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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Blue Cash Everyday from American Express Improved


Blue Cash Everyday from American Express Improved 

American Express Improved  this card or you're out in the card market place in general this card is going to become more competitive now versus the other things on the market probably the biggest improvement that would catch your eye is the three percent reward on online purchases 

On up to six thousand dollars per year of those purchases now that is a little bit of a shot at the bank of america customized cash rewards card where you get three percent on online purchases maybe a little bit the paypal cashback mastercard that gives you three percent on paypal purchases when you use it online 

So this is something where they're kind of getting into that arena where there aren't that many cards that offer that particular reward and then some other good things going on too so let's do an overall review of the card 

We'll talk about the improvements along the way all right the new and improved blue cash everyday card is a no annual fee credit card that gives you your rewards using the following formula you get three percent cash back at u.s supermarkets on up to six thousand dollars per year in purchases at us supermarkets beyond six thousand dollars 

You would get one percent note that u.S supermarkets mean sort of standalone supermarkets not things like super stores warehouse clubs all that kind of stuff so make sure you understand where you're getting 

You're three percent you get three percent on online purchases from us retailers again on up to six thousand dollars per year one percent after that three percent on gas station purchases again on up to six thousand dollars per year one percent beyond that gas station again sort of stand-alone gas stations 

If it's a gas station associated with a superstore warehouse club that kind of thing you may not get your three percent there so make sure you understand that as well any other purchases you make are going to get you one percent the cash back that you earn comes as a statement credit with no minimum 

So you can redeem any time you want to but only as a statement credit if you don't know what a statement credit is it means that they essentially lower your bill by taking that money and making a partial payment on the balance on your card so you don't get the cash in hand but it lowers your credit card bill when you actually do the redeeming bonus opportunity 

I am seeing it may be different when you go out there and look at it but I am seeing a bonus opportunity for new card holders of 200 if you spend 2 000 with the card in the first six months as a new card holder in addition a couple new credits on the blue cash everyday card 

Now often times with american express when there are new credits it is more like a coupon that some sort of outside marketing partner is sort of offering american express gets to say it's a new credit a new feature on your card the marketing partner gets access to american express's customers 

This is definitely no exception so the first one is a seven dollar per month credit if you pay for the disney bundle with your blue cash every day card that is disney plus hulu and espn plus what you are paying has to be at least 13.99 and then you would get a seven dollar credit toward that each month that

You are paying for that bundle at least that much the other credit is for 15 or up to 15 on home chef and home chef is as you might imagine something where you can get sort of prepare pre-prepared meals which is not easy to say shipped to you 15 per month sounds like a pretty nice credit 

But it is fairly expensive in terms of what you are getting from home chef it's like 6.99 per meal I think as the minimum so most times you're gonna be spending way beyond that for a month 

If you really get into using the service but if you're already using the service getting 15 per month back on it obviously would be something very nice so this is one of those deals where you know both in terms of the disney package and the home chef they want to get you sort of hooked on their service and so they're going to give sort of a credit back and work with american express and make that all happen you decide if that's worth anything to you 

If it's really just an extra coupon rates and fees on the blue cash every day like I said no annual fee as I make this video there's a zero percent offer on both purchases and balance transfers for 15 months or 15 billing cycles on purchases that means 

You could float a balance from month to month without having to pay any interest during those first 15 months or first 15 billing cycles on the balance transfer and that means that you can transfer balance from another card that maybe has higher interest onto the blue cash every day and have 

It sit there at a zero percent interest rate for up to 15 months while you pay it down there is a balanced transfer fee up front of three percent which means you would pay three percent of however much the balance was up front but you still are probably going to save over the long haul 

If you have a higher interest card and you can move the balance onto the blue cash every day even if you have to pay that fee is probably going to be less than what you would end up paying in interest

If you left your balance on the old card after those first 15 months you have an interest rate an apr that could be anywhere from 15.49 to 26.49 depending on how american express looks at your credit history that is a variable rate the interest rates in general 

In the united states are heading up it appears they have been heading up it appears they're going to head up further which means your interest rate could go up over time especially after another 15 months has elapsed in terms of foreign transaction fees you do have a 2.7 foreign transaction fee on 

Your purchases from outside of the united states on this card would have been nice if american express had dropped that foreign transaction fee as a lot of no annual fee cards have but they didn't in terms of approval odds for the blue cash every day card sort of broad strokes here 

If you have a credit score of over 700 and you have at least a year of credit history under your belt your chances are probably pretty good if you have 700 or more but you have less than a year of credit history yeah you're getting into shaky ground you're also on shaky ground if you're between 650 and 700 in terms of approval 

If you have less than a year and you're between 650 and 700 probably very little chance and then if you're under 650 very unlikely that you would be approved for this card all right 

So what I think of the upgraded improved blue cash everyday card well it's a pretty nice upgrade you still have a no annual fee card that is better than it used to be that three percent on online purchases is an enhanced reward that you don't see in too many other places 

So it was a good place for american express to go to differentiate this card from what else is out there on the market the hike on gas from two percent to three percent is nice so you've got three percent in three pretty big purchasing categories with 

This card and by doing the revamp the way they did american express really didn't cut into the blue cash preferred card which has the 95 annual fee but sort of different places where you are getting your sort of sweet spots in terms of enhanced rewards 

So I could see potentially that you could still maybe want to hold both of those cards because of the fact that they've got a little bit different thing going on so overall pretty good now with these enhancements does the blue cash everyday card become the first one out of your wallet well 

It all depends on what else is in that wallet and how many credit cards you want to carry but this upgrade does put the card up there with what I would say are the best no annual fee cards in terms of a card that does a lot gives you enhanced rewards in a lot of categories the no annual fee space within the credit card

Industry has gotten more and more competitive over the last couple years and I think these improvements put this card up there with things like the capital one saver one the new wells fargo autograph card places where you can get three percent or more on a lot of categories at the same time.

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