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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Delta American Express Platinum credit card review


Delta American Express Platinum credit card review

Delta American Express Platinum credit card review

Delta American Express Platinum credit card review two new features new look for each of the cards and one of them in particular is a very good deal that Delta Platinum Card and we're gonna talk about that in just a moment as well as why I can't get that 

Delta credit card or at least why it doesn't make sense for me to get it but before we do that I'm gonna ask you to please subscribe to this YouTube channel if you have not already and if you have already 

I thank you for doing so so the new Delta credit cards are out and the Delta platinum card in particular is looking like a very good deal if you are someone that does not already have the card 

so it comes with a higher annual fee than they used to have it is now at two hundred and fifty dollars but it has a pretty incredible bonus opportunity if you get the card between now and April 1st to 2020 that Delta SkyMiles platinum card coming with an eighty thousand mile bond Asst 

if you spend three thousand dollars with the card in the first three months of having it and if you hold the card into a second year you paid the annual fee for a second time your need another twenty thousand bonus miles at the end of that year so for five hundred bucks over two years in annual fees 

you're already going to get one hundred thousand miles and that doesn't even begin to count the other features of the card by the way the most simple math is going to tell you that a hundred thousand miles over the course of two years is going to give you at least one thousand 

dollars in value for Delta flights probably for a lot of people if you use them the right way you'll probably get maybe twelve hundred bucks or maybe even a little bit more out of those so five hundred dollars in annual fees you're gonna get at least a thousand dollars in value and possibly more and then all these other benefits the first feature to mention which 

I know gets people excited is the fact that the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card is now a metal card yes I know you were excited metal cards get everyone very excited and the Delta SkyMiles platinum is now metal in terms of those everyday rewards three miles per dollar on Delta purchases three miles per dollar on hotel purchases 

when booked directly with the hotel two miles per dollar on a restaurant purchases two miles per dollar at u.s. supermarkets one mile per dollar everywhere else so a lot more earning opportunities with the new Delta platinum but wait there's more you're gonna have

the first bag checked free on Delta flights you're gonna have priority boarding when you re up for a second year and every year after that with this card you're going to get a companion certificate that allows you to bring someone along with you on your Delta flight when you have made a purchase 

with the card of a flight in the main cabin you can bring someone along essentially for free they're gonna pay some taxes and fees I believe they said it's not more than 75 bucks that they would pay in those you are going to have the TSA PreCheck or a Global Entry application fee credited to you if you pay for those with this car that's once every four or four and 

a half years depending on which program you are talking about so a lot of the perks that you would expect with a card like this and at this annual fee but with that you know great bonus for those first two years of this card it just seems like a no-brainer in fact it's such a no-brainer I went out and applied for it myself unfortunately I got this message Adam based on your history with credit card balance transfers American Express 

welcome offers introductory APR offers or the number of cards you have opened and closed you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer we have not performed a credit check would you still like to proceed I said no I guess I shouldn't have been surprised I've opened a lot of credit cards in the last year I opened the American Express green 

card when they revamped it less than six months ago and got the welcome offer with that I opened the Chase Sapphire Preferred within the last year got the Welcome offer with that I got a lot of cards open out there so I can't really be surprised even though I am a little bummed about it 

I liked the fact that American Express did let me know beforehand that I wasn't going to be eligible for that welcome offer without actually doing a poll on my credit so they gave me that opportunity to you know hop out and exit the process before they got to that point so that was nice here's 

an idea that why does an American Express and some of the other credit card companies consider giving counter offers when they are in a situation where someone is trying to get their card and they feel like they don't want to give them that whole bonus offer if American Express 

it said to me we're not giving you 80 thousand miles in another 20,000 miles next year with all these other cards you've opened but hey we'll give you how about thirty thousand miles and then another 20,000 miles next year

if you keep the card I might have said yes I might said all right it's gonna be 500 bucks between those two years I'll get 50,000 miles those could be worth you know five six hundred bucks to me I like the rest of the card maybe that would be a deal that I would go for I don't know if I would but maybe 

I would but you never see that happen you never see that counteroffer when you apply for any of these credit cards now maybe with me they wouldn't wouldn't have given me a counteroffer anyway maybe they would have said now this guy's got too many points and miles that he's earned over the last year just based on these bonus offers so we don't really want to deal with him right now but I think it's a good idea but just because 

I am Sol on this Delta Platinum offer doesn't mean that you are if you were in a position to take advantage of this get those 80,000 miles get a pretty nice card for a $250 annual fee with the promise of potentially another 20,000 miles if you keep this card you know beyond that first year this is a deal that I would jump on which I try to jump on that I would jump on if 

I were you and I were in the position to get it obviously don't get yourself another credit card if you can't afford it blah blah blah blah blah but 

if you are in a place where it makes sense for you a great offer right now in this card that's it thanks for watching and as always please go to proud money comm where we do credit card reviews.

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