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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Disney Credit Card Review 2022


Disney Credit Card Review 2022

Disney Credit Card Review 2022

Disney credit cards there is the no annual fee disney visa and there is the disney premier visa that has a 49 annual fee going to look at each one of these cards see how they compare to each other and then also see how they compare to other cards out there on the market 

No annual fee disney visa most people are probably going to look at the no annual fee version first and then want to see what more they might get by paying a 49 annual fee for that disney premier visa so we'll start here and then 

We'll move on to the premier visas so the disney visa with no annual fee gives you rewards in disney dollars and you get the equivalent of one percent of everything that you purchase with the card in disney dollars 

so those disney dollars can then be used to redeem for you know pretty much anything disney so you could use those disney dollars at disneyland and disney world you could use them for disney or star wars movies disney store merchandise disney cruise stuff 

so pretty much anywhere that is disney or star wars you would be able to use these disney dollars so one percent in disney dollars on everything that you purchase with the disney visa that means if you spend 100 or for every 100 you spend 

You would have one disney dollar the no annual fee disney visa does have a bonus for new card holders you will get a 50 statement credit after you use the card for the first time so that is not in disney dollars that is actually a statement credit fifty dollars against purchases that 

You have made with the card and there are various other perks with the disney visa mostly in the form of discounts on disney purchases ten percent off at the disney store you'll get ten percent off at restaurant purchases 

I believe of over fifty dollars at disney restaurants on site at disney world or disneyland there is zero percent financing if you use this card to pay for a disney vacation there is a character meet and greets at disney world and disneyland that are you know unique to card holders

So maybe you're going to get a little more of a unique experience than just being one of the larger crowd you know running after the characters at disney world or disneyland but all of them sort of together are okay extra perks a little bit something extra 

But none of them really knock me out and then also finally you have the fun of having a disney or star wars character on your actual credit card from mickey to cinderella's castle to darth vader to toy story to chewbacca a bunch of different designs you can choose 

So overall the no annual fee disney visa card pretty lousy in my opinion you're only getting one percent in rewards on all of your purchases which is the absolute minimum that pretty much any reward card is going to give you 

It's even worse for a card that is only giving you the reward in dollars that you can use at a certain place essentially so disney's being pretty stingy here they're giving you rewards that you can use at disney but they're only giving you one percent you can't use those rewards anywhere else 

So that is a pretty lousy deal there are all sorts of uh cash back cards on the market that'll give you 1.5 percent or even more give you higher multiples and categories like you know restaurants and gas and that sort of thing 

So to get only one percent on all your purchases disney is really counting on the fact that you just want a card that you know has chewbacca on the front or has mickey mouse on the front or whatever because it's really not a very good deal they should be offering more even on a no annual fee card that bonus at the beginning 50 statement credit again pretty measly 

When you compare it to other no annual fee cards on the market now you don't have to spend a certain amount you just have to use the card once in order to get that so that is good but there are many other cards on the market where if you spent 500 bucks you get 150 or 200 on a no annual fee card 

So this card has no flexibility really in terms of how those rewards are used it's all got to be with disney and it's really not offering you a whole lot either now if you really like those disney perks well then maybe it makes sense to get this card to have those disney perks to get the 10 off at certain places and to get the character meet and greets that 

You know are unique to card holders but for me if i was going to do that i might get this card and essentially hardly ever use it and the only time i would ever pull it out is when i wanted those discounts on the disney purchases because it's a pretty lousy everyday card all right so let's look at the disney premier visa and see if it's any better now remember this card has a 49 annual fee that it is going 

To have to justify not only justify it in comparison to that disney visa which i've already said is not a particularly good credit card but also justify it compared to other cards on the market that you might choose instead the disney premier visa is going to give 

You two percent in disney reward dollars in certain purchasing categories those being gas stations grocery stores restaurants and purchases made directly from disney you'll get one percent back on everything else in terms of a bonus opportunity for new card holders you could earn an extra two hundred dollar statement credit 

If you spend at least five hundred dollars with the card in the first three months of having it everything else about the disney premier visa is essentially the same as the standard no annual fee disney visas 

So when you look at that 49 annual fee you are looking at the enhanced 2 categories that are going to sort of justify that 49 annual fee and you're going to look at a significantly bigger upfront bonus that you can earn 

So is the disney premier visa a better deal than the standard no annual fee disney visa well in the first year sure because of the fact that you can earn that 200 statement credit bonus so paying 49 as an annual fee knowing you can get 200 and the bonus is way better than not paying an annual fee and only being able to get a 50 bonus 

However those two percent categories even though they are nice and they would be you know better obviously in the first year because you already are getting that bonus and you're getting these two percent categories for that 49 annual fee once you get past the first year getting two percent at gas stations grocery stores restaurants is okay 

But when you think about getting two percent on those purchases versus the one percent on the no annual fee card you would have to spend five thousand dollars just in gas station grocery store and restaurant purchases on the disney premier visa to make up for that 49 annual fee that you are paying 

If you are comparing the disney premier visa to the regular disney visa so unless you're going to spend a ton on this card you're really not going to do much better and you might do worse with the disney premier visa after the first year and like 

I said earlier when we're looking at these cards we're not necessarily just looking at them versus each other we're looking at them versus other cards on the market so when you have a card like this that has a 49 annual fee you could easily compare this card to other no annual fee cards on the market that could give 

You something similar or even better so that two hundred dollar bonus that you can earn at the beginning as a new card holder is a nice thing but you could earn that bonus in other places in fact even from other chase cards and chase is the issuer of the disney card so the chase freedom unlimited would give 

You 1.5 cash back on everything you buy with the card you can get a 200 bonus on that card you'd probably do just as well over time with that card as you would with this one and that one has no annual fee there are other cards on the market that will give you higher percentages in certain purchasing categories 

You can get three percent on gas you can get three percent on restaurants you can get three percent on groceries something like the wells fargo propelled three percent gas three percent restaurants three percent on a lot of travel no annual fee 200 bonus.

So there are other cards as well so when you look at this one with a 49 annual fee it becomes a lot harder to justify in comparison so again it comes down to are those extra disney perks sort of enough for you or is you know the fun of having disney characters on your credit card enough for 

This card to really you know be meaningful to you so another one of these cards is really all that great when compared to the rest of the market now if i was intent on getting one because i did like those disney perks and i at least wanted to have the card around to be able to take advantage of those 

When i you know went to a disney park or purchased from disney otherwise what i'd probably do is get that disney premier visa in order to take advantage of the first year perks in particular that 200 bonus i'd pay that 49 annual fee knowing 

I was going to get that and come out ahead in that first year but after that first year i would probably give chase a call and say how about we downgrade me to the regular disney visa.

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