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Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Review 2022

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card review


U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card review

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card review 

The u.s bank cash plus visa one of the best no annual fee credit cards out there if cash back rewards is something that fits your desires not necessarily the first card that i would say you should get if you are trying to sort of build a number of cards that give you decent rewards 

But a very good complementary card because it has some really nice enhanced categories so the u.S bank cash plus visa as I said no annual fee card its biggest selling point is the fact that it gives you five percent cash back in two categories that you choose from a list of a dozen categories purchasing categories that

U.S bank provides the nice thing about these five percent categories in addition to the fact that they are five percent cash back is that many of these categories are ones that you can't easily find enhanced rewards with other credit cards 

On the market in particular some categories that really look good are tv internet and streaming you have wireless phone bills that you can get five percent back on home utilities if you are making a big furniture purchase you could choose to have furniture stores as one of your five percent categories 

Then there are others as well you get that five percent cash back on up to two thousand dollars in purchases in those two five percent categories that you choose combined each calendar quarter so if you go beyond two thousand dollars in spending in those two five percent categories the purchases beyond two thousand dollars are going to earn 

One percent cash back now each calendar quarter you do have to enroll your five percent categories meaning you have to specifically choose your categories and let us bank know what they are a lot of the stuff you can just do online but you do have to specifically say that you want 

These two five percent categories even if they are the same five percent categories that you had at the prior quarter so you do have to make sure that you sort of stay on top of that otherwise you're only going to get one percent in those categories even if you were getting five percent the quarter before 

So you have to make sure that you enroll each quarter in order to make that happen sometimes the categories do change from quarter to quarter and there will be something new or something will go away and you have the option to change yourself each calendar quarter from whatever is available 

So if you chose you know wireless phone and utilities in one quarter that doesn't mean you have to stick with those the next quarter in addition to those five percent categories each quarter you get to choose one two percent cash back category from the following three groceries gas stations restaurants 

So each calendar quarter you're going to choose one of those to get two percent in again you have to choose them each calendar quarter and sort of enroll them and you can switch them off from quarter to quarter if you choose no cap on the two percent category 

So where there was that two thousand dollar cap on the five percent categories no cap on the two percent and then anything else with this card that you buy you are going to get one percent cash back you can redeem your rewards from this card in a number of ways number one you could choose to put them into a u.S bank checking savings or money market account number two you could choose to take them

As a statement credit meaning they go against purchases you have made with this card meaning that you would reduce your bill by the amount of the rewards you had in that particular month when you redeem you also can take the rewards on a u.S bank rewards debit card essentially you do have to have 25 in rewards 

Before you could get that card I see this as the less attractive of the options available to you now there also is the u.S bank real time rewards program that needs to be mentioned here with this program when you make purchases with your u.S bank card u.S bank will text you assuming that 

You have some rewards built up and say you just made this purchase for x amount do you want to use your rewards to essentially pay for that purchase and you can say yes or no this is really not a whole lot different than taking a statement credit but it is a way to sort of feel like hey I just got something free I just made a purchase and now my rewards paid for it now let's talk bonus for new card holders as 

The u.S bank cash plus visa in the first 90 days of having it you're going to earn a 150 bonus let's talk rates and fees I have already told you this is a no annual fee card the interest rate range as

From 13.99 to 23.99 which means assuming you are approved you would be given an interest rate somewhere in that range the low end not so bad in today's credit card market obviously above 20 is not where you want to be

We would always suggest that you don't ever carry a balance on your credit cards and if you don't then you won't have to worry about what the interest rate is but if you ever do carry a balance better to be on that low end then on the high end this card does not have any sort of zero percent offer on 

New purchases sometimes cards will offer that to new card holders give you zero percent for a certain period of time this card does not have that on the balance transfer end if you transfer a balance from another credit card onto this credit card you would get a zero percent rate on that transferred balance for 12 months which means you could let 

It sit there for 12 months while you pay it off and they wouldn't charge you any interest however there is a three percent balance transfer fee that comes up front so if you move a balance from another card onto this one you will pay a one time three percent fee of the amount of uh that you have transferred onto 

This card but then you wouldn't have to pay interest on that balance for those 12 months all right so what are your chances of being approved for the u.S bank cash plus visa well this is a card that has some pretty nice rewards so that 

Probably means you're going to have to have a little higher credit score I would say that 700 is sort of the dividing line where I would think over 700 you have a decent chance the high 600s maybe if you're getting below that probably not now u.S bank has unlike some banks probably more sensitivity to 

If you have opened other credit cards in the recent past so if you have a lot of credit cards in the last year or two years u.S bank is less likely to approve you for this one they like it better if you don't have a whole lot of other cards open us bank also likes it if you have other accounts with them 

So if you have a checking account a savings account a money market account u.S bank is going to look at you more favorably for this card so take all that into consideration if you are considering applying you can potentially get an instant approval on this card 

If you apply for it online obviously that's not going to happen for everyone but if your credit score is up to snuff and maybe if you have kind of meet the other qualifications that I just talked about you potentially could be instantly approved so overall like 

I said at the beginning of this video a very nice no annual fee rewards card you have five percent categories that are generous and are sort of not necessarily what you would find elsewhere on the market so you can get five percent in things where you couldn't easily get enhanced rewards from other credit cards you have a decent bonus for a no annual fee card like I also said not necessarily the card that would be first out of my wallet 

If I was not using it for those enhanced categories so you have those five percent categories and your choice of the two percent categories but everything else is only going to get you one percent so there are plenty of cards on the market where you could get one point five percent or two percent on all of your purchases 

So it would be nice to have those for purchases that fall outside of the enhanced categories here however this certainly would not be a bad choice regardless of whether you pulled it out first or second uh from your wallet good complimentary card but if you use it for your everyday you certainly would not be unhappy so that is it.

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