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Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card Review


Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card

Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card Review 

Hilton honors american express surpass card we will go over the benefits the reward multipliers and the pros and cons of this credit card to determine is it worth it for you that's because hotel credit cards overall are a pretty great tool to have in your wallets 

In your arsenal because you could earn free hotel night awards and other perks and who doesn't like staying at a hotel for free and being treated like a special guest american express has a handful of hotel credit cards to choose from and most of them are 

Hilton credit cards but should you settle for something like the hilton honors credit card or go for something crazy like the hilton aspire credit card well this video is going to give you all the details you need to know about the hilton honors credit card so that you could make that decision

Amex has three hotel credit cards to choose from with hyatt the first or the lower tier one is the hilton honors card followed by the hilton surpass card and then finally the hilton aspire credit card 

We will not be going over all three credit cards for this video but I just wanted to show you where the amex hilton honors credit card stands in that totem pole ecosystem 

The hilton honors credit card is the lowest on that list because it has no annual fee and there are the least amount of benefits and perks with this credit card but that's exactly what would make such a great candidate for a starter hotel credit card where 

You don't want to pay an annual fee and you don't need all those bells and whistles with a hotel credit card just yet or if you already have a bunch of different hotel credit cards even with the hilton family you could get the hilton honors card for just like the sign up bonus and yes just because 

This credit card has no annual fee does not mean it doesn't have a sign up bonus and that's one of the first great things about the hilton honors credit card is because as of right now 

You could get a sign up bonus of 100 000 hilton points after you spend one thousand dollars within the first three months of opening up your account and the second part of that signup bonus is you could receive up to 100 of statement credit from hilton purchases for most people hitting that 1 000 spend in the first three months should not be a problem because I'm sure 

You guys have seen much higher minimum spend requirements on other credit cards in the past but just like how I recommend for any credit card with a sign-up bonus and minimum spend requirement make sure you plan out and try to figure out how you're going to do it or hit that spend requirement before 

You actually apply for the credit card but again a thousand dollars shouldn't be too hard to hit and for the 100 hilton statement credit all you need to do is use your hilton honors credit card at a hilton hotel specifically when you're booking a hotel stay after you make the charge 

You will receive up to 100 in statement credit a few weeks after the statement credit part of the sign up bonus offer is valid only until july 6 of 2022 unless they change it unless they extend it but if you are able to grab this sign of bonus offer you have 12 months from when you open up 

Your account to make use of that 100 statement credit and this part of the sign up bonus should also be easy to hit because you have a whole 12 months to use this statement credit before it expires and this is being used for bookings 

So I'm sure that you can easily spend 100 on a hilton property room those 100 hilton statement credits are valued around 100 but how much are those 100 000 hilton bonus points worth well on average hilton points are worth around 0.5 cents to 0.6 cents keep in mind that although

This is an american express credit card it does not earn you american express points with the hilton honors credit card you are earning hilton bonus points or just hilton points for short with that said by using the lowest cent per point valuation your 100 000 hilton bonus points are worth 500 dollars

So when you combine the five hundred dollars worth of value from the bonus points with the one hundred dollars worth of statement credit assuming that you got the offer before it expired that's a combined total of six hundred dollars of value for that sign up bonus 

Let me quickly reiterate that this is a no annual fee credit card so if you get that sign a bonus which you should that's already a lot of value that you're getting on a credit card that you're not paying to use every year okay cool 

So let's say you got that sign a bonus you earn enough points enough value for maybe a free one to two night stay but how else can you earn more points to get more free night stays to get more free hotel rewards but 

Before I go any further can you please go ahead and hit that like button to help me out and comment down below what your favorite hilton property is or if you had a good or bad experience with hilton who knows maybe your favorite property is a hilton in hawaii moving on the reward multipliers for the amex hilton honors credit card are 

As follows seven time points on hilton hotels and resorts five times points on us dining five times points on u.S grocery stores and five times points on u.S gas stations and last but not least three times points on everything else I don't know about you but I thought about two things 

When I first heard about the reward multipliers of this credit card number one those are pretty great pretty big solid multipliers number two those are a lot of categories for just one single credit card and starting with the latter yes the hilton honors credit card has a lot of different categories for you to earn bonus points on and that's a good thing for you 

It's nice to have a single credit card earn bonus points on things like hotel food including restaurants and groceries and gas stations those are the type of categories that you need like maybe two to three different credit cards to earn bonus points on

But no you're getting all that on just one hilton honors credit card and that brings me to my second point those reward multipliers are huge but it's also misleading on other normal american express credit cards 

You have like 5x or 4x multipliers and those things we get excited about but with the hilton honors credit card you have a seven times bonus category you have three five times bonus categories and you earn three times points on your general purchases so you should just get this one credit card 

Be set and earn lots and lots of points right well not so fast because you have to look at the face value of those points themselves yes you could earn tons and tons of points with the hilton honors credit card but at the same time these points are not worth the same as 

Let's say normal american express points it's like for example would you rather have 1 000 pennies or 100 quarters you physically have more pennies than quarters but at the end of the day the value of those two are not the same the quarters are worth more which means

You're going to have 25 dollars with 100 quarters whereas with 1 000 pennies you're only going to have 10 dollars but anyway this is the same exact thing we have to look into how much those credit card points are worth amex points are worth around two cents per point whereas the hilton honors credit card which earns hilton points are worth around 0.5 cents per point 

But let's actually break this down as if you're gonna spend one thousand dollars either on your amex credit card or one thousand dollars on your hilton honors credit card and for this example 

Let's say you're spending about one thousand dollars on the general purpose or general spending category you know purchases that don't qualify for any extra bonus points with the hilton honors credit card you're going to have 3 000 hilton points whereas with the amex credit card

Just your normal amex credit card earning 1x points on those general purchases you're going to have just 1 000 american express points that's 3 000 hilton points versus 1 000 american express points 

But if the hilton points are worth 0.5 cents per point those 3 000 hilton points are worth around 15 dollars whereas the amix points are worth two cents per point and those one thousand points are worth around twenty dollars also keep in mind that hilton points are pretty much restricted to only being redeemed for hilton purchases 

Whereas american express points are way way way way more flexible but again with the hilton honors credit card you will technically earn more points and faster now the great things about this credit card don't just stop there this credit card also has no point transaction fees which is a huge plus on a no annual fee credit card 

On top of that the hilton honors card will give you complimentary silver status at hilton but to get that same silver status normally without a hilton honors credit card you would need to stay a cumulative total of seven nights per year at a hilton property not seven consecutive nights like 

One week at hilton but it could be like one night seven times throughout the year honestly the silver status isn't the greatest but it does give you things such as 20 bonus points on stays free bottled water your fifth night free and elite rollover nights the fifth night free perk is kind of clutch because 

If you stay at a hilton resort or hilton hotel four consecutive nights in a row you will get that fifth night free so if you like to stay at hotels for like a week or so you could use that benefits 

Save like a couple hundred dollars right there and elite rollover nights are great because any qualifying nights in excess of those required to qualify for elite status level are counted toward a member's elite status qualification for the following calendar year that was a long sentence 

We have the question is it worth it for you if you want to start earning hilton points and you don't travel too often you don't stay at hotels too often you don't stay at the hilton too often this is a great credit card to get started especially 

If you spend a lot already at restaurants gas stations or on groceries but if you are a serious traveler and you like to stay at hilton properties and you want more benefits you want more statuses then this credit card is not going to be the best for you there are other hilton credit cards out there or even other travel credit cards that would give you more value than this simple no annual fee hilton honors card also obviously.

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