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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022


AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

AMC movie theaters announced earlier this week that they are launching a new credit card in early 2023 

We don't have all the information about the credit card but sometimes even with the limited information you can pretty much be sure that you are seeing a product that is going to stink and this credit card falls into that category 

So we don't have a definitive launch other than it is early 2023 but to up the hype AMC has started a waiting list for the expected high demand for the card which I interpret to mean we would like to generate some high demand 

So we're going to create a waiting list to try and make you feel like people really really want this thing so anyway here's what we know or what we think 

We know the AMC entertainment Visa will be no annual fee card it will give you rewards using some sort of formula where there is a base number of points that you'll earn on all of your purchases and then certain categories of where you will earn an enhanced amount of points you'll earn more points for AMC purchases

Obviously then you'll also earn more for gas purchases grocery purchases for dining purchases but we don't know how much more or even what that base level of points is going to be and the way that AMC runs

Their current Rewards program is sort of one of those things where they give out a ton of points but the points into individually aren't worth very much so right now in order to get five dollars in rewards to use at AMC 

You actually have to have five thousand points so they'll you know give you 20 points per dollar or 100 points per dollar or whatever depending on the situation but those points aren't worth very much 

So when you initially see this card roll out you might see a lot of points per dollar and if you don't realize that those points aren't worth very much individually then you might think it is a great deal 

When it might not be anyway a bonus opportunity for new cardholders on this card it's going to be fifty dollars in AMC Stubs bonus bucks as long as you spend fifty dollars with the card in the first three months of having it 

So those fifty dollars can be used toward concessions or they can be used for movie tickets depending on the level you are at within the AMC Stubs program 

So let's talk a little bit more about the AMC Stubs program you'll have to be part of their loyalty program in order to get the card and to earn any rewards now there's an AMC Stubs Insider level 

Which is free you don't have to pay anything to get it and you can get various rewards and discounts that kind of thing and then there's also the AMC Stubs A-list and AMC Stubs Premiere 

Where you do pay something each year to be part of those programs then you earn more in rewards and you earn more in extras with those programs now if you get the AMC visa 

When it comes out if you are part of the free Insider program the points that you earn on this card the only way you will be able to redeem them is four concessions at AMC Theaters 

So essentially what you're doing if you get the card and you're only an Insider in the free AMC Stubs program you're getting a credit card that rewards you in popcorn and coke and snow caps there's no other way for you to redeem those points now 

If you're paying and you are part of the premium or the A-list program you can also use your points toward movie tickets but still you're only talking about concessions and movie tickets that you can actually use those points for 

So there obviously isn't a lot of uh flexibility here in terms of how you use your points now maybe it's not fair if I'm being a little bit mean about this credit card because first off 

I don't know all of the details about it and second of all it sort of seems like it functions like a lot of store cards or we have a retail store and they're going to give you a lot of points for that retail store 

But you're not going to earn much else and you're only going to be able to redeem those points at that store so this is a very common thing and you know if you're someone that goes to AMC Theaters 

A ton and you're going to get a really nice amount of points then maybe this is something that would be exciting to you even if you're only using those points on popcorn and coke and snow caps but for me you've got very little flexibility here so unless you are super hardcore 

I'd rather see you get a credit card something like the Capital One saver one card where you've got no annual fee you can get three percent cash back on entertainment purchases which include movie tickets 

Then you're also getting three percent back on grocery purchases on dining purchases on streaming service purchases and a 200 bonus opportunity potentially so that is a card that you can use a lot more the AMC card 

I cannot imagine even if I was getting a you know higher multiple on the grocery gas and dining purchases those points I earn still only going to be able to be redeemed at AMC 

Now a couple other things to consider here that I don't want to leave out first off the new AMC Visa is going to be issued by Celtic bank or Celtic Bank 

However they uh pronounce it and then also on the deserve credit card platform and that to me suggests that maybe this is a card that is going to be a little easier for people to get 

If they don't have very high credit scores than maybe the Capital One card I just talked about or some other cards out there on the market so perhaps there's a reason to think that this is a card that people might find attractive if they can't get approved for some of the better cards on the market and then, of course, the second thing

I haven't talked about is the Miss stock phenomenon over the last year and how this card sort of plays into it a little bit so if you get on the waiting list for the AMC Visa card and then you eventually get the card or maybe you only have to apply for the card even 

If you're rejected I'm not sure which but anyway you will be entered into the sweepstakes where if you are the winner you would get a trip to go to a movie premiere and walk the red carpet with the AMC CEO Adam Aaron 

Now normally going to a movie premiere might seem pretty cool going to a movie premiere with the CEO of AMC might be like well okay fine I guess I'll go with the CEO if I have to but in this case over the last couple of years 

If you have not been paying attention AMC stock has been on a wild ride due to the fact that a particular uh Reddit board in particular sort of decided that they were going to blast 

The stock price of AMC from around two dollars up to around 6 60 dollars basically by just retail investors buying and buying and buying and pushing the stock up for no particular reason not because the stock had gotten any better 

But just in some cases just I guess just to say that they could do it and so it got bid up and up and up and then it became this meme stock where people are constantly talking about and constantly encouraging each other to continue to buy the stock 

So they could raise the stock price well now it has fallen all the way into like the five to six dollar range as 

AMC then became like this huge talking point where people were very excited about it again for no particular reason other than they just sort of whipped up a frenzy about it but anyway all of this is to say that the idea of going to the movie premiere with the AMC 

CEO is a little more interesting maybe to some people and maybe an ironic way than it would be normally if it was just some other company that had not had this whole meme stock thing going on so maybe hanging out with the AMC 

CEO hits different as the kids say than it would if you were hanging out with some other CEO would love to hear your thoughts on that on the card.

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