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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

PlayStation Credit Card Review


PlayStation Credit Card Review

PlayStation Credit Card Review

PlayStation visa allows you to earn rewards on your PlayStation purchases and other purchases as well and then you can redeem those rewards for PlayStation stuff as well as other 

Sony reward choices as well so let's dive in and see what you get alright the PlayStation visa is a no annual fee credit card that gives you rewards using the following formula get five points per dollar on PlayStation Store purchases 

five points per dollar on purchases of PlayStation or Sony products through authorized retailers so that basically means those products that are being sold by sort of you know big-box stores or that kind of thing not 

if you're buying used product or whatever you would get three points per dollar if you use this car to to pay for your mobile phone bills and you get one point per dollar on any other purchases that 

you make with the card back for just a second here - those five points per dollar on the PlayStation and Sony purchases that you make from authorized retailers now in order for the PlayStation card in order for Sony to track that you actually have to go into your account and fill out a confirmation form a purchase confirmation form and give them 

your receipt in order to actually get credited with those so it is not an automatic situation there is an extra step that you have to take there which is not ideal but it's not really a very easy thing for them to track so that's kind of what you have to do not a big deal 

you can do it online but it is an extra step as a new PlayStation visa card holder you have a bonus opportunity of five thousand points as long as you use the card within the first 60 days of having it no minimum to meet 

you just have to use the card at least once in those first couple of months in terms of the worth of a point in this system in almost all cases a point is going to be worth one penny so five thousand points would be worth dollars worth of merchandise or games 

when we look back to the points per dollar on your individual purchases five points per dollar you can think of as a five percent reward three points per dollar three percent one point per dollar one percent a couple other perks that loyal PlayStation customers might appreciate 

number one you can get a ten percent rebate on your PlayStation now a subscription if you use the PlayStation Visa to pay for it which means you are going to get that money back on your credit card statement 

so essentially it's going to be taken out you pay for it with the card and then you get it back on your statement each month number two is PlayStation Plus if you buy a 12 month membership you will get a 50 percent statement credit 

on that but you do have to spend $3,000 on the card within a year's time in order to qualify for that 50 percent rebate so it's not really all that great they're asking you to spend a good amount of money 

on the card in order to get it and as I make this video a 12 month subscription is only about 60 dollars so that's about a 30 dollar rebate that you get for spending $3,000 on the card not nothing but not all that great either okay so if you rack up a bunch of points on the PlayStation credit card 

what can you do with them well you can redeem them at the Sony Rewards catalog or Sony rewards store and that means that you can get PlayStation games and game codes you can get controllers you could even get a whole console PlayStation is owned by Sony so you also have the option to get Sony stuff 

so you can get Sony electronics you can get movies and other things as well there's also the ability to bid on certain special packages those can be things that are pretty interesting and maybe sort of one-of-a-kind stuff but usually won't get as good of value for those packages because 

when they are you know auctions that many people want to get their hands on this stuff they tend to go higher and so you pay a good amount you might not be getting your penny per points on those auctions like you would for all of the other things in the Sony store and then a few last points about the PlayStation visa 

it's issued by community bank a bank that is also known for issuing many other retails store credit cards community has a little bit lower standard in terms of who it might approve which means if your credit score is not sterling 

you still might get approved here even if maybe you would get denied for other bank and credit cards out there on the market the card does have instant approval as a possibility it's certainly not guaranteed 

but many people will be instantly approved for the card some people may have to wait in terms of the interest rate that you could get it is possible that you could be approved at a rate as low as thirteen point nine nine percent or you could be approved at nineteen point nine nine percent or twenty 

two point seven four percent depending on your credit history and that is as of the date of this video so those credit card interest rates could change so what I think of the PlayStation visa overall it's okay 

if you are someone that is very heavily into PlayStation and you are regularly making purchases well then that 5% or those five points per dollar on your PlayStation purchases are pretty nice but otherwise 

you're getting that three percent on cell phone bills but everything else is only a 1% reward and everything else is a lot of stuff so it's not like there are a lot of categories where you're doing better than 1% and there are a lot of other credit cards on the market where 

you could be getting more than 1% on pretty much everything that you buy so this might be a card that you hold a sort of a complimentary card to other credit cards that you have just to get that 5% on your PlayStation purchases or to get that rebate on your PlayStation now purchases 

so it makes some sense but it certainly would not be my choice as an everyday credit card for all of my purchases probably even if I was someone there was very into PlayStation I don't know that this would be my number one card 

but it might be a card that you want to hold for the reasons I just said and you never know when other things are gonna come up that our PlayStation related that would be you know exclusive to PlayStation card holders 

so it might be a car they don't use very often but you keep it going you know just enough to get access to whatever might come down the line so not a great card but if you're a really PlayStation fan.

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