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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Venture X Priority Pass Restaurant Removal


Venture X Priority Pass Restaurant Removal 

Capital One Venture X credit card getting slightly worse and we're going to talk about that now on Friday some Eagle Eye and I'm not sure who exactly it was that first noticed 

It but Capital One was definitely definitely not shouting it from the rooftops someone noticed that on the Capital One airport lounge page within the frequently asked questions that you don't even see unless you click on a little extra plus sign to get to more information there was a note that effective January 1st of 2023

Priority pass non-lounge airport experiences like dining retail shopping and spa discounts are not part of the Visa infinite benefit program for Venture X card holders so you gotta love the wording the Capital One 

It uses here first off they say effective January 1st the benefit is not part of the program instead of saying it is no longer longer part of the program because they don't really want to remind you that you had it 

Now it is going away and then the second part of it is saying that it is not part of the Visa infinite benefit program clearly wanting to push the blame on to visa and say hey it's got nothing to do with us it's not part of the Visa infinite benefit program 

Now I will talk more about that argument in a second but bottom line the priority pass feature on the Capital One Venture X just got a little bit worse especially when it comes to those restaurants 

Now if you are not aware one of the features of priority pass in addition to the airport lounges is that at some airports you could have instead of going to the lounge or if there's not a lounge 

It might be your only choice in an airport you could go to certain restaurants and you would get a discount on your meal so you would just pay for your meal but you would show your priority pass card and they would give you a discount on that meal for example 

If look at huge Houston's George Bush Airport and this is just one example there are multiple lounges at this airport but you could also choose instead to go in Terminal A and go to the Cadillac Mexican Kitchen terminal C's got Landry 

For seafood you could go to one of those instead and you could get 28 off of your bill if you chose to eat there you can see how that could be attractive if the lounge is overcrowded or if the lounge is very far away from the way you would be moving through the airport 

But you can access one of those restaurants that would be pretty nice then obviously if you're in an airport where there is no Lounge but there is a restaurant or two available to you well then that's a way for you to get some value out of that priority pass benefit 

So obviously that's a little disappointing Now American Express already did the same thing back in 2019 I think it was they cut off the restaurant benefit within priority pass then obviously with the American Express Platinum you're paying a lot more to have it at 6.95 so maybe that was even even more disappointing now Chase with the sapphire Reserve 

As I make this video at least they still have the restaurant benefit as part of priority pass the card is a little more expensive at 550 but maybe if that's something that is important to you maybe that changes the equation in terms of how you feel about these two cards so my guess is the Capital One 

Did a little cost benefit analysis here and decided that this was something they could get rid of in order to keep the annual fee where it is and not make their card holders to unhappy either current card holders or potential card holders who are looking at the annual fee 

So Visa probably said we're gonna have to charge you more for this because people are using this benefit and we got to push some of those costs down to you Capital One probably looked at it and they said well if we take on more of these costs we're gonna have to increase the annual fee and that 395 annual fee is something that 

We feel like our current card holders feel really good about when compared to other high-end cards and it's also something that potential new card holders can look at and say wow 395 versus like 550 with the Chase Sapphire Reserve 695 with the AmEx Platinum that is a lot easier to swallow just psychologically going over that 400 annual fee mark would be something that Capital One 

Probably wants to hold off as long as possible and so they decided there aren't enough people that care that much about this in terms of either using it already or are even aware of it 

We're just gonna cut it and you can't totally blame them for making that business decision the Capital One Venture X still providing you a lot of value at a 395 annual fee you've got a 300 travel credit per year when you book through Capital One travel you're getting 10 000 extra miles or what 

I think of as points every year when you pay your annual fee again on that card holder anniversary and you're getting two points per dollar on all of your purchases and you're still getting access to a ton of airport lounges through priority pass so there's plenty of value on this card 

But I'm not going to totally defend Capital One here either this is a cut and if you're someone that was aware enough of the priority Pass Program to understand that you had access to those restaurants it's one you might be feeling and then just to get back to that wording 

How Capital One slipped this into the frequently asked questions within that uh Lounge section and sort of push the blame onto visas saying that this is no longer part of the Visa infinite benefit program basically saying it's them not us 

It's sort of like when the cable companies are streaming services suddenly tell you that you're not going to be able to watch a channel anymore because those greedy broadcasters want more money for it and they couldn't come to an agreement 

Capital One is doing a little bit they want you to be mad at visa and not at them but bottom line doesn't matter you are losing the benefit doesn't matter where it came from Capital One could have made the choice to pay more and maybe increase the annual fee on the card and they chose to go this route 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this if you have the Venture X already did you know you had this benefit is this something that is upsetting to you if you were someone that was considering this card does this hurt your thoughts about

It's especially if you were looking at things like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the AmEx Platinum all that kind of stuff would love to hear it.

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