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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Chase Instacart Credit Card Review


Chase Instacart Credit Card Review

Chase Instacart Credit Card Review 

Chase instacart credit card this instacart card offers you the opportunity to get a free year of instacart plus and a 100 instacart credit says the credit will be automatically loaded into your instacart.Com account upon 

The approval of your credit card application by applying your degree to a free year of instacart plus membership that will auto renew into an annual membership for 99 a year or under your existing instacart membership terms

Now it does say that you can cancel any time but just note the fact that after that first year rolls by you will be auto charged that 99 so if that's not something you're interested in doing and you're just basically getting 

This card to take advantage of the freeze card for a year plus a hundred dollar credit then just be sure you've got it marked down and you're ready to cancel a couple days prior that way you're not charged that 99 fee for year two 

This card says that it has a zero dollar annual fee and that is true however it is very similar to the chase amazon prime card there's no annual fee but if you pay for an amazon prime membership that does cost money 

So kind of the fee to have that card is in fact that amazon prime membership basically the same thing goes for this card you have to pay for that instacart plus membership and that is going to be the reason why you have 

This card but you do get the free year of that instacart plus membership when you apply for and are approved for this card now I'll talk a little bit more about the an instacart membership and why you'd actually want it here in a little bit but now let's move on to the multipliers offered on 

This card I'm not gonna lie these multipliers are not that exciting basically five percent cash back on instagram.Com and instacart app purchases and then that's kind of it because the other option is five percent cash back on travel purchased over the phone through 

The chase travel center including flights hotels and more so the only way you actually get five percent back on that travel is if you call and book through the chase travel center over the phone I just find that to be totally unnecessary and there are plenty of cards that offer five percent back for the same thing and that are way more convenient 

So I don't really find that as a useful benefit at all but also you can earn two percent cash back at restaurants gas stations and on select streaming services which again overall just in today's credit card market is not that competitive there are tons of no annual fee credit cards that offer better than two percent back at all of those 

So I would suggest putting that spend on another card and after that it's just one percent back on everything else which is pretty standard so overall the only reason why I'd see you ever want to actually put spend on this card is if you're using to shop through instacart which kind of does make sense this is not a one-size-fits-all credit card 

This is very much a card that you get because you shop at instacart and that's kind of all there is to it let's talk about those instacart plus member benefits if your purchase totals over 35 dollars you can get free delivery so that very much can pay for itself if you use 

This service frequently throughout the year once you get that five percent back on pickup you can skip the shop in and save with every eligible pickup order you can also share those benefits with your family you can add them to your membership to shop and enjoy the perks together on instagra's website they explain how inscart works says you're busy 

So every minute counts let us connect you with shoppers in your area to shop and deliver items from your favorite stores and as fast as an hour it's just that easy so basically when you're doing shopping through instacart you're essentially hiring people to do the shopping for you 

You can either have those items delivered to your home or you can go to the store and pick them up now things like kroger click list and that exist already so that's not exactly groundbreaking however you're able to do this in a very wide variety of stores 

This right here showing stores in my area where I could use it I could do kroger costco total wine sephora feeders pet supply walgreens all of these stores are available for me to take advantage of this instacart service so it's not just for the grocery store there's actually a ton of stores that utilize instacart and so really the reason why you'd want to use 

This is if you're a very busy individual and your time is very valuable if you have a job that is very demanding or if you have a family full of kids and they demand a lot of your time you don't have a ton of time to go shopping and running errands like that so paying that fee for convenience is worth it 

I personally myself don't take advantage of instacart because I do have some free time and I don't mind doing some shopping because well let's be for real I'm a tennis coach and a youtuber so I tend to do have a little bit of free time hence why I make these videos but if I had an actual high stress job or 

If I had a ton of kids running around then I probably would take advantage of vince the cart and getting the instacart plus membership or getting this instacart mastercard credit card would actually make a ton of sense one more quick note I want to discuss on how you can actually redeem 

This cash back and they're actually labeling it as cash back in terms of marketing but in reality you're going to be earning instacart points but basically those points can only be redeemed for cash back so it really is just cash back on chase's website it says you can choose to receive a direct deposit or statement credit for your cashback 

You can book for travel but yeah you're gonna have to call the chase travel center to do so so again I think that's kind of out and eventually it says coming soon you're gonna be able to pay with points so you can use your cashback rewards to pay for all or part of your purchases in the instacart app or instagram.Com but that's not available just yet it's coming soon 

This card is released today so I assume that'll be coming here in the very short term future but to me it's pretty obvious I think that this card is designed for the individual who very much values instacart as a service if you don't use instacart if you don't see the value in it then 

This card's not for you I think it really is just as simple as that I myself do not have any need for this card I don't use instacart and I probably won't need to use instacart for a while but the cool thing about 

This card is you can basically just try that into cart plus membership for free for your entire first year and also you can take advantage of that 100 instacart credit that you automatically get from being approved for the card so if you're interested in trying out their service then I think that 

This is probably your best route well guys what do you think about this credit card is it something you'd be interested in do you think it's worth it do you think it's not worth it.

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