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Fundamental Analysis for Dummies by Matt Krantz Pdf Download


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Fundamental Analysis for Dummies by Matt Krantz Pdf Download

Details of Fundamental Analysis for Dummies by Matt Krantz Book

  • Book Name: Fundamental Analysis for Dummies
  • Authors: Matt Krantz
  • Pages: 472
  • Genre: Business
  • Publish Date: Oct 6, 2009
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Fundamental Analysis for Dummies by Matt Krantz this is a fabulous book to read I'm happy that this was the first technical analysis book I've read I was new to trading but we're going to go ahead and get started real quick a lot of you maybe you don't know maybe you do know the for dummies series is very simple to understand 

I really like is probably the for dummy series it's not the first book I would go to for everything it might just be me personally but the for dummies some people don't care that for dummies I guess low gain that they have on every book but for technical analysis if you are new grab 

this book it's very simple to understand they have their reminder and tip points as you see I've highlighted this book a couple years ago when I read this book but this is great I really I was a little caught off guard because they actually had a lot more information than I thought they would I mean being new I heard some terminologies 

I didn't understand from maybe like chat rooms and so forth like what a spike is they got big into deaf as far as how how to interpret a MACD or how to read a MACD indicator how to read Bollinger Bands they talked about what to do if you are investing in a particular way so if you're a day trader you would look for these signals if you're a swing trader you would look for these things with other signals but 

I do like how they really go into depth as far as what a trader does what to look for if you are someone who likes to follow trends or if you're someone who likes to invest maybe once a year do leaps so forth they kind of go quickly and different information such as that but they really do give you a lot of information as far as technical analysis is and I've read other books about technical analysis this is really good 

I haven't gone back to this since I've been trading but I know when I started trading I did read this several times until I really got to know what I was looking for as a trader and this is fabulous of course I love this for dummies series they have a pages in the back verses for notes other there's like five pages in this book this is also not an updated version by the way this is a second edition you should also look on Amazon on your local bookstore for a new edition so it's probably better than know what 

this is but talk about again you know how to trade gaps calendar time stops also they also go into if you looked at a previous video I talked about the stock traders Almanac and that's where I found and got to know about the stock traders Almanac was and this book so I do love the structured Almanac it's a great book to read if you're into as far as like algorithms and so forth but you've read 

this and you like it or you don't like it just comment below your review like to know what you think about it but again this is fabulous for new investors if again if you have been training for a long time you just want something that's like me I like things are just straight to the point I'm very practical this is fabulous to read 

so go ahead and find it pick it up hi Barry and this is great if you have any questions or any comments please comment below and I love to talk about it but what you think about it or if you want to know where you can find it maybe I could help you find it but again technical analysis for dummies fabulous book.


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