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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Wells fargo reflect credit card review

Wells fargo reflect credit card review

Wells Fargo reflect credit card review

Wells Fargo is approaching the balance transfer card a little differently than the competitors out there and it's really through this unique opportunity that they are going to give to their cardholders. 

With the reflect credit card wells Fargo has an introductory period for a 0% APR for 18 months but the unique part is that they are giving their cardholders an opportunity to extend that period for an additional three months 

You can potentially have a total of 21 months with 0% APR now that is for new purchases and balance transfers but do understand when it comes to balancing transfers they qualify for the introductory rate and an introductory balance transfer fee for 120 days.

Those dollar transfers need to be made within the first 120 days after that things go up the introductory fee is 5$ or 3%for the first 120 days and then after that, it goes up to a minimum of 5% that's what the website says. 

I don't know how high it can go or if they will even increase it higher the print isn't extremely clear about that or a minimum of 5$ keep that in mind when you are making a balance transfer onto your wells Fargo reflect credit card.

How to qualify for an additional three month period?

The way that you qualify now for the additional three months is that during the introductory period of 18 months you do have to make on-time minimum monthly payments and then to get the extension of three months you do have to make minimum monthly payments during that extension period as well in order to get the full 21 months of 0% APR. 

Keep that in mind it doesn't seem like it's going to be automatic so it sounds like if you do miss the monthly payment during that extension period 

Maybe you're in month number 19 and you pay a little late it sounds like you will then no longer qualify for the 0% APR rate. 

Key things to know about the wells Fargo credit card 

Number one you are not going to be getting any cash back rewards or any points which is why this card isn't very exciting.

Number two there is currently no sign-up bonus being offered with the wells Fargo reflect credit card

So this is definitely not an exciting credit card at all think about that and compare it with the chase late edge.

Additional benefits about Wells Fargo reflect credit

Some of the additional benefits and features with the wells Fargo reflex card

  • Cell phone protection
  • Roadside dispatch 
  • My wells Fargo deals 
  • Zero liability protection 

So this credit card of course we have to go into the fine print and let's start with none other than the cell phone protection off the bat the cell phone protection is up to 600$ on cell phone insurance and keep in mind that you do have a 25$ deductible fee and you will only get it.

If you do pay your cell phone bill with your eligible wells Fargo card which will be this reflect card. 

Now there is so much more to unpack in the fine print on this cell phone protection which I find a little bit ridiculous but I don't think it's completely out of the ordinary but I do find it a little bit ridiculous. 

With the cell phone protection, it stays for the footnote cellular telephone protection can reimburse the eligible wells Fargo consumer credit cardholder for damage to or theft of a cell phone.

Now that is very important and they spell it out exactly as to why that is very important for you this is supplemental coverage so this is not primary coverage not otherwise covered by another insurance policy, for example, cell phone insurance programs or your homeowner's renters automobile or employers insurance policies. 

So basically use this as the absolute last resort if you have any other insurance policy that can cover your cell phone do not give wells Fargo a call according to this footnote. 

So this is why I find this silly that it's even listed as a benefit if they're going to go through this much red tape for a cell phone

Reimbursement is limited to the repair or replacement of your original cell phone less than 25$ deductible with an allowable maximum of two paid claims during a 12 month period 

Each approved claim has a benefit limit of 600$ this benefit does not cover cell phones that are lost and they put in parentheses here i.e disappear without explanation 

So sometimes it kind of does happen sometimes I don't even know exactly what will be considered as lost without explanation what happens if you leave your cell phone in a different country obviously it's going to be lost but does that count as an explanation 

So it says that electronic failure or other issues related to the software of the device is not covered the plan does not cover any borrowed devices or cell phones that are rented or received as part of a prepaid plan as well 

This wells Fargo cell phone protection just seems very limited so make sure that you take a really good look at the fine print on that 

Roadside assistance will cost you a service charge that is a minimum of 69.95$ and on top of this if your roadside dispatch or assistance that you do need requires towing 

Keep in mind that wells Fargo is sitting right here in their fine print that they're only going to cover up to 5 miles 

so you're much better off with getting roadside assistance through your car insurance company or going through a party like AAA because you won't have to worry about having an outrageous service charge added to your Wells Fargo credit card.

I really don't see this as so much of a benefit especially when roadside assistance will be paid with our insurance policies for our vehicles is so much less expensive it's not a very expensive charge per month but either way wells Fargo seems to want to make it a little bit discouraging for you to use.

The service and if you do use the service without reading the fine print or discovering how expensive it can be you most likely not going to use the service again and you just go through your car insurance or aaa or whomever you do have.

The zero liability protection

Just like with the active cash credit card it seems or comes across through reading the text in my opinion that the onus is on the cardholder to report any fraudulent transactions because wells Fargo wants you to do it promptly.

When you do go into the fine print they spell it out and say it must be made or reported immediately and then on top of that you do have to help them with the investigation 

I'm not sure how much help or assistance is needed through the investigation and then if they determine that you are not liable for that charge then you won't be responsible for paying that charge

It just seems like so many hoops to go through if somebody were to steal your credit card number and make fraudulent charges on it because these things can happen and of course, wells Fargo isn't really telling you what they consider to be immediate or prompt reporting of such an event 

I do want to point that out to you I did point it out with the active cash card and this seems like this is going to be a theme with all of the Wells Fargo credit cards to come obviously 

I don't know this but I hope they do change this and just straight up say you know what you won't be responsible for any charges 

If you did find this article helpful feel free to comment for me.

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