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How to remove credit card from apple id

How to remove credit card from apple id How to remove a payment method from your iPhone or remote credit card or debit card from the apple id of your iPhone  So to do this first you have to go to settings then at the top you just have to click over here at the top  Now from here, you have to click on payment and shipping  Now you have to wait for it for complete loading  From here you have to tap on visa  Now from here, there is an option to remove the payment method  Just tap on that now as you can see it is asking for removal you just have to tap on remove  So guys as you can see that now we have successfully removed it so guys that's all about it when it comes to how to remove the debit card or credit card from your apple id on your iPhone  Why is there a credit card attached to your Apple ID  Basically any credit card that you attach to your Apple ID through your iPhone that is the credit card that would be used to pay for things like app subscriptions or if you want to buy bon

How to create apple id without credit card

How to create apple id without credit card

How to create apple id without credit card

If you have ever tried creating Apple ID, you must have noticed that you need a Credit card in order to verify your Apple ID. While this is good for verification purposes, but not everyone has a credit card.

 So how will you create an Apple ID without a Credit card? 

There are multiple ways to create an Apple ID, but I’m going to tell you how you can create an Apple ID using your iPhone. 

Simply open the Settings app and there, you’ll see something like this. "Finish sitting up your Apple ID" The reason why you see this is: you haven’t signed in to your iPhone using your Apple ID. 

Simply scroll down from the Settings app interface and keep scrolling until you find Password & Accounts.  

Once you find it, tap on it and here you’ll see all the accounts you have ever added to your iPhone. Now, tap on Add Account, and then select iCloud at the top. Wait for a few seconds and it’ll load the new interface which is basically for logging into your iCloud account.

But since we don’t have an iCloud account yet and we are exploring how to create a new Apple ID, so you simply need to tap here which says Create a new Apple ID and then enter your personal details for creating a new iCloud account. 

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Birthday
  • Etc

now tap Next to proceed to the next step. Here you can choose your email for the new Apple ID. If you have already got an email from providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. you can use that as well to create a new Apple ID.

However, if you want to create a brand new email ID, you may also get a free iCloud email address that would be something like

If that’s your preferred choice, then tap on Don’t have an email address? and then, Get an iCloud Email Address. 

Here, enter your preferred email address that you wish to have, and then tap Next. If it says, Email Address Taken then that’s because it’s already taken and you need to choose a different one that’s unique. 

So tap Ok and try something else. Then tap Next, and this will ask for confirmation to create this new email address. 

So tap here to confirm, and on the next screen, enter the password for your new Apple ID. Then retype the password to verify. 

Finally, click Next. Now, it’ll ask for security questions, choose one of these and then type the answer.

Do this two times more. Now read the terms & conditions, then tap Agree and again to confirm it.

Alright!, Now the new Apple ID has been created and now, go to App Store and search for any free app that you want to download. 

Now, it may ask you to sign in with Apple ID. Since we have created a new Apple ID just now, so tap on Use Existing Apple ID to use that. And enter the login credentials to sign in. 

Once you are signed in for the first time, it’ll ask you to review your account information. Tap Review and on the next screen, agree to terms & conditions and tap on next. 

Now, enter your basic information like the street address, state, city, etc. and once you do that, go to the top and in payment method, select none. 

Then tap next and now your Apple ID is completed and ready to download any free apps. 

So you can use this Apple ID to download any free apps from the App Store. But what about the paid apps? 

How will you add funds to your new Apple ID without a credit card? 

Well, there is a simple option. Go to Amazon and get an Apple ID Gift code with email delivery. The reason why you need to choose Email delivery is this is the quickest method and you’ll get an App Store gift code via email. You can simply redeem the code and load it in your newly created Apple ID to download any paid apps.

I hope you found this article helpful. If yes, please let me know in the comment section. 

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