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Citi AT&T Points Plus Credit Card Review


Citi AT&T Points Plus Credit Card Review

Citi AT&T Points Plus Credit Card Review

AT&T Citibank launching the Points Plus card today if you are an at T Wireless Customer you could find it pretty interesting maybe pretty rewarding if you're not an ATT Wireless Customer you're probably not going to be interested in it 

Now the card uses a combination of potential statement credits and city thank you points to reward you on your purchases so depending on how much you spend on the card and what you spend it on you could find the card very rewarding or you could find it only so 

So let's take a look the at T Points Plus card is a no annual fee MasterCard that is going to give you first off potentially statement Credits based on how much you spend on the card each billing cycle 

So if you spend over a thousand dollars on the card in a billing cycle you are going to get a 20 statement credit on the card if you spend between five hundred dollars and 999 dollars you're going to get a ten dollar statement credit and then 

If you spend less than five hundred dollars there's not going to be a statement Credit in addition on your purchases you're going to get three city thank you points per dollar on gas station purchases two city thank you points per dollar on grocery store purchases and grocery delivery one point per dollar on everything else sort of the usual caveats about gas stations and grocery stores 

If the gas station or grocery store does a lot of other things in relation in addition to gas or groceries then it may not code as a gas station or grocery store 

So sometimes things like Walmart Target that sort of thing aren't necessarily going to code that way but if they're Standalone gas stations or stand-alone grocery stores they should give you the code and you should get the correct number of points 

Then there's a bonus offer for new card holders of one hundred dollars if you spend at least one thousand dollars with the card in the first three months of having it note also that if you want to get those statement credits as an ATT Wireless Customer 

You must be on a post-paid plan meaning they bill you after the end of whatever the period is when you have used your phone and you have to be on paperless billing and auto pay with the a t Points Plus card as the payment method on your bill looking at rates and fees on the card like 

I said no annual fee in terms of interest rates you could be anywhere from 19.74 to 27.74 depending on your credit history the interest rates have been going up all over the place credit card interest rates have skyrocketed right along with them so obviously none of those interest rates look all that good 

So you don't want to be carrying a balance three percent foreign transaction fee so if you use the card outside of the United States you're going to get charged an extra three percent on any of those purchase is purchases 

Which is less than ideal all right so that's pretty much a deal with the car let's look at a few scenarios now and see how you would be rewarded in those scenarios the first ones may be a little unrealistic 

But it's sort of the place where you would see how you could get maybe the most out of the card so let's say you as an A T customer who have the card you spend nine hundred dollars on gas in a billing cycle which is obviously an awful lot of gas and then let's say your AT&T bill just to use a round number is 100 

So you spend a thousand dollars on the card that means that you would get that twenty dollar statement credit and then it also means that on the 900 worth of gas spend you would get 2700 points on the hundred dollars of your a t bill you would get 100 points which means 2700 and 100 is 2800 2800 points 

Let's just say penny per point in most Redemption scenarios gonna be worth 28 dollars so you've got a twenty dollar statement credit and and 28 dollars worth of points that's 48 dollars worth of rewards on a one thousand dollar spend which would be 4.8 percent on everything that you spent on the card the gas and your 18 T Bill pretty good

Now let's look at maybe a little more realistic scenario let's say you spend six hundred dollars on the card in a billing cycle 200 of that is spent on gas 300 of that is spent at grocery stores 100 on your ATT bill because you spent over five hundred dollars you would get that ten dollar statement credit 

Which is what you get between 500 and 9.99 in spending you would get three points per dollar on your gas station purchases so on 200 you'd get 600 points on your 300 worth of grocery store purchases at two points per 

You would also get 600 points there for your 100 of a t purchases for your uh wireless bill you would then get 100 which would mean you get the ten dollar statement credit and 13 100

Thank you points at a penny per point we'll say those 1300 points are worth 13 10 statement Credit Plus thirteen dollars twenty three dollars in rewards on a six hundred dollar spend for the month on the card that's a three point eight percent return on all of your purchases still pretty good all right 

Now let's look at another possible scenario where you spend more and you don't really think too hard about what you're spending on with the card so you spend two thousand dollars with the card you are still gonna spend 200 on gas 300 on groceries that hundred dollars on your ATT bill 

But then another fourteen hundred dollars on just whatever in this case you spend two thousand dollars so you get the twenty dollar statement credit because you went over that one thousand dollar threshold you're still going to get 600 thank you points on the gas six hundred dollars or six hundred points on the groceries you're still going to get 100 points on the 18 T Bill 

Then another 1400 points on all of your other purchases so that means means on your purchases you earned 2700 thank you points which we're going to say are worth twenty seven dollars 

So you got a 20 statement credit twenty seven dollars worth of points that's forty seven dollars in rewards on a two thousand dollar spend two point three five percent in rewards still pretty good 

So when you look at those scenarios there is some clear value here if you are an A T Wireless Customer especially if you only wanted to hold One credit card or maybe 

If you would use this card for just gas station and grocery store purchases and you knew you could hit at least that 500 threshold each month you could get some good value now if you're not an AT&T customer there are better cards out there on the market 

This card has a little bit of a weak bonus for new card holders at only 100 bucks compared to some other stuff out there on the market but overall not a bad package from a t and City I think at T will probably do pretty well with this card especially 

If they Market it just to you know Wireless customers that are are already paying that bill and thinking well I can get more for that bill than I could have before I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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