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My First Student Credit Card! Discover it Student Credit Card 2022

Kohl's Credit Card Review 2022


Kohl's Credit Card Review 2022

Kohl's Credit Card Review 2022

The kohl's credit card is the credit card of kohl's department stores the short story on the kohl's card or what used to be known as the kohl's charge is that it allows you to finance purchases that you make at kohl's and throughout the year you are going to get a number of cardholder only discounts sent to you 

So if you have the card you're going to get those discounts other people who don't have the card may not get those discounts so those are sort of the two big things that you are getting from this card and for some people that may be enough but let's take a little closer look and see if there are other features that you might be interested in 

So the kohl's credit card is a no annual fee credit card that is only accepted inside kohl's stores or at kohls.Com so nowhere else you can't use this card anywhere else this is not going to be your everyday credit card for walking around only at kohl's in terms of everyday rewards that you're going to get 

With this card as a card holder, there are none now kohl's does have a rewards program but anyone can be a part of it and cardholders are not getting anything extra on top of that program in terms of everyday rewards 

So the everyday kohl's rewards program does give you a five percent reward on your purchases at kohl's meaning that if you spend 100 bucks at kohl's you are going to earn five dollars in kohl's cash at the beginning of each month 

Kohl's will send out kohl's cash certificates in five-dollar increments and then you will have only 30 days to use them so this is a rewards program that is sort of generous on one hand but not so much 

On the other, because you kind of have to run out to coals and use them within the next month after getting them so anyway that is for anybody you don't have to be a kohl's credit card holder to get that and if you are a cardholder 

It's not like you're going to get anything on top of that five percent reward that the regular program offers now what kohl's card holders are going to get that the everyday kohl's customer is not going to get are some exclusive discounts for card holders only 

Those will come to you in regular intervals throughout the year also on your card anniversary there will be a special discount your card anniversary meaning after you have held the card for one year two years three years there will be something on that first-anniversary second blah blah blah

So you'll get another discount that way if you use your card for at least 600 purchases at kohl's in a year you will become an mvc or a most valued customer and that will give you even more discount opportunities throughout the year and you'll also have some free shipping opportunities as well 

When you sign up for the kohl's card there is no new cardholder bonus exactly however there is a big discount that comes with it this will vary but as i make this video it is 35 off your first purchase with the card 

So if you're thinking about getting the card it makes sense to get it when you are making a bigger purchase at kohl's so that you can take advantage of that big discount that you are going to get with the card because this is a one-time only discount that kohl's is giving you as a new card holder 

So you would rather spend you know 100 bucks at kohl's and get 35 off than spend 40 bucks and get the card and get 14 off so make sure you get some good value out of that when you become a card holder for the first time 

All right now let's talk about the application process and your chances of being approved are pretty good kohl's wants to get this card into as many hands as possible

So unless your credit is pretty terrible you have a pretty good chance of being approved in terms of credit scores if you want to look at it that way over 650 you're probably always going to be approved between 600 and 650 may be a little more borderline under 600 probably not going to be approved

Now there is a pre-qualification form on the kohl's website that you can use to check and see what your chances are there's no guarantee in terms of that pre-approval leading to approval if you go through the full application process but most of the time 

If they tell you it's likely then it's likely that you will be approved doing the pre-qualification with no hit to your credit so there's no downside to doing that if you decide to go through with the full application that is 

When you would have that hard pull on your credit which would be a slight ding to your credit history or a slight ding to your credit score, not a big deal but sometimes people want to know about that 

Now this card is issued in partnership with capital one oftentimes will hit all three credit reporting bureaus when they look at your credit history again not a big deal but for some people that are really sort of sensitive to their credit scores and their credit history this is something that you might want to know 

Now this card does also offer the chance that instant approval so again like i was saying earlier if you are making a bigger purchase at kohl's that is probably the time when you would want to actually apply for this card 

Because it has instant approval for many people that means that you could be ready to make your purchase and then you could apply and get that discount immediately and get that larger discount off that first purchase that you make with the card finally 

It is 24.99 which you should probably think of as 25 you don't want to be paying 25 interest on the purchases that you make at kohl's so make sure that you are paying this card off in full if you decide to get it 

If you end up paying interest on your purchases with this card well then all those discounts you get to a certain extent are wiped out because you're going to be paying in interest whatever those discounts gave you on the other end 

So you want to be smart and take advantage of the good things those discounts with the card but pay it off in full so you're not paying interest on those purchases you make so that is pretty much it 

If you are a regular kohl's customer getting the kohl's credit card can make good sense even though it is not giving you any extra rewards on an everyday basis you are getting those discounts that are going to come to you on regular intervals some of them can be pretty significant discounts and you can combine them with 

The kohl's cash that you might earn through the rewards program for even more significant discount days when you shop at kohl's just make sure that you do not carry a balance on this card from month to month or you're sort of wiping out the discounts that you're earning that is.

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