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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

American Express Cobalt Card Review


American Express Cobalt Card Review

American Express Cobalt Card Review

American Express Cobalt  you need to spend a specific amount or make a specific fixed amount of income to even be considered for the card for this one i was doing some in research and and finding some information online and there's no set number for it this card is definitely geared for 

i'd say a younger audience so it's the requirement isn't like you have to spend six figures a year so i would honestly really just give it a try and you know try the application out if you're kind of weary which 

i was i don't know if i had enough or spent enough to apply or i guess uh approved get the card approved for me so i just kind of went about the application and just waited for a response 

so if you are in the same boat i would really just recommend just applying for it and i think for most most likely the terms are too harsh and i think they will approve you so from there literally after you do that you get a call within five business days my 

i think amex is really on top of their customer service i got mine within like two to three hours uh they just double check some bank information and require your previous um credit card statement 

so i do think you will have to have credit history and a credit card prior to this i don't think this one can be your first um ever credit card and after that you get you know you get approved for it um and then the card gets shipped out to you so now the part of the that 

you've been waiting for is what are the membership perks rewards and all the points you can get with the amex cobalt card so firstly like i said before there is a 9 000 credit limit on the card which i think is great especially if you're a student or younger it is definitely hard to get that 

high of a limit even if everything works out perfect perfectly for you within one of the central banks here um i had a 1500 limit on my last card but let's say all my ratios were you know the best and 

i didn't utilize that much credit i think it only be pushed up to about two thousand two thousand five hundred so you won't ever need to spend probably nine thousand dollars a month uh but the higher your credit limit is the lower your your credit utilization score usually is so that's just better for 

your credit score and then next there is a monthly and a yearly fee on the card so it's 12.99 a month or 155 dollars and 88 cents per year and it's not that big of a deal because i think every single card that offers really good points and really good rewards always has some sort of 

fee associated with it and if you use the card correctly and you know try to maximize all your points do all the point hacking you'll definitely get way more than you're paying for so now let's get into the fun part which is you know the points on it so i have this little pamphlet here 

that they sent which outlines everything if i could get it open so first of all you get five times back on all eats restaurants and groceries you get three times back on all eligible subscription services you get two 

times back on all travel transit and gas and they get one times back on everything else so these are all in amex points and that's the real reason everyone gets an amex is to use all these points towards travels 

towards flights and the really cool thing i would say about these amix points is they are one-to-one converted into any other point system as well so here in canada aeroplan and amx points are probably the two biggest ones you're going to be looking at or i think avion as well i forget exactly 

what point system they use but amex is really good at transferring these points one to one so you can compare the same flight um from the here to germany on amex points avion and then aeroplan 

If you see that airplane is the offering the lowest amount you can convert the points straight to there versus if you had airplane or the other avion one i don't think you convert them straight to amex 

so i think that's a really cool feature next let's talk about how you can kind of point hack with the card and what are the best ways to use it so for the first year the best offer is if you are looking or if you spend 500 

a month or for every month that you spend 500 on this card you get a bonus 2 500 points for doing nothing just by hitting that threshold and the second cool hack i saw was it says you get five times back on groceries eats and restaurants um so if you're ever at a grocery store that takes 

amex and you are in the gift card section and you're looking to make a larger purchase you can purchase a gift card straight from that grocery store and you'll still get five times back um on your purchase so that was a cool hack i saw i think on reddit so um i definitely might be doing that to utilize some of the points on the card so before 

i want to cover a few more factors to see if this card is right for you and why i end up picking it so first of all i did previously mention that there is no specific spending limit or how much you need to make a year to own the card but i would say if you're not spending at least 500 a month on this card 

any credit card that you have the amex cobalt card isn't worth it because that is one of the really big first year offers on it uh secondly is if you are not into travel at all i would say 

the card isn't really that great because this card kind of just rewards traveling and amex the whole point of this to promote all the points all the amenities and lounges you get in the future so definitely 

if traveling isn't something you like to do for work or just for leisure um the amex card probably isn't worth it and i'll go maybe for just a cash back card one that just rewards giving you cash back on more places and then lastly 

if you're looking to get into the amex ecosystem a little bit earlier um you'll have already a membership with them you'll understand the point system works and then i think it'll be a little bit easier to upgrade to the gold or the platinum 

if you're looking to when you get older so i think this is the perfect card if you're here in canada maybe between 20 to 25 i'm looking to get maybe like your second credit card after upgrading 

since their points points are great rewards are perfect and especially i know one rumor or not rumor but a lot of stigma i guess with amex is here in canada is a lot of retailers shoppers you know they don't really uh take amex.

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