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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card Review


Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card Review

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card Review

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card  this credit card and then the introductory offer the other benefits the interest rates and fees we'll also compare it to some other cards other similar cash rewards cards towards the end and then at the very end we'll do our final verdict it is important to note that all of the information I'm about to mention is accurate as of when we're publishing 

This card in particular and so i'll try to put a bunch of resources in the text below the video screen that i think you'll find helpful also i think it's worth trying at least once our card match tool so if you aren't totally decided on a new credit card you should try 

That out i'll link that in the description and you can see if there's any pre-qualified offers or any special offers again i think that's that's worth trying at least once now let's start by talking about the rewards because in my opinion getting a new credit card is about the long-term value of that card 

You should be focusing on the rewards and what it can do for you not necessarily a sign up bonus or an introductory offer now when it comes to the quicksilver card you earn a one and a half percent flat rate across the board on all purchases so 

If you spend a hundred dollars you get a dollar fifty back on that purchase so it's 1.5 back on every purchase every day super simple there are some credit cards that earn higher rates than this 

But if you value simplicity 1.5 across the board uh the idea is that you spend with it you kind of forget it and all of a sudden one day you look and you've got a bunch of cash back all rolled up in fact this is one of the credit cards my wife has she loves it she spends with it a lot and she every 

So often has rewards and there's no limit on the rewards you can earn and your rewards don't expire as long as you keep the account open so one and a half percent across the board on all purchases 

you don't need to worry about different categories or anything like that um that could be an upside that can be a downside depending on your perspective and there are several redemption options for your rewards so you've got statement credits check gift card we've got the full list in 

Our review that's listed down below in the description also if you want to see some other cash back credit cards we did an entire guide to the best cash back credit cards and i'll put that in the description 

As well as much as i like this credit card and my wife has been really happy with it we think it's a good card there are some other ones you may want to consider and peruse 

So as of now the capital one quicksilver card has a introductory bonus of 200 when you spend 500 on the card in the first three months of account opening so that's effectively a 40 return on spend now some higher end cards have higher sign up bonuses but for like the zero dollar annual fee cash back card 

This is right in line with a bunch of other credit cards out there 200 back when you spend 500 within the first three months of account opening again that may change i have no idea 

but i would say that's pretty normal for a lot of the cards that are comparable to this one as for some of the other benefits one thing that you'll see with this card that you won't see with a lot of zero dollar annual fee cards is no foreign transaction fees 

so my wife and i went to sydney and we went to new zealand not too long ago and when we traveled there we just used that card like we would any other card because we incurred no foreign transaction fees now if we used i have the bank of america cash rewards credit card i really like it but 

If we were to use that one we would incur a three percent foreign transaction fee on every single transaction so that was one big upside with the capital one quicksilver card no foreign transaction fees also there are some travel specific perks uh there's too many to list 

If your card is misplaced stolen or lost you can actually lock the card so nobody can do any spending on it you get text alerts of any suspicious activity that's actually helped us out in the past and you can create virtual card numbers to shield your credit card number 

When you're shopping online and then there's the credit wise feature which allows you to check up on your credit score over time and that's free within the capital one mobile app so obviously a ton packed in there and again it's a zero dollar annual fee credit card 

so it basically costs you nothing to keep it in your wallet now i want to cover some of the interest rates and fees that come with the card as you would imagine there's a lot of fine print that comes with a credit card if you check our full review there's more details there 

but i'll throw up some of the headline stats right on the screen right now the one thing i do want to point out is that it has an intro apr for purchases so if you're making a larger purchase you can throw it on the card you cannot pay any interest for the first 15 months 

now you will definitely want to pay off that purchase inside that intro apr period because after that it has an apr of 15.49 to 25.49 and it's variable so always always always pay off your credit card i just think it's nice that it comes with an intro apr at least for the first 15 months okay so

now let's move over to comparing it to some other similar cash back credit cards the first one i want to talk about is the city double cash card which is one of the most popular cards out there for good reason it earns two percent back on all purchases one percent when you buy something one percent when you pay for it for a total of two percent 

so that is for anybody that's counting more than what you get with the capital one quicksilver card which earns one and a half percent on all transactions so technically you actually earn more with the city double cash card although remember the citi double cash card does not come with a sign up bonus whereas the capital one quicksilver card does and another credit card worth looking into is 

The chase freedom unlimited and this one also has a zero dollar annual fee like the city double cash and the capital one quicksilver it earns five percent cashback on all travel purchases made through chase's ultimate rewards portal 

Which is pretty amazing it earns five percent cash back on lift purchases through march 2022. it earns three percent back on dining purchases and purchases made at drugstores and then one and a half percent back on everything else 

So it has some amazing elevated earning tiers and then it earns one and a half percent cash back just like the capital one quicksilver card on everything else the one downside is that it does charge a foreign transaction fee 

so you can see there are upsides and downsides to all these cards you have to consider what is right for you but at least now you have a little bit more context on how the capital one quicksilver card compares 

If you want my two cents i think it's a really nice credit card obviously my wife has been happy with it that said if you want the absolute highest earning rates or highest sign up bonus or some really interesting 

you know spending categories it's not the card for you it's for people that value simplicity you want a card from a major issuer you want no foreign transaction fees and overall 

You just want solid cash back credit card and you're not all that worried about getting the absolute highest rewards now just to recap we'll throw up the main pros and the cons for this card here on the screen 

You can pause it if you want to read it over i think generally speaking we have a really optimistic outlook for the capital one quicksilver card but it's obviously not for everybody let us know what you think if you have any experience with it.

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