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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

HSBC Revolution Credit Card Review


HSBC Revolution Credit Card Review

HSBC Revolution Credit Card Review

HSBC Revolution credit card a detailed guide through from the point of when you apply up until the point when you receive the card and how you can spend on it to earn your rewards how it works the mobile banking Etc 

HSBC Revolution credit card beginner's guide let's go the first part of this video let's talk about the key features of this HSBC Revolution credit card the first thing is that there is no annual membership fee 

So it saves you the hassle of having to call up the bank to apply for a fee waiver every single year if you are new to the credit card game every single card out there most of it actually charge you an annual membership fee but there's one right here which is the HSBC Revolution 

It's a beginner Friendly Card that I feel many people should hold especially because we have just entered the workforce we do not spend a lot like 600 minimum spending on the UB evil card it is not that easy to hit for many of us out there but 

If you want to try out something that has no minimum spending this card is good for you no annual membership fee meaning you do not have to call them to requests for a fee waiver like most other cards do that is one important point to take note of next up let's talk about how 

HSBC Revolution actually gives you the option to choose either four miles per dollar or 2.5 percent cash back on the points that you earn this credit card actually gives you the option to decide between playing the mouse game if not earning cashback on your expenditures like how 

I personally do if you've watched my other videos on this channel I personally enjoy earning cashback on my spending I do not play the mouse game maybe because it's too much of a hassle for me my personal take on this card is using it.

For the 2.5 percent cashback which is relatively good compared to the UOB absolute Amex at 1.7 if you want to compare it to UOB of all you'll be evolved is at an effective rate of 6.67 but you have to hit a minimum spending of 600 

Which this card doesn't have and it's a very good option for people who have just started work so that is one of the key features four miles per dollar if not 2.5 cashback in terms of reward points now let's talk about the 10x Reward Points

The 10x Reward Points only apply to a certain category of expenditures and this comes under the MCC code of the various categories such as travel departmental Store retail store Supermarket dining food delivery others such as transportation and membership clubs make reference to the HSBC website 

It actually gives you the terms and conditions MCC codes are Merchant category codes that qualify for this 10x rewards points I'm not particularly sure about the various companies MCC code but I've taken this extract from Mao lion my lion is a finance website that actually talks about the different cards as well so make reference to that 

I'll put the link down in the description box below Airline car rental lodging cruise lines and travel agencies consists of Singapore Airlines School Cathay Pacific Emirates other airlines hotels the big brand of hotels and also Expedia and cloak my personal experience is that 

I spent on this card on Airbnb and I've earned the 10x Reward Points as well departmental and retail stores in terms of shopping taobao Q10 our daily expenditures discounts for it as well and supermarkets ntuc Cold Storage deliveroo food delivery Wise food Panda grab food yq Transportation my error on this in the previous video was that 

I said public transportation actually come for this 10x rewards point but Ryan actually left a comment in that video and thank you so much Ryan for saying that take note that the HSBC Revolution 10x reward point doesn't count for your bus and your MRT rights it only applies for your taxi rights in terms of comfort 

They'll grow Tada grab that kind of platforms the 10x Reward Points these Reward Points actually do not expire up until 37 months later so you can keep these points in your HSBC mobile banking app and use it at a later period of time or whenever you want to as well which brings me to the point to say that your cashback does not apply immediately in that specific month

I'll talk about the way to redeem your points later on let's just go into the next key feature the next key feature is that you have free Entertainer access so Entertainer is something like bubble where you can go into the app itself 

Search for different cafes or restaurants that give you one for one deals I personally have not used this up until today as of right now my background is a little different I'm currently in South Korea 

So I can't use the Entertainer app this is the summary of the key features that I feel you should take note of and why it is good to apply for this card firstly no minimum spending second no annual membership fee thirdly they give you the four miles per dollar or 2.5 percent cash back your MCC code applies to a wide range of categories that we spend on on a daily basis 

So 2.5 cashback or 4 miles per dollar can be easily earned on this your points do not expire up until 37 months later and you have free Entertainer at access which is one for one on your Cafe's food Etc that is the key features to the HSBC Revolution credit card 

One more thing to note the 10x reward point is kept at a thousand dollars per month in terms of how much you can earn for the 10x reward point the cap is at one thousand dollars a month so just take note on that make sure you do not spend above a thousand dollars on this card because it doesn't give you the 10x rewards point for the 2.5 cashback or 4 miles per dollar make sure after you spend a thousand dollars on this HSBC Revolution credit card 

Move on to another card so you can maximize the rewards on your expenditures now let's talk about the reality of applying for this card I have heard reviews of how it has taken a long period of time from the point where you sign up for this card until you get the card 

Yes HSBC processing time for credit cards and also their savings account it's not exceptionally quick like how UOB is DBS is in my scenario I've actually applied for the card in June but I've only received it end of June so roughly about three to four weeks that kind of time frame you can expect 

I have seen reviews where people actually got their card relatively quick as well so it's pretty subjective I would say there's no specific timeline but if you are in a hurry you can give them a call they can try and help you expedite which 

I did because I wanted to bring this card overseas as well even after Expediting it took about three to four weeks so just keep that in mind after applying for the cut and when it arrived in my mailbox all you need to do is like every other card out there even if it's a debit card you need to activate this card one thing is to sign up for the online banking the next is to use online banking to activate the card itself now let's go into the HSBC Mobile Banking and 

I'll show you how to navigate the points how to read your statements Etc let's go all right so in order to guide you through the mobile banking app I'm gonna be using my phone I will screen record it and put it. 

I will apologize in advance if I don't have any eye contact with you or little eye contact I will be looking at my phone and walking you through the mobile app banking app which you will see right over here let's go straight into the mobile banking app once you open up the HSBC mobile banking app 

You will see that you can either log in with your face ID login with your PIN generating security code is for when you log in your iBanking and then you have to generate this code so once you set up your mobile banking all you need to do is just log in and this is what you will see so first off 

You'll see the accounts that you currently hold I hold the everyday Global account together with this revolution Visa credit card going to the bottom of the screen here you can see that there's the home wealth move money and support support I've recently used this 

I mentioned to you that I had incurred a late payment processing fee by the bank and I had to inquire with them in order to wave off this late payment fee it was my silly mistake 

I had actually used my DBS savings account to pay for this credit card bill but I've transferred to the HSBC savings account instead of the HSBC Revolution Visa credit card that was one silly mistake that I've made which you should not be making 

So learn from my mistake make sure you always double check triple check quadruple track your transactions before the payment due date so you don't want to be incurring this kind of fees although yes technically 

You can wave it off but the hassle to go and call them and do all this is too much of a time wasting effort so that's my personal experience with HSBC customer service support they are honestly not too bad so do not worry so much about that let's go into the HSBC Revolution credit card account and I'll show you the e-statements how to read it Etc 

Similar to other Banks mobile banking app you'll be able to see all your past transactions and once you go into the detailed view e statements you'll be able to see your money release statements so if I open up September statement that I have recently received my September statement is from 15th of August 

Up until the 14th of September and I have to pay my bill by October the first week if you look at the E statement itself my transaction post date was 15 August the last transaction was on the 12th of September the statement month is in the mid of the month for mine and my payment due date is on the 4th of October 

so the good thing about credit cards is that you do not have to pay once the statement is released to you but it's always at the beginning of the following month itself then you have to pay for your bill just make sure you track this accordingly and pay for 

your bills on time in order to not incur this late payment fee moving to the right hand side of this statement you'll be able to see the reward summary which tells you how much points you have earned so my previous earns point was at 1242 points earned and points adjusted 

It's a little confusing in this current statement because I've had refunds and I've also had the chance to redeem the cashback itself so what I've done was that I've redeemed 10 000 points for 25 dollars which is at a rate of 2.5 percent per dollar spent this reward summary will actually tell 

You the points that you received and then moving downwards your account summary your previous statement balance your payments and credits purchases and debits so previous statement balance is your bill for the last statement 222.19 right over here is my previous statement for August the amount that 

I had to pay the bank purchases and debits is the current months bill payments and credits is any refund that you get to your account will be here so make sure you check properly how much do you have to pay the bank before you actually do the payment and payment summary they will actually tell you 

How much you have to pay and the payment due date my this current statement is zero dollars because I've had a refund from Airbnb that covers my previous statement of 400 the refund was at about 500 over 

So I had a little extra as well bank statements are not have to read if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below as much as possible if I can help you I will reply to you if not there's always HSBC chat support function to contact them as well next up 

Let's talk about how do you redeem the points when it comes to Redeeming the points for cashback once you're at this page just press view more and you'll be able to see these three options of pay with points now manage your cut and cut details 

So what you want to do is to press the pay with points so the minimum amount that you can redeem is 4 000 rewards points which is equivalent to SGD 10 previously I had redeemed 10 000 points which is equivalent to 25 and this time round because I do not have enough 

I will not be redeeming it it's relatively easy to redeem your points once you've redeemed the points it will show up in your transaction here Redemption credit 25 that was the amount that I have redeemed previously and depending on the posting date you will apply to whichever statements August 23rd 

I redeemed it it will apply to my current statement month which is due 4th of October it is a little confusing but just let it process meaning I redeem it today tomorrow it gets posted now it's the 22 3rd of September it will fall into this statement and I will only be able to receive this cashback in my next payment due date which is in November because right now

 I'm in the October cycle if you would call that so 15th of September up until 14th of October is my statement cycle in my October statement I will have to pay in the first week of November if this is too overwhelming for you I do have an Instagram account although I do not really post a lot there but you can head over there follow me on that and DM me if you have any questions 

I will get back to you this is the entire walkthrough of the HSBC Revolution credit card I'm not exactly sure if there's any other details that you might want to see or might want to know my video is a little bit more practical 

I tell you before you apply this card what are the key features to this card why you should apply for it once you apply for it and you receive the card itself how to read your e-statements how to navigate through the mobile banking app my personal experience.

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