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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

American Express Business Gold Card Review


American Express Business Gold Card Review

American Express Business Gold Card Review

American Express Business Gold Card this card was you know sort of standing on its own legs in terms of you know you had to find value from the card based on its everyday rewards versus some you know real significant signup bonus to sort of draw you in so for me between the points that the card was offering and what I considered sort of a Nishi sort of you know product service bonus offer that was also attached to the card I didn't see that 

this card was really all that appealing at a $295 annual fee so with the 35,000 point bonus I do think it has a little more appeal obviously especially in that first year and I'll tell you a little bit more about it I've done a review of this card back in November when it first came out for the most part that review stands other than the fact that at the time 

I said you know I don't understand why there's not a bonus opportunity here for new card holders but the big sort of feature of this card notwithstanding that bonus offer is the fact that it gives you four points per dollar on purchases in the two categories where you buy most each month with your card so basically you don't have to choose you don't have to tell American Express 

where you spend or you know then try to spend based on where you've said you think you're going to you know spend each month American Express looks at what you've bought in that past month and just automatically gives you four points per dollar in the two categories 

where you spent the most money and those forex categories are ones that they've already established and they include airfare advertising computer hardware and software gas restaurants and shipping so you've got six different categories there the top two of those where you are spending the most you would get four points per dollar now for me 

I thought that was a pretty nice way to do it having that automatically done you don't have to choose which ones you're going to get that Forex in you know you might spend more this month than you spend next month in certain categories so to know that you are always maximizing that for Membership Rewards points per dollar is a nice feature however still $295 annual fee 

so is it that nice of a feature unless you were really spending a lot in some of those categories I thought it was still a little difficult to justify now there were some other features but they also were ones that you know taken together did not overly excite me one of them was that American Express offered 

As what they would call a bonus and they still do so this isn't going away but you would get in the first year one year of the G suite collaborative business tools and then also one year of these zip recruiter recruitment services now to me these seemed a little bit like not a completely niche offering but maybe not something most small businesses would see huge value in 

I also didn't love the fact that it basically you know seems to some extent to be one of those kind of offers where they give you something free you know sort of upfront in order to get you in and then hope that you will stay on the subscription plan and never you know sort of even remember to cancel it 

so to me it seemed a little bit like you know one of those kind of the one of those kind of things where they sort of lead you in versus being a you know sort of true bonus where you're just getting something and you don't have to worry about you know cancelling a subscription you know twelve months afterwards in order to stop being charged for it so it wasn't real high on that 

now this card does offer a twenty five percent points bonus if you use the points on the card to book airfare through American Express travel so that's pretty nice if you booked through American Express you're gonna get twenty five percent of the points that you used to book that that flight back into your account so that is a nice feature but all those things taken together even though it's a decent package it is still a $295 annual fee which to me seemed like too much and 

I thought it was a little underwhelming and I think what we're seeing now with this new 35,000 point bonus offer is that many other people saw it underwhelming as to and I think this card probably is not performed as maybe they were hoping to you know back in November when it launched so we're only what maybe five five and a half months or 

So since the card launched and they're adding what is a pretty significant bonus opportunity to the front end so obviously I wasn't the only one that felt that way about the card now looking at the card beyond that first year it's nice to get a bonus but all the things I just said are still true is 

It going to be worth that 295 after the first year I still think you know for a lot of businesses it's going to you know not necessarily be the best card for them even though I do like those you know four points per dollar on those you know two categories that you spend the most in 

I think what American Express should probably do after the first year is look at doing some sort of you know annual bonus based on card spending in order to people to want to stay with this card you know something like 25 thousand points after 15 or 20 thousand dollars and spend something along those lines to make 

This card seem a little bit more attractive you know going forward after that first year great new bonus I think it makes the card way more attractive it's gonna get some people to take a second look at this card 

who's probably you know dismissed it when it was revamped back in November but I think overall it's still gonna need a little something if you know they're hoping to make this a card that more people choose over the long haul 

But by all means if you are looking at a business credit card and that bonus sounds good to you and maybe some of these other features sound good to you.

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