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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Binance Debit Card Review 2022: Fees, Limits & Rewards


Binance Debit Card Review 2022

I'll be activating my, Binance Visa card on the app. So now I am on the app. I will tap on Home and I will click on More This is where I will see the card, right in the Finance section.

 So I will tap on Card and what I will do. I will see a card balance of 0.00 because I haven't used the card yet. And if I scroll lower, you will see how the card looks. Actually, it's pretty similar, except the fact that on the app I can see the number on the front and the validate. 

So before activating it, I want to show you what I'm getting with this card. It depends on how many Binance coins I have in my profile. So you can see that it says Level 2. And if I tap on view levels, you will see that I'm getting cashback on every purchase I will be making with the card. And right now, I am at Level 2, getting 2%. 

But this is based on my 30-day average BNB, which shows 4.84 something. But actually, if I go back and I go to Wallets, you will see that I have exactly 10 BNBs and I have bought them recently. 

So I will be able to get 3% cash back. But because this was within the last one month, not yet 30 days from the moment I have bought them. This is why if I go to Home and one more time, I click on more and I go to Card and I will just crawl again lower to view the Levels here it is. 

So when I have a 30-day average, BNB of 10 into my wallet, I will be moved to Level 3, which is 3%. OK. And if I purchase more, for example, another 30, I will be able to enjoy 4% cashback. And if I purchase 600, which probably I won't be doing on the current price, I will be enjoying 8% of cashback, which is really awesome. 

And here comes the thing that you really need to follow the BNB prize when you are purchasing it, because the more BNBs you have in your account, in your wallet, the bigger cashback you're getting. 

And I have bought the 10 BNBs on a relatively great price compared to where the market is right now. And actually, if you want to know what I'm buying and selling at that moment, you can check out my Patreon's page.

I will put a link below in the description so we can follow along with all the investments I do. And definitely, BNB is one of the assets I'll be focusing from now on because in the Bullish market in 2020 and in 2021 it did so much better than Bitcoin. 

And if you look at the BNB/BTC, you will see what I'm talking about. So in a few days time, probably a week or two, I will be automatically moved to Level 3 because there will be 30 days since I purchased the 10 BNB coins. And if I go back, you will see that a little bit lower. 

I have the option to freeze the cards in case I lose it, and I have the option to activate my card . I will tap on that. And it says, activate your Binance Visa card. I will need to enter the last three digits. 

So it is 3364, and then activate your Binance Visa card using the CVV So this one, I won't tell you. And then it says, congratulations. Your physical Binance card is now activated. 

Don't forget to move any of your subscriptions on your virtual card to your physical card as your virtual card is deactivated. However, I didn't use the virtual card, but since I ordered the card, I was able to use it virtually. 

But it arrived actually pretty quickly. I am based in Bulgaria. I'm not sure from where they are shipping it, but it arrived for about 10 days and I cannot say this quick or slow. Probably will need some more stuff. 

So if you have ordered visa card, drop it in the comments below, like how long you've been waiting for it. So will have an average arrival time. OK, so I will click on Continue and then you will see that my profile says 0.00 EUR, your today's withdrawals. 

Nothing. I haven't done anything. And I will be able to see the transaction history while I'm using it, all right, and on the top, I have the option to transfer from the Spot wallet to the Pay wallet. 

I can choose which coin I want to transfer. It gives me the option between BNB, ETH, ADA. Obviously, I won't be using BNB because I want to keep 10 BNBs in my wallet to use the 3% cashback. 

But for example, if I press on Ethereum, I can select how much of Ethereum I want to transfer. For example, I can select 1 ETH. You can see that I have 1.2 at the current moment in this wallet.

So it's your personal choice which coins you will be using to transfer to the Pay wallet. So you will be able to do the purchases and then get rewards as a cashback. 

And probably this is the best thing with these types of cards that the exchanges offer us. So this is how easy it is to start with the Binance card. 

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