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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

IHG Premier Credit Card Review


IHG Premier Credit Card Review

IHG Premier Credit Card Review

IHG Premier will give you a one hundred and forty thousand bonus points after you spent three thousand dollars will frame the first three months has it added bonus they gave you an additional ten thousand bonus points after 

you spent twenty thousand dollars and purchases and once you make an additional purchase after each account anniversary year at first you may be thinking like dank a hundred and forty thousand bonus points that's a lot 

but I'll go over a little bit later in this video on what is cheap points are actually worth they also advertise that you get twenty five times the points per dollar that you spend hot 

IHG resorts and hotels to break this down a little bit further you get ten times the points just because you hold this card you also get an additional ten times the points for being a is G rewards club member 

you also get five times the points for having platinum elite status so this is how it told us up to twenty five times two points you also earn two times the points per dollar spent on gas grocery stores and restaurants and you also one times the points on all other purchases 

I must say that the best thing about this card is the free annual anniversary nights that you get every single year but the thing about the anniversary night is that you cannot stay at any IHG hotel because you already limited up to stays that Wharf up to forty thousand points 

so based on my research that's something that's equivalent to the Holiday Inn so depending on where you want to stay you may be able to find something much nicer that requires less points but I'll talk a little bit deeper on hotels a little bit 

so with this card you get your for free one night free when you redeem your stays with points so this is where you can get up to a week of stays just by using the bonus for example 

if a nice day is twenty thousand points four nights will construe sixty thousand points since you're really just paying for the price of three if you were to book four more nights with the same price 

you would essentially pay a hundred and twenty thousand points for eight nights another benefit with this card is that you get IHG platinum elite status so with this status you can save with twenty percent all points 

when you purchase them with this card purchasing points is really never a good idea so I really don't recommend doing that I must say that the best thing about the status is that you can get status matches 

I live in Southern California and I probably go to Las Vegas probably twice or three times a year because it's a pretty easy one or two day trip for me and my wife 

so we'll Planum elite status you can get that match to win of a diamond status and will win them diamond status you can get that match to Caesars diamond status so hopefully I haven't lost you yet once you're a Caesars diamond remember you get a whole lot more benefits 

so I'm not gonna go into everything that diamond status has to offer but here are some of the main highlights that wanted to talk about is that you get free ballet and you don't have to pay resort fees 

if you've ever been to Vegas valet is usually anywhere from 25 to 30 bucks and free parking in Las Vegas is becoming rarer and rarer and resort fees typically cost around 40 bucks I typically go to Vegas during the weekdays 

so I could stay at Planet Hollywood for 40 bucks on Monday but my resort fee can be equally as much that's a business bs so if I were to go to Vegas and stay there for two nights essentially I would save $25 on valet and also 80 bucks on resort fees 

so in total I would save about 105 dollars per trip this essentially is one of the best benefits with this card you even have to live near Vegas to enjoyed his benefits if you live near any of Caesars Entertainment Resorts 

you can see some value from this but even if you never go to Vegas or Atlantic City or any of those type of casino towns this probably has no value to you 

so if you more cares on how to transfer your status go check out my buddy Jake Burrell's channel where he did a great job of showing you how to do so so now let's move on to travel and purchase coverage protections 

this card I do offer baggage delay insurance so your flight is delayed over six hours you can get to $100 a day for three days I'm really gonna dig a little bit deeper into the fine print since you can't get 

the guy to the benefits unless you're approved which I thought to be some PS but anyways you get lost luggage reimbursement so pier passenger your cover up to $3,000 so with this card you also get purchase protection 

so for any type of new purchase that you made within the last 120 days if it gets damaged or stolen you can get up to $500 per claim and fifty thousand dollars per account so when it says pure accounts 

I imagine it's just a lifetime of this card if you guys are familiar with Brian John he recently made a video on how American Express reimbursed him for his lost air pods this card offers those same benefits so in addition to that 

this card does offer trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance meaning that if your trip is canceled caused by sickness you can be reimbursed up to five thousand dollars per trip even 

if who was prepaid and not refundable will follow this crazy stuff that's going on in the world today this is worth having another thing I wanted to mention about this is that you get a credit for $100 every four years for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck which it's a pretty nice touch and also 

this card there is an $89 annual fee one thing that you should keep in mind that is that this credit card is a chase credit card which means that this card does apply towards the chase 24 rule if you're not familiar with what the 5:24 rule 

it basically states that if you apply for more than five personal credit cards often the last 24 months more likely than that you will get denied for this card so now let's talk about how much 

she points are actually worth so in this example I'm gonna say that you want to stay in downtown San Diego so we can use that as a reference your points gonna be worth much more if you decide to say somewhere like Oklahoma or something like that 

so in this example you're gonna be staying in downtown San Diego on a Sunday in March so currently you can stay at the Kimpton Hotel for one hundred and fifty three dollars 

but if you wanted to use your points will cost you fifty thousand points so essentially one hundred fifty three divided by fifty thousand would equal to point zero zero three cents that's a pretty crappy return so that 140,000 sign up bonus will be worth around 420 

this case the 140,000 sign up bonus one equal to two nights stay if you wanted to stay in downtown San Diego but if you wanted to stay a little bit further away from the city and say you want to go to SeaWorld 

you stay at the Holiday Inn for twenty five thousand points so essentially that one hundred forty thousand Santa bonus will be worth around five nights now let's see how much your points will be worth as a cash value 

if you wanted to say there so one hundred and four dollars divided by twenty five thousand points would equal to point zero zero four cents per point so just a little bit better but not that much 

I know this card advertises twenty five times the points when we spend it at their hotels but that can be very deceiving because when people say twenty five times the points people are like oh that's a lot of points 

so let's just say that each point is worth point zero zero four cents if you multiply that by 24 that would equal to one cent so essentially to get that best return on your money you would have to stay at IHG resorts 

if you travel a lot for business I can see how this is worth it but if you're a normal consumer who travels every now and then and maybe stay at a hotel twice a year the IHG points really have little value to you 

let's see how this card compares to other low annual fee cards that gives you free reward nights first we won't be looking at the Marriott bond void boundless credit card at the making of this video this credit card offers you 75,000 bonus points after 

you spent three thousand dollars within the first three months this credit card also offers you one free night every anniversary year that gives you up to a Redemption value of up to 35,000 points 

there's also a ninety-five dollar annual fee which is about six dollars higher than the IHG card with this card you earn six times the points at Marriott hotels and you also earn two times the points on all other purchases some of the benefits 

you get with this card is then you guys silver elite status and free Wi-Fi at hotels yeah those benefits are pretty weak but you can get a match to win a platinum status then transfer that who's Caesars platinum

so with the Caesars platinum status you'll get a free valet so that's still pretty nice if you go into Vegas so now let's compare how many free nights that you can get with the signup bonus so if you were to stay in San Diego at the same time 

it seems like each hotel will cost around 30,000 so with 75,000 bonus points you can stay for about two nights but now let's talk about the reward night with this card the annual free night could be worth up to thirty five thousand points from the hotels that 

we looked at in downtown San Diego you can stay at a pretty nice hotel in a great location compared to IHC forty thousand points before night I found it's mostly to be just Holiday Inns I'm not saying that Holiday Inns are necessarily bad

but I would rather stay at the Westin then a Holiday Inn but what the Holiday Inn you do get free breakfast most of the time the next card 

I will be looking at is the world of Hyatt credit card with this card there's also an annual fee of $95 which is very similar to the Marriott bond white card so with this credit card you get twenty-five thousand bonus points after 

you spend $3,000 in the first three months but there's also an additional bonus of twenty-five thousand points Hauser you spent six thousand dollars in total wealth in the first six months so for this example 

I'm just gonna say that you don't spend three thousand dollars within that first three months since that's really all you can do with the other two you get nine times the points at highest days two times the points out dining commuting airline tickets and also gym memberships 

you also get one times a point on everything else this card also gives you higher discovered status so you can also get that Master Caesars platinum so with this card you get a free annual night stay at any category one two category for hotels and you also get an additional free night have 

you spent $15,000 or more or in an annual year so for the same comparison as we did earlier with the other two cards let's just say that you're staying in downtown San Diego on a Sunday the United State Air 

will cost you fifteen thousand points so for Santa bonus of twenty-five thousand points you really cool when he could use one free night off the Santa bonus has for the free annual night being able to stay 

at a category four hotel it's pretty nice so at the same hotel that you want to stay in San Diego using the bonus points you can stay at that same hotel with the free night so here are my final thoughts so is the IHC premiere credit card the best hotel will finish class I must say it really depends 

I know how is annoying when other people say it depends but let me explain why if you value is she planning elite status transferability they I must say that yes this is the best card out of the bunch just due to the fact that you can essentially save

so much money on resort fees when you're saying that Cesar hotels and resorts but if you never go to any of those places this credit card is pretty much on par with the other two so when we are comparing three nights is G is definitely the worst out of the three the reward night is still a pretty good deal though even though most hotels are not what they used to be previously 

I could have stayed at the Intercontinental for the free night but now I really could only stay at Holiday Inns or something that's value at the same price the free nights that's offered with the Marriott and the Hyatt is way much better value than is cheese personally 

I'm not gonna get this card because the main reason is that I have the old select card unfortunately this card is not being offered to the public anymore because essentially it became the premier card the select card nearly had the same benefits I still got platinum elite status 

I also got the free annual night plus Daniel feed was only $49 but even if you had the old car you can still get the premier card and essentially stack the benefits you can get to with war nights for the price of $128 just use it 

your fee even then that's a still pretty good value since you really can't stay at any hotel for two nights for less than that well this card does give you the fourth night free when you book it with Rewards 

I felt like this benefit will get the most value only when you have the signup bonus because earning is G points is very difficult unless you stay at their hotels often so aside from that this is the only card from the three that we compared they give you a statement credit for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck 

so for me personally with my spending habits and going to Las Vegas a couple of times a year this will be my car of choice a three but you really can't go wrong with any three of these.

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