invites for this card are being rolled out in phases. Once rolled out, the invite will appear under the 'Money' tab in the Zomato app.

Application Experience

I recently got an offer for this card on the Zomato app. I didn't have any RBL Bank credit card till now as I didn't find them interesting. But the profit and LTF offer on the Edition Classic piqued my interest.

The application and VKYC process was smooth and completed in around 15 minutes. The prescribed credit limit was also good. The card gets linked to the Zomato account with physical card delivery in 3-4 days. Credit card application experiences are just getting easier! prize redemption.

The cashback edition is in the form of cash and can be redeemed in the Zomato app. On redemption, it gets added as a credit to the Zomato account. No limit on credit that can be used for orders and no restriction on promo codes for such orders. That's what makes it so big.

Zomato Pro Plus - The Icing on the Cake

Pro Plus is the Zomato version of Swiggy One. But it is a bit better as free delivery is applicable in all restaurants. This is again an invite-only subscription with different charges for different accounts.

I recently got the Pro Plus to invite and it's a great addition to someone who orders food outside. Cashback + Better Promo Code + Free Delivery on Edition Classic. What more can anyone ask for than this. I

Manage Cards on Zomato App

Another cool thing about this card is the smooth experience on the Zomato app. We can view transactions, earn cashback and also do card management on the Zomato app. Doesn't require any RBL app. This is the kind of integration I would like to see for other cards like Amazon Pay ICICI and Flipkart Axis.

My thoughts

RBL Zomato Edition Classic is not the old fashioned cashback/reward card. It is very suitable for Millennials and also suitable for families who have significant expenses on Zomato. Zomato is building a USP against the likes of Swiggy with a Pro Plus subscription and Edition Classic. I was an avid user but ended up ordering on Zomato with better deals using this.

The 10% uncapped birthday spend for the LTF card is an amazing deal. This card is a great option for anyone looking to get their first credit card. What could be more appealing than a free meal!


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