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RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege Card Review


RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege Card Review

RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege Card they've decided to launch their very own record high sign up offers now the rbc currency is not something you want to overlook and miss out on because they are a great addition to any travel portfolio so sit back relax 

Let's all learn what this is about today we're going to be putting the spotlight on rbc's flagship avion credit cards now they have a few credit cards in the alvio umbrella the platinum the infinite the infinite privilege and the business they earn a point currency called the avion points 

It's rbc's equivalent to the american express mr points although not as versatile as american express mr points they are still very versatile and they have a lot of great ways to redeem the points now you could transfer these points to airline partners you could even use their in-house program so personally 

I would value these points at around two cents per point however I always say this is very important just because I value them at two cents per point depending on how you redeem them you could either realize two cents per point or maybe less like for example 1.5 1.8 and so on

It really depends on how you use these points thus variable point currency for starters you can transfer these avion points to four main airline partners british area avios cathay pacific asian miles westjet rewards and last but not least american airlines out of these four transfer partners the juiciest one of them all is british area avios with a lot of great redemptions especially

If you are holding a lot of say aeroplan points you can use these british area avios to really complement and diversify your point collecting portfolio the regular transfer ratios I will pop on screen for you guys 

However, it's very important to note that it's very frequent almost like a tradition that rbc once in a while they will pop in with these transfer bonuses so for example like right now if you transfer your rbc ammo points into british airway av is you're going to get a 30 bonus point 

So the optimal strategy here is to hold your points until you have that transfer bonus and then you go ahead and transfer your points over getting that sweet sweet transfer bonus so next we have rbc's very own in-house travel program sort of like the american express's fixed points mr travel program 

It's almost exactly the same idea now you can travel based on your geographic location and where you want to go and there's a maximum allowable ticket price now this isn't a very very strong option however it is a great addition to what their suite of point redemption options that they currently have for example 

If there is a flight that you're trying to catch and there's just no way that you can find a availability off like another loyalty partner then this is a great option to take instead lastly we probably have one of the best ways to redeem these points with the help of the special perk on the visa infinite privilege credit card as well 

As the visa infinite business again in the avion umbrella holding these credit cards will give you the unique ability to redeem these avion points at a value of a flat two cents per point ratio towards any business or first class flights and I think this is very valuable and a great great thing 

If you have the ability to get your hands on one of these cards so just a quick example, if you're booking a business class ticket for a thousand dollars instead of spending a thousand dollars cash you can just spend 50 000 avion points now the only thing with these two cards, is that 

They are a little bit harder to get compared to other credit cards for example the business will obviously be a business credit card it requires you to have a business while the visa infinite privilege being a top-tier product by visa

It requires you to have a 200 000 annual household income or annual personal income so it's definitely harder to qualify for however if you are projecting yourself to get these cards in the future or right now 

Then you can rack up on rbc avion points whether it's through the sign up bonus of the platinum infinite or all of the above and then once you have these points later on down the road you can then get these cards 

Then redeem them that way let's say you are feeling a little bit wild and you're planning to get all of these cards listed above assuming you do qualify for all of them as well all of these cards literally every one of them on the list 

They are having a record high sign up bonus now you get 35 000 points on the visa infinite on the platinum infinite privilege and then you also get 20 000 points on the business for a total of 125 000 avion points 

With the previous evaluations we talked about the two cents per point ratio that's 2 500 in value although you are paying for annual fees for each and one of these cards as rbc is not doing any annual fee waivers at the moment 120 dollars of the platinum infinite as well as the business and 3.99 on 

The visa infinite privilege for a grand total of 759 dollars and then the 2500 in value equals a net profit of 1741 and that is before any money earned in terms of the everyday spending and other perks and benefits categories for example the visa infinite privilege getting 

You six time visit to the priority pass lounge so by now you're probably thinking okay tony these are pretty good offers but how am I gonna hit all these minimum spend requirements and then I would say there are no minimum spend requirements simply apply get approved and you will get the 35 000 points 

Just simply deposit it onto your account which is pretty mind-blowing for example for me I'm working on my american express marriott bombay credit card sign-up bonus so I don't really have a credit card minimum spent to hit 

Right now so I don't really have the budget to also go ahead and hit another bonus of another credit card I just don't have that much spending right but whenever there's an offer like this 

where there's no minimal smear requirement that's absolutely amazing the cost benefit analysis isn't even accounting for when you use these cards for earning rewards for instance the platinum infinite and business gets 

You one point per dollar roughly for a two percent return while the infinite privilege gets you 1.25 per dollar for roughly 2.5 return which is obviously very very good here in canada all in all very very straightforward program personally I like it so far and I'm probably gonna jump on the rbc train 

Before the offer expires so there is the best rbc offers to date let me know down in the comments below what you think about these credit cards or even your personal experience with them and also your thoughts on these sign up offers.

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