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Platonic by Marisa G. Franco Pdf Download


Platonic by Marisa G. Franco

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Platonic by Marisa G. Franco Pdf Download

Details of Platonic by Marisa G. Franco Book

  • Book Name: Platonic
  • Authors: Marisa G. Franco
  • Pages: 364
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Sep 6, 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Platonic by Marisa G. Franco this idea that i had in my head that romantic love is the only love that matters or is fulfilling and i realize like why doesn't 

This love matter why isn't it significant why isn't it valued so that was really the start of my journey I guess to just want to elevate platonic love as an equal form of love to all the other beautiful forms of love that 

We get in our lives that's so true and I feel like you go through that season right like the first time you get a boyfriend and you're all wrapped up in him and you forget about your other relationships 

Whatever your first relationship is you get wrapped up in it and then your friends are like hey yeah we've all seen that we've seen our friends we're like oh they have a new partner we're not going to see them for a while yeah

But it is important to keep those relationships absolutely absolutely and you know getting into more romantic partnerships just realizing how much it makes our romantic partnerships healthier when we have friends like research actually finds that when we get into fights with a romantic partnership 

It disrupts our stress hormone release but not if we have good friends for example hmm that's super interesting I love that kind of stuff uh yeah well and I'm excited to talk to you about it because I know that you are kind of focusing on teens 

But I feel like so much is also paralleled in like your adult life too because I moved to chicago as an adult I moved here five years ago and then got married had kids and felt like it was really hard for me to make friends 

Find a community um so I'm excited to to hear what you have to say about all of that and um and I'd love to kind of dive into what what we're seeing with teens now like why is it hard for them to make friends I feel like when I was a teenager I guess you just did I grew up in a small town though 

So I just kind of grew up with so many of the same people around me so it was kind of easy to maintain those friendships um but then when I moved to vegas I was like oh my gosh this is a whole new world for me yeah yeah so you know it's it's kind of fascinating how much of a crisis 

I think teenagers are in around finding human connection and I would say it's a more recent crisis um around the beginning of the 2010s we saw that adolescents ages 18 to 24 actually had the best mental health of any age group now we see that they have the worst and around 

2012 was when the smartphone became very popular and so technology as much as we can use it to find connection and the link between technology use and loneliness it's kind of complicated because it depends on how you use it when you use technology to reach out to people to meet in person 

It can make you less lonely but if you use it to replace social interactions it makes you a lot more lonely but we also see other things like smartphone use breaking down our levels of empathy because to develop empathy we need to look into people's eyes and understand what it is that they're feeling and obviously 

This is a pivotal skill to develop early on in life when you're a teenager and so now we're seeing like this generation of teens has sort of been lonelier than any other generation of teens before it and we're also seeing the impact of this on their mental health overall because you know loneliness connection is one of the biggest predictors of our mental health yeah that's so interesting especially when you're saying kind of you need to look into somebody's eyes in order to have 

This empathy so can you not really get that like through watching somebody's video on instagram you know it's interesting the research on technology has actually found that in-person interaction is the sort of golden standard of connection video interaction is then level two telephone level three you know texting level four for us to you know 

This study basically found that if you're doing the same thing but across these different platforms it does affect your level of connectedness to one another and so there's really no replacing in person interaction unfortunately but I think a lot of us have sort of replaced it 

I think the trouble with social media is it gives us sort of like a pseudo connection so we might not even realize how disconnected we are because we're seeing people on our social media 

We're liking them we know what's going on in people's lives so it's I think it doesn't always lend itself to us actually having awareness of just how disconnected or lonely we might actually feel what's interesting that I've seen um even just with like family and distant relatives and stuff is how we find out about things through social media versus back 

In the day we'd get a letter like from my aunt telling us that her you know that she's expecting a new grandbaby or our cousin would call and tell us and now it's like an announcement on social media and you're like oh like I'm just finding out what the rest of the world what my family's doing yeah and 

I think you know a lot of people have your response because actually like broadcasting a message on social media that you don't tell people individually is actually related to um having poor relationship quality yeah I can see that because I've I've felt that before like even in a friendship I found out something recently that a friend did.


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