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Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Review 2022


Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Review 2022

Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Review 2022

Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Review 2022 this card with all the rewards benefits and more that we'll be able to see what the overall value package is like and if it fits in with your travel habits let's go the full name of 

this card is the delta skymiles reserve american express card and the welcome offer as of september 2022 is to earn 50 000 delta sky miles and 10 000 mqms which stands for medallion qualification miles and you can get both after spending three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months on the card the value of the miles part of 

this offer will be around 550 depending on which type of flight or itinerary that you redeem for and when you go to the american express website to apply for the car you actually have your choice of your own card design you can choose the metal version or the 70 reclaimed placid version the choice is yours based on 

how heavy you want your wallet to be now for the ongoing reward structure you'll earn triple miles on delta purchases when you make those purchases directly on delta's website so not with expedia or any other third-party portal you'll also earn one mile per dollar on all other purchases and the annual fee is 550 definitely not a cheap car but as you'll see later in 

The benefits that come with it you can easily get more than the 550 cost once you've earned a bunch of delta sky miles and you want to redeem them the average value you can expect to get is around 1.1 per mile on average so as an example those 50 000 miles for the bonus would be worth 550 bucks toward delta flights or delta partner flights 

let's move into the main benefits of the tart and there are so many of them with so many different terms about them that i divided them into seven major sections and i made it as succinct as i possibly could with all the important details still intact that way you know how and when to use them 

when you're going to be eligible to use them versus not so let's start off with section number one the first benefit is delta sky club access you'll receive complementary unlimited access plus two one-time guest passes per year those guest passes are issued upon account opening and each account renewal year and they expire 

one year after they're issued and do not roll over to get into the delta sky club simply present the following at the front desk your delta sky miles reserve card if required and it's usually not required so much these days as long as you have your boarding pass with your delta scott miles 

number on there the agent should be able to identify that you do have the card itself or you can also add it to the my wallet section of the delta sky models app and that should be sufficient as well but just in case it might be nice to have a physical card as a backup you'll also want to bring 

your government issued id and your boarding pass for a same day delta marketed or operated flight departing from or arriving to the airport where the delta sky club is located departing flights can access the sky clubs up to three hours prior to your flight time connecting flights can access at any time during your layover and arriving flights can access at any time after landing regarding 

the guesting privileges that you have with the card you may bring up to two free guests per year those passes will be issued to your primary cardholder account by the way and then additional guests beyond those two will be 39 each 

if you decide to add authorized users to your delta reserve card at a price of 175 dollars per authorized user they will then receive their own unlimited delta sky club access and their guests will be 39 each because 

they do not receive their own one-time passes now on to main benefits part two which gives you even more airport lounge access the card also allows you to get into the centurion lounges by american express and this includes the escape lounges also branded as the centurion studio partner 

you'll get complimentary unlimited access and to get into the lounge you'll provide the following at the front desk your delta sky miles reserve card your id and your boarding pass once again for a same-day delta marketed or operated flight that flight must have been booked on a u.s American 

express charge card or credit card in terms of access times departing flights can access up to three hours prior to a flight connecting flights can also access up to three hours prior to a flight and arriving flights do not have access for guesting privileges all guests cost fifty dollars 

each and again if you add authorized users to your delta reserve card at a price of 1.75 each uh guests will still cost fifty dollars getting into the centurion lounge now since we're talking about a card with so many different benefits that also is issued by american express definitely check out 

the app matt's rewards if you haven't done so already which is a great way to manage not only this card but other ones you may have and also to activate your ms offers automatically check this out max rewards is an app that allows you to manage your credit cards rewards and benefits all in one place 

this includes seeing when your bills are due tracking your signup bonuses monitoring your credit scores and more on the activity tab you can view the transactions across all your cards to easily see where you've been spending your money including the value of the rewards 

you've earned across different categories then the best card tab helps you identify which card to use for different purchases that way you can earn points or cash back even faster and perhaps my favorite feature is the benefits and offers dashboard which you can unlock with the gold level of maths rewards 

you might be familiar with chase offers ammets offers bank of marrow deals and others they're great but they can be really frustrating to manage for three reasons first they change frequently so you'll need to check them often to make sure you don't miss out second they require 

you to manually activate them one at a time and third ameth usually shows you up to 100 available offers even though more could be available fortunately matt's rewards solves all these problems each time you sync the app all of your offers will be activated automatically including the hidden ones from amex that you didn't even know about in fact my amet's gold card showed 162 offers

that were ready to go thanks to matt's rewards so if you'd like to try maths rewards use the link down below in the description to get the gold level entirely free for your first month all right so how would you like someone to fly totally free for you one time every single year just for having 

this credit card let's go on to main benefits part three and i think you'll like this one a lot the reserve card also issues an annual companion certificate it's available each card member anniversary year starting with your first anniversary that is after you've had the card for 12 months 

it's valid for one round-trip ticket on published routes in the 48 contiguous states plus fees and taxes in the following cabins first class comfort plus premium select and the main cabin the certificate will be issued directly to your delta sky model's account and it expires one year after it's issued and does not roll over from one year to the next you must also book your flight and fly prior to the expiration date moving into main benefits part four we have the status boost 

this allows you to earn 15 000 medallion qualification miles after spending thirty thousand dollars in purchases in a calendar year this is valid up to four times per year so if you were to spend up to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars you could earn sixty thousand mtums and for all my bid spenders out there 

this is a great way to earn high levels of medallion elite status without even having to fly that much up next we have the mqd waiver and mqd stands for medallion qualification dollars this allows you to get the mqd requirement for earning higher levels of medallion status completely waived when you're pursuing silver gold or platinum medallion status and you get 

this after spending 25 000 on purchases and a calendar year on your card additionally you can receive a tsa pre-check or global entry credit this allows you to receive up to a 100 statement credit to reimburse the application fee for either program it's available every four years for global entry and every four and a half years for tsa pre-check on to part five 

which begins with complementary upgrades if you do not have medallion status you'll be added to the complimentary upgrade list after the medallion members furthermore with the upgrade priority benefit if you do have medallion status you'll receive higher priority for upgrades over other medallion members who are also flying with the same status level and fair class so if you want to increase your odds of getting that better seat on the plane then you might want to consider adding 

this card to your wallet and if you find yourself checking bads often on your flights this card will give you the first check bag free for that benefit to work you must include your delta skymall's number on the reservation it's valid for up to nine passengers on that same reservation 

the flight must be marketed and operated by delta and it does not apply to authorized users by that i mean authorized users cannot use their own card to get their own bad check for free but if that person flies on your itinerary and of course you being the primary card holder then they would of course get their bag free with you main benefits part six now we have a 20 in flight discount 

this you can receive 20 off in the form of statement credits toward in-flight food drinks and audio headsets you'll also receive priority boarding for your flights to be eligible you must include your delta sky miles number on the reservation and you'll receive main cabin one priority boarding privileges it's valid for up to nine passengers on the same reservation

it's also valid on flights that are marketed and operated by delta and does not apply to authorized users it's also not valid on delta shuttle flights either and there at the bottom this card also does not charge any foreign transaction fees so when you're outside of the us you can avoid the typical three percent charge we finally made it to part seven with the delta reserve card 

you'll get access to the pay with miles feature which allows you to redeem those miles at a flat redemption value of one cent each that way you don't have to worry about searching for award availability the way it works is you'll get 50 off the flight costs for every 5 000 miles redeemed you'll also get global dining access by resi which confers special access to exclusive reservations premium dining experiences the priority notify feature when tables become available and more via the resi app 

this card may also issue an instant card number upon approval and this is based upon amex's ability to instantly authenticate you in your application you'll also get a complimentary shop runner membership for free two-day shipping and returns at dozens of retailers and 24 7 access to a concierge for assistance with tickets reservations travel and more we made it through all the main benefits now on to a little bit about the insurance and protections because 

this card does cover you in a lot of different travel and retail situations too for the card protections you'll receive the baggage insurance plan trip delay insurance trip cancellation and interruption insurance car rental loss and damage insurance all of which are on the travel side then over for the retail 

we have purchase protection return protection extended warranty and cell phone protection feel free to pause this screen as long as you'd like to read all the fine print details and now for the massive question of whether or not you should get this card yourself let's talk about it 

you should consider getting this card if you fly delta moderately to frequently do not fly enough to earn elite status but still want elite like benefits simply by having the card of course we're referring to the early boarding free chat bads and stuff like that also if you want to earn elite status via spend

however the card can still make sense if you do fly enough to earn elite status but you want to earn a higher level of status via spend then if you value access to airport lounges specifically to the delta sky club and the centurion lounge this card can help get you in and of course

if you can use the companion certificate every year that can be a major value as well but on the flip side you might want to avoid this card if you fly delta infrequently or not at all would not use the delta sky club regularly don't care about elite benefits 

if the benefits from other delta cards with lower annual fees are sufficient for you because a lot of those other ones do still come with priority boarding and free shut bads also if you prefer more flexible or transferable rewards points

there might be other cards that give you a lot more redemption options rather than being locked into delta's ecosystem same thing if you prefer cash back rewards many other cards are much better than this one and lastly

if you want to earn delta sky miles quickly because remember this card only earns triple miles on every dollar spent for a delta and one mile per dollar on everything else and that's it even the lower fee cards have more multipliers like on restaurants and other useful categories 

so you might want to consider those again if your goal is just to earn miles or even amex's cards themselves like the green card or the gold card those card products earn points that can be directly transferred into delta's program and also have useful multipliers like triple points on transit four points per dollar on supermarkets and dining and more so while 

this card is definitely not good for earning miles it's fantastic for earning benefits that are specific to delta which is why when i think about the type of person who likely has this card in their wallet it will be the person who flies delta a lot and really appreciates the elevated vip experience.

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