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American Express Green Card 2022 Review


American Express Green Card 2022 Review

American Express Green Card 2022 Review

American Express Green Card This Credit Card is Currently Offering a Sign Up Bonus of Forty Thousand Membership Reward Points After You Spend Two Thousand Dollars on Purchases Within the First Six Months of Opening Your Account Now the Time of Recording This 

I Was Offered 60 000 Points Instead of 40 000 but I Decided to Use 40k in the Video Since That's the Most Common Offer at the Moment This Means Your Signup Bonus Offer May Range From 40 to 60k When You Go to Apply for the Card 

Which is a Value of 400 to 600 Depending on Your Offer and How You Choose to Redeem Those Points in Addition to That Awesome Welcome Bonus 

You'll Earn Rewards Such as 3x at Restaurants Including Takeout and Deliveries 3x on Transit Including Taxis Rideshare Parking Tolls Trains Buses Etc 3x 

On Travel Including Airfare Hotels Cruises Tours Car Rentals Airbnb and More and Lastly 1x on All Other Purchases Now Some Exclusions Apply on the 3x Categories for Instance on Restaurants Located Within Another Establishment 

Such as Hotel Restaurants Casinos Event Venues Bars Nightclubs Cafeterias and Convenience Stores May Not Earn You Additional Points According to Their Website Unless the Place is Quoted 

As a Restaurant but What's Cool is That You'll Still Be Able to Earn 3x Back on Hotel Restaurant Purchases Since Those Purchases Will Be Recognized as Hotel Purchases Which Also Falls Under the Travel Category Which Earns You 3x Back 

On This Credit Card Anyways Other Exclusions Apply to Car Rentals for Example You'll Only Earn Additional Points When You Purchase From Selected Major Car Rental Companies Such as Alamo Enterprise Hertz and Others 

So This is Just Something to Keep in Mind Before Applying for This Credit Card Now the Rewards Continue Because You'll Also Get Extra Benefits and Credits 

Such as a 100 Clear Credit Per Year and Statement Credits When You Pay for Your Clear Membership With Your Amex Green Card This Allows You to Get Through Security Faster at Select Airports 

Stadiums Nationwide in Addition to That You'll Receive Another 100 Per Year When You Use Your Amex Green Card to Purchase Lounge Access Through Lounge Buddy at Any of the Lounges in the Lounge Buddy Network Plus 

This Card Comes Packed With a Variety of Perks and Benefits Like No Foreign Transaction Fees Trip Delay Insurance Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Baggage Insurance Plan 

Global Assist Hotline Purchase Protection Extended Warranty and Many Other Benefits Lastly You'll Benefit From American Express Experiences and Offers Plus Additional Services Like Amex Send 

Split Online Account Management Year and Summary of Your Account Flexible Payment Plans and So Much More Now Being That This Card Offers Extra Benefits That Other Cards Don't It Only Makes Sense for It to Have an Annual Fee 

For the Amex Green Card That Fee is 150 So Let's Dive Into How Much Value the Card Offers and How You Can Completely Offset That Fee and Have the Card Pay for Itself While Profiting So Let's Go Over the Total Value You Can Get From

This Card on Just Your First Year Now as I Mentioned Earlier This Card is Currently Offering a Sign Up Bonus of 40 000 Membership Reward Points After You Spend 2 000 on Purchases Within the First Six Months of Opening 

Your Account That Means That if You Spend 334 Dollars Per Month You'll Hit That Two Thousand Dollar Spending Limit Smoothly and Get Yourself a Free Four Hundred Dollars on Top of That You'll Earn Three X at Restaurants Including Takeout 

Deliveries Now According to the Article on the Screen Americans Spend an Average of 2 375 Dollars Per Year on Dining and Takeout 

So Let's Go Ahead and Use That Number and Round It Up to 2400 for Easy Math Although I'm Sure Some People Spend More or Less Than That Anyways 2400 Per Year Spent on Restaurants Takeout and Deliveries Times 3x Gives You a Value of 72 Dollars Per Year on This Category Based on This Example 

You'll Also Earn 3x on Transit So for This One I'll Use My Yearly Total Spending as an Example Since Tools is Also Included in the Transit Category So on Tolls I Spend Over Two Thousand Dollars Yearly at a 3x Rate That's a Value of 60 Back 

Yearly on Just Transit in Addition to That You Can Earn 3x on Travel Including Airfare Hotels Cruises Tours Car Rentals and More Now According to the Article on the Screen Baby Boomers Spend About 6 600 on Vacations Per Year on Average 

So Let's Go Ahead and Use That Number for Our Example So 6 600 Per Year Spent on Travel Times 3x Gives You a Value of 198 Dollars Per Year on Travel Which is a Lot of Money Peeps Lastly You'll Get One X Back on All Other Purchases 

So Assuming That You Spend Around Twenty Thousand Dollars Per Year and You Use Your Credit Card to Pay Half of Those Purchases That Would Be Ten Thousand Dollars So 10k Times 

One X Gives You a Value of a Hundred Dollars Per Year on All Other Purchases Now When You Add Everything Up You'll Get 830 Minus the Annual Fee Will Leave You With a Total Value of 730 on Your First Year With 

This Credit Card and That's Almost a Return of 5x the Annual Fee Cost Which is Insane Having Said That Please Keep in Mind That the Total Value That You Get From This Credit Card Will Vary Depending on Your Own Spending Habits 

The Numbers That I Use Were Just for the Sake of the Examples Now Moving Forward Let's Go Ahead and Talk About How Much the Amex Reward Points Are Worth and How to Redeem Those Points 

So You're Gonna Have a Variety of Ways to Redeem Your Points and the Way You Choose to Redeem Them Will Determine How Much the Points Are Worth Your Options Are Redeeming Towards Online 

Gift Cards a Statement Credit Booking or Upgrading Travel Transferring Points and Shopping You Can See the Value Per Redemption on the Screen 

So for Example if You Were to Redeem Your 40k Welcome Bonus Points Towards a Statement Credit in Other Words Cash Back Your Points Would Be Worth 0.6 Cents 

So 40 000 Points in This Case Would Be the Same as 240 Now if Instead You Were to Transfer Your Points to Transfer Partners Those Same Forty Thousand Points Would Be Worth Two Cents Per Point Which Means 

Those Forty Thousand Points Could Potentially Be Redeemed for an Eight Hundred Dollar Value Which is Five Hundred and Sixty Dollars More So Again the Way You Choose to Redeem Your Points Will Ultimately Determine How Much Your Points End Up Being Worth 

So I'll Be Leaving a Link Down in the Description for You Guys to See All the Different Redemption Options and Their Point Value Now the Question is Should You Get the Amex Green Card Well Honestly That All Depends on Your Spending Habits 

This is Something I Tell Everyone That Has Ever Asked Me Whether They Should Get a Specific Credit Card or Not the Reason I Say This is Because Each Credit Card Comes With Different Reward Categories 

Based on Your Own Spending Habits You Can Immediately Determine Whether a Credit Card is a Good Fit for You or Not in the Case of the Amex Green Card I Believe It Could Be a Great Choice for Those Who Frequently Spend in the 3x

Top Earning Reward Categories Which Are Restaurants Transit and Travel and if You're Okay With Redeeming Your Points Towards Travel Simply Because 

You'd Be Able to Earn the Most Back Through This Redemption Option and Earning the Most Back is Important Because This Credit Card Has an Annual Fee 

So You Need to Make Sure You're Able to Use It Enough to Offset That Annual Fee and Profit if Not the Card Will Be Useless to Have So at the End of the Day You'll Need to Figure Out in What Areas You Spend the Most Money in 

That'll Give You an Idea of Whether This Credit Card is a Good Fit for You or Not Lastly Keep in Mind That This Card is Not a Credit Card It's a Charge Card With No Presses Spending Limit So You Won't Be Able to Carry a Balance Instead 

You'll Be Required to Pay Your Balance in Full at the End of Each Month Now in My Opinion I Believe This Card Can Be a Great Card to Have and It's Well Worth the Annual Fee if You Can 100 Take Advantage of 

Its Higher Reward Rates but Overall I Think Its Annual Fee Compared to Its Rewards May Be a Bit Too High for Most Spenders So for Those Who Don't Want to Deal With That 150 Dollar 

Annual Theme You Can Look Into the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card Which Offers Better Rewards in My Opinion at a Much Cheaper Annual Fee of Only 95.

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