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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Citi AT&T Points Plus Credit Card Review

  Citi AT&T Points Plus Credit Card Review AT&T  Citibank launching the Points Plus card today if you are an at T Wireless Customer you could find it pretty interesting maybe pretty rewarding if you're not an ATT Wireless Customer you're probably not going to be interested in it  Now the card uses a combination of potential statement credits and city thank you points to reward you on your purchases so depending on how much you spend on the card and what you spend it on you could find the card very rewarding or you could find it only so  So let's take a look the at T Points Plus card is a no annual fee MasterCard that is going to give you first off potentially statement Credits based on how much you spend on the card each billing cycle  So if you spend over a thousand dollars on the card in a billing cycle you are going to get a 20 statement credit on the card if you spend between five hundred dollars and 999 dollars you're going to get a ten dollar statement cre

Prosper Credit Card 2022 Review

Prosper Credit Card 2022 Review This prosper card MasterCard is the latest of those so it is by and large targeting people that have a bad credit history that have had some credit problems they say it is also for people that are establishing credit but when you look at the details i would say if you are new to credit  This is not a card that i would probably start with however if you've had some credit problems in the past you might find this one interesting and in particular if you really are you know sensitive to how many hard inquiries you are getting on new credit accounts  The fact that they are promising a soft inquiry on your application is something that it might appeal to you there's a little murkiness in the details on that soft inquiry and we'll talk about that as we go along  But let's look at the details overall all right so let's start with the basics the prospect as i've said is a mastercard it has a 39 annual fee but that is waived for the first

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam?

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam? Want to have money without having money want to go to stores and get things because you want them then use my Horton card it's reliable it's no fuss it's a fancy plastic IOU  The card that will have you swimming in debt for the rest of your and your offspring's life and to make sure you feel comfortable with spending money you don't have we'll use this comedian to make you feel like it's no big thing I'm from that TV show that's doing reasonably well  So I've got a sense of humor about spending money on stuff I don't need just charge my card buddy whatever it doesn't really matter to me because I'm mostly excited to get cash back relatable  Now why use gross paper covered with pictures of dead guys when you can use my square piece of dinosaur carcass with numbers on it in fact nowadays you have to have a square of recycled soda bottle because  How else would you even be able to purchase your online subscri

Binance Debit Card Review 2022: Fees, Limits & Rewards

  Binance Debit Card Review 2022 I'll be activating my, Binance Visa card on the app. So now I am on the app. I will tap on Home and I will click on More This is where I will see the card, right in the Finance section.  So I will tap on Card and what I will do. I will see a card balance of 0.00 because I haven't used the card yet. And if I scroll lower, you will see how the card looks. Actually, it's pretty similar, except the fact that on the app I can see the number on the front and the validate.  So before activating it, I want to show you what I'm getting with this card. It depends on how many Binance coins I have in my profile. So you can see that it says Level 2. And if I tap on view levels, you will see that I'm getting cashback on every purchase I will be making with the card. And right now, I am at Level 2, getting 2%.  But this is based on my 30-day average BNB, which shows 4.84 something. But actually, if I go back and I go to Wallets, you will see that I

Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?

  Who actually pays for your credit card rewards? This is Brian Kelly. You’ll often find him traveling... I’ve been to Ghana now ten times. I got to visit Liberia. Took my parents to South Africa. I love flying Emirates first class — it’s gaudy, it’s gold. You get caviar.  So Brian traveled to all these places basically for free. And he did it using credit card rewards. Banks promise offers like cashback, bonus miles, and cash bonuses to get you to sign up and spend.  And it’s rewards like these that people like Brian have become masters at maximizing. Ultimately though, someone is paying for these credit card rewards. And there's a hidden battle going on over their future. During the Great Recession, some of the biggest US banks — Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Bank of America — had a problem. They weren’t making as much money from mortgages.  So they shifted their business to credit cards. And in order to get customers to sign up and spend on their cards they offered bigger and bette

FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022

  FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022 FNBO Getaway Credit Card Review 2022 this card in particular i tried a lot of different zip codes when they popped up the thing on the screen and it seemed like they all worked in terms of being able to apply for the card i did not actually go through and get it but as far as i can tell this card available everywhere the evergreen card from fnbo i know is available everywhere  So i think this is the trend with them anyway this is a pretty good uh no annual fee rewards card let's look at the details and then i'll tell you about the one thing that i'm not too happy about technically it's called the getaway card by fnbo but we're not going to get too fancy  It is a no annual fee rewards card that gives you those rewards using the following formula you're getting three points per dollar on travel purchases which encompasses a whole lot of travel from the you know airline hotel car rental stuff that you would expect but also tra

Venture X Priority Pass Restaurant Removal

  Venture X Priority Pass Restaurant Removal  Capital One Venture X credit card getting slightly worse and we're going to talk about that now on Friday some Eagle Eye and I'm not sure who exactly it was that first noticed  It but Capital One was definitely definitely not shouting it from the rooftops someone noticed that on the Capital One airport lounge page within the frequently asked questions that you don't even see unless you click on a little extra plus sign to get to more information there was a note that effective January 1st of 2023 Priority pass non-lounge airport experiences like dining retail shopping and spa discounts are not part of the Visa infinite benefit program for Venture X card holders so you gotta love the wording the Capital One  It uses here first off they say effective January 1st the benefit is not part of the program instead of saying it is no longer longer part of the program because they don't really want to remind you that you had it  Now i

X1 Credit Card Review 2022

  X1 Credit Card Review 2022 So the x1 credit card which was introduced with a lot of fanfare a lot of hype about maybe a year and a half ago which had a waiting list and you needed a special code well all of the barriers have come down and now anyone can apply for the x1 credit card doesn't necessarily mean any everyone's going to be approved for it but everyone can apply  Now the x1 credit card has a number of interesting features but probably what was most exciting about it to a certain segment of people was number one the application process x1 was sort of promising that they were going to look not only at your credit history but also at your income and for some people  if you didn't even have a credit history that meant that there was the potential to be approved so if you were someone that was having a hard time getting your first credit card or maybe you're going to be able to get a credit cardB But it was only going to have you know a measly 500 limit or whateve

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Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review

Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review What is Federal Bank Signet Credit Card?  Federal bank and RuPay have now joined hands to launch the Federal Bank Rupe Signet Credit card, bringing you the best features in a single card Like. The lowest dynamic annual percentage rate starting from 5.88% per annum.  "3x Rewards" on Spence for electronics and apparel categories "2X Rewards" on entertainment category.  Personal accident insurance cover of Rupees to Lakhs 24/7 concert services  Complimentary airport lounge access,  Complimentary Swiggy vouchers  Buy One Get One offers on Inox Movie  Federal Bank Signet Credit Card Welcome Benefits:  Amazon Pay E-voucher worth Rupees 500 on spent off Rupees 3000 and above in 1st 30 days. Additionally, experience fabulous dining offers at partner hotels through the Fed Delights programme,  Giving up to 15% discounts gain access to a wide variety of RuPay offers and deals, including travel, food and dining, shopping, sports, ent

What is Flipkart axis bank credit card

What is a Flipkart axis bank credit card? Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, if you also shop with Flipkart So you must have seen the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card banner on Flipkart. Do you know? What is Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?  Where can you use Flipkart axis bank credit card?  How to use Flipkart axis bank credit card? What are the benefits of using a Flipkart axis bank credit card? What is the downside of Flipkart axis bank credit cards? How to get Flipkart axis bank credit card? Which documents requied to make a Flipkart axis bank credit card And following which terms and conditions can be eligible to get a Flipkart Credit Card? After making Flipkart axis bank credit card If you use Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card? So when will his bill comeWhen and how you can pay the bill?  If you do not pay your bill on time What will happen then? If you were also applying for Flipkart Axis bank Credit card And you get the option of coming soon? So when and how will you get the option to a