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Firestarter by Stephen King Pdf Download


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Firestarter by Stephen King Pdf Download 

Details of Firestarter by Stephen King Book

  • Book Name: Firestarter
  • Authors: Stephen King
  • Pages: 364
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Mar 22, 1998
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Firestarter by Stephen King this one moves quickly it's not the kind of book where you have to wait a couple of hundred pages to get into the action like the shining or salem's lot 

this one throws you straight in straight away it does get a little bit slow during like the middle of the book but that's completely made up for by the writing of one character who just makes me want to puke the plot of this book is revolved around a girl i come here 

she's like six or seven and her name is charlie mcgee and she has the power of pyrokinesis which means the ability to start fires with their mind hence firestarter and it also is about her dad andy mcgee andy has a sort of telekinetic mind control power 

which was a side effect from a drug test that um he part took in when he was a lot younger probably like early 20s and yeah and eventually charlie his kid um you know that drug test affected charlie and she got pyrokinesis from it but the problem 

this is is that there is a very very corrupt and cruel government chasing down charlie and andy specifically charlie trying to hargen us her pyrokinesis powers and use it for testing and studying military weapons so yeah even military he's using a little girl as a military weapon 

it's pretty up the book has a great sense of paranoia in it and another thing is the relationship between andy and charlie it is really really really well written i really really love their father-daughter relationship it can only be described as one word as beautiful and then the villain the main villain of the story his name's john rainbird he's a piece he is disgusting a really good point raised in 

this guy's firestarter review is that a lot of stephen king's most famous villains are supernatural entities and have an evil force driving them such as pennywise slash it and randall flag films like annie wilkes or in this case john rainbird are villains because they want to be villains they are purely evil people 

it is disgustingly terrifying they're just humans with demented and sick twisted mindsets and in john rainbow's case oh i actually get goosebumps just thinking about him he is revolting i hate him so much and i commend stephen king so much for being able to write such a hateable character and a criticism about stephen king's books which is made a lot is to do with these endings 

but i completely disagree with that and this is another book that i just point people in the direction to when they're thinking you know oh it's a stephen king book with an actual good ending he has no many good ones this one has a really good ending a really really exciting brilliant climax 

i love the ending of this book it's also worth mentioning that because this was so early on in king's career it's strange that you don't see it get mentioned as readily as you do with books like carrie or the stand or the shining and it's it's annoying because i think this book's really underrated but i can kind of understand but i can't i can't really explain it so yeah just be aware 

i'm going to have a bit of a little bit of a long ramble on because i couldn't really put the words and how i feel about why this book doesn't get as much attention in my own mouth sorry i just believe that this book doesn't leave as much of an imprint as books like carrie in the stand though and don't get me wrong

i actually prefer firestarter over carrie but it just doesn't didn't quite hit home as quite as much as carrie did for example carrie is really really quite short and condensed but has a phenomenal message to take home with it and a real um punch in the gut kind of feeling salem's lot is terrifying because 

it hits home to all those people that do live in small towns and it just makes it actually seem real and believable and you feel like you're actually there and even people who don't people that like you know live in the city or out in the middle of nowhere they can it's it's a good one to really resonate with and imagine yourself in and that's why it's loved by

so many people and the shining it's just a really good take on a haunted house story the stand is a massive post-apocalyptic novel that people remember it's for its sheer length alone the dead zone is a romantic drama that leave many people bawling their eyes out and cujo is about 

a rabid dog just a bad dog you know fire starter is about a girl who starts fires with their mind and is only running from a government don't get me wrong it sounds really really good and it is it just doesn't leave as much of a footprint as the dead zone and carrie do you know what 

i mean all the books that i've previously mentioned have really gory graphic horrible memorable scenes and while firestarter has that for sure it wasn't quite as memorable for me as with things that happened in the dead zone or carrie and you know what it pains me to say this because 

this book is fantastic it's a really really good book the characters are great the villain is incredible the storyline is fantastic the relationship between andy and charlie is perfect and it's so interesting and exciting pretty much the whole way through i just don't understand what it is with 

this book that doesn't quite resonate as much as the others and i can tell that i'm not the only person that thinks that because by by thinking about the plot it sounds like basically a perfect stephen king book like you couldn't ask for anything better but then you could i've heard some people describe 

this book as a completely average run-of-the-mill stephen king book that i don't agree with i think it is a lot more than that but i can also see where they're coming from and for the last time i'll mention that there is hardly anything wrong with this book it just doesn't pack as much of a punch as these other ones 

this book gets an 85 percent from me it does lose a few points for those reasons that i've just rambled on forever and can't really explain but it gains so many more just for everything else about it there are four great things about 

this book that i think every well pretty much every stephen king book needs to have a a really good and terrifying premise b great protagonists c fantastic villains and d action and just it's just exciting it just needs to be it doesn't even need to be action it just needs to be exciting and gripping and it is at the end of the day.


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