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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature Card Reviews


Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature Card Reviews

Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature Card Reviews

Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature Card Reviews this card you could get membership fairly simply now the Alliant credit union visa signature this cashback card has been an interesting card for a while 

but it is a card that has changed a lot and for the most part it had changed for the worse so kind of had a real nice cash back rate and then they added an annual fee and then they increased the annual fee 

but now they've taken away the annual fee and it has made the card more interesting again so i'm not going to go too much further into that history we're going to talk about what the card is now after this latest change that has just happened as i'm making 

Alliant cashback visa signature card is a no annual fee credit card that gives you 2.5 flat cash back 2.5 on everything that you buy with the card up to ten thousand dollars worth of purchases per month 

so not per year per month so for most people you're not gonna spend over ten thousand dollars per month on your card so you could think of this as a two point five percent cash back card pretty much unlimited for most people and if you happen to go over ten thousand dollars in a month 

you would still get one point five percent cash back on your purchases so not so bad now on the surface you would look at this and say well this is way better than any other flat cash back card out there that you might be able to get your hands on or at least easily get your hands on but like most good things in life there is a little bit of a catch and the catch is that in order to get that 2.5 percent on the credit card 

you also have to have an alliance credit union checking account and there's certain stipulations along with that now first off with the checking account you have to have e-statements instead of paper statements which is not a big deal plenty of people are already doing that 

but the other two are a little more onerous first off you have to have at least one thousand dollars in the account on average so at least a one thousand dollar average daily balance in that checking account and you also have to make at least one deposit into that account each month 

now it doesn't have to be a payroll deposit it doesn't have to be direct deposit you could do it through an atm or you could funnel it through another financial institution digitally so not a big deal necessarily to make that deposit and for plenty of people maybe not a big deal to keep 

one thousand dollars on average in that checking account so if those both sound good to you well then that is a pretty nice package and the checking account itself is pretty good it gives you a little interest 

If you even are outside of that atm network they will rebate you up to twenty dollars in atm fees each month so for the most part you could think of your atms as being free unless you're constantly at the atm 

so a pretty nice uh checking account a pretty nice credit card and you know if you wanted to become a member of this credit union to get both of those and sort of you know fulfill the hurdles that you have to do with the checking account in order to get the card not a bad way to go now 

if you're okay with things on that checking account end there are some other aspects to the card you might want to consider might sway you one way or the other first off no signup bonus so with the big banks often times you can perhaps get a cash bonus or get some points on the front end 

if you spend a certain amount in the first few months of having a card no bonus on this particular card no foreign transaction fees on this card so if you use it outside of the united states you're not going to get charged anything extra on those particular transactions with 

many credit cards on the market they'll charge you an extra three percent when you use outside of the united states for really no particular reason as far as i can tell there are as this is a visa signature card some extra coverages and things that perhaps would be of interest to you 

you've got double manufacturers warranty coverage you've got some travel accident insurance there is some car rental insurance many people never use these but some people do find that these benefits are something that attracts them to a card and perhaps 

you are one of those people interest rate on this card anywhere from 12.24 to 22.24 depending on your credit history so if you have good credit history probably get that 12.24 if it's not so good you're going to be up on that higher end you don't ever want to carry a balance on your cards so hopefully if you never do you won't have to worry about the interest rate because 

you'll never pay any interest but of course you'd rather be on that low end just in case you have a problem anywhere along the way one last point to make about this card and i probably should have made it earlier is the fact that it has a minimum ten thousand dollar credit line which means 

if you were interested in it you would have to be the type of person that could be approved for a ten thousand dollar credit line which probably means that you have to have a little bit of credit history good credit history built up i don't know how long that means exactly two or three years 

i would think in order to be able to get yourself a ten thousand dollar credit line but perhaps sooner 

so if you're super new to credit probably not very likely if you have a shaky credit history maybe not so likely either i don't know what that means in terms of credit score necessarily i would think you'd have to have a 650 at least maybe 700 in order to qualify for this card and get a 10 000 credit line 

so those are all the details on the card as well as the checking account that would be required in order to get that full 2.5 percent now if you wanted to become a member i said earlier that it would be fairly easy to do so and that is because alliant credit union while it has certain groups that

it sort of considers the you know bulk of its membership if you live in the chicago area if you're part of certain employee groups those sorts of things there also is sort of a back door and that is if you don't qualify in any other way you could become a member for just five dollars of a foster care charitable organization and when

you do that then you qualify for membership in alliant credit union so very easy to become a member here so taking all of that into account would it be worth sort of the extra work to get your hands on this card i think it could be for some people if you were someone that wanted to hold just one rewards card you didn't want to have to worry about maximizing different categories 

but you wanted the best rate you could get on all of your purchases well in this card at 2.5 percent is going to be better than 99 of the other flat rate reward cards out there now you have to have that checking account it's a decent checking account and if you're someone that 

you know is comfortable holding a thousand bucks or more on average in your account well then this could work out just fine for you some people aren't going to want to hold or can't hold that much in their checking account over time some people are not going to want to make 

this their number one account and then have to put a deposit in every month so it depends on you whether you're looking for a new checking account and this credit card is a good reason to get one or whether you're doing this as sort of a you know reason to get the card but you don't really

want that checking account so much those are the factors that you're going to sort of consider as you decide whether this makes sense for you but so it could make sense for some people.

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