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Bilt Rewards Credit Card Review


Bilt Rewards Credit Card Review

Bilt Rewards Credit Card Review 

What if I told you that you could earn reward points on your rent payments raise your credit score earn credit card rewards plus access to a bunch of great benefits completely for free with just a credit card

I'll be talking about the build rewards MasterCard which is a new credit card issued by wells Fargo that allows you to earn points and build credit on your rent payments this credit card had previously been an invite-only card and it's now finally open for applications to the public 

So I'm extremely excited to show you guys everything that this card has to offer that way you can get a nice return on your rent payments as well as enjoy other perks and benefits that come with this credit card 

So to begin with what is built is a loyalty program that lets you earn points on rent you can earn points when renting with the built rewards alliance which is a collection of over 2 million rental properties across 

The country or you can earn reward points by simply paying rent to any landlord when using the built credit card regardless of whether they take credit card payments or not 

But more on that later now you're going to be able to use your built rewards points towards travel rent workouts and even a down payment towards a house so let's talk about the reward options 

The built rewards MasterCard currently offers 3x points on dining 2x points on travel book directly with airline hotel and car rental agencies 1x points on rent payments and up to 50 000 points each calendar year 

As well as 1x points on all other purchases it also offers a signup bonus of 2x points on all non-bonus category purchases for the first 30 days to new cardholders 

So as you can see this card offers a variety of rewards in other categories not just rent payments but since the main focus of this credit card is the rent payment reward feature let's talk about how it works 

So based off of their website card holders are going to be able to pay rent to their landlords and get rewards without having to pay any transaction fees and the best part is that whether your landlord accepts credit card payments or not you're still going to be able to pay your rent using your bill credit card off through the billing app as long as your landlord accepts cash or check payments 

Now what's cool is that the landlords that only take check payments bills will send them a check on your behalf completely for free and I know it's hard to believe and believe me 

I don't know how they've managed to offer rewards plus waived transaction fees but they have and as a result, you get to earn points on your rent payments at no cost to you 

Now this is huge because transaction fees are not cheap and to give you an example of how expensive they can be let's use the following example 

If your rent payment is three thousand dollars a three percent transaction fee would mean that you would need to pay ninety dollars on top of your rent payment 

So in total, you'd be paying three thousand ninety dollars to make that rent payment on the other hand with the bill card your three thousand dollar payment would remain the same, and instead of you having to pay transaction fees you'd actually be getting paid every time you pay your rent which is awesome now on top of rewards this card is a world elite MasterCard 

So it comes packed with a variety of useful benefits such as trip cancellation and interruption protection of up to five thousand dollars trip delay reimbursement of up to eighteen hundred dollars cell phone protection 

Up to eight hundred dollars theft and damage protection and up to ten thousand dollars per claim world elite MasterCard concierge services and so much more 

In addition to that you'll get a five dollar lift credit after taking three rides in a month and paying for them using your built credit card plus a free three month dash pass membership as well as five dollars off 

Your first two orders each month lastly this card has reward tiers where you're going to be able to earn even more rewards and have access to even more benefits based on the total amount of bill points you earn yearly 

So there are currently four different tiers blue silver gold and platinum and here's what they offer the blue tier is the starting tier and it allows you to transfer your points to airlines and hotels access the bill collection and build credit by reporting on-time rent payments to credit bureaus 

The silver tier requires 25 000 earned points yearly and it offers the same thing plus a 10 bonus on lease incentive points from participating properties as well as the ability to earn interest on your points 

The gold tier requires 50 000 earned points yearly and it offers the same thing but instead of 10 percent you'll get 25 bonus on lease incentive points plus home ownership concierge services the platinum tier requires a hundred thousand earned points yearly 

It offers the same thing but instead of 25 you'll get 15 bonus on lease incentive points as well as a free gift from the built collection so on top of rewards credits and benefits 

You're gonna also be able to build credit with every on-time rent payment you make using this credit card plus you're going to be able to earn interest on your earned points depending on

How many points do you earn per year and so much more in addition to that this card has no annual fee no foreign transaction fees points don't expire as long as your account is open and active and it offers a cool feature called build protect 

Where you can pay rent without using your available credit and this is perfect for people who want to earn points on their rent payments but don't necessarily want to get into debt using a credit card the way 

It works is that they connect to your bank account and then they pull funds directly to pay off any rent charges on your card statement just like a debit card in other words 

You're gonna have the option to use your built credit card to make your rent payments as well as any debit card you own and both methods will earn you points which is awesome moving forward in order to earn built reward points 

There are some restrictions you should know about the first one is that you're gonna need to make at least five posted transactions per billing cycle in order to earn the max amount of points on your rent payments for that billing cycle 

Having said that there isn't a minimum dollar amount spend requirement and your rent payment will be included in those transactions 

So as long as you make five posted transactions per month you should earn your reward points now in the case that you aren't able to make at least those five transactions per billing cycle 

You'll only earn a flat 250 points when you use your built card to pay your rent in addition to that you can only earn up to 50 000 points per year on rent payments and lastly 

You can only earn points on one rental home per month meaning you cannot use the card to pay off multiple rental properties this card is also only for residential renters and can't be used for business rentals or mortgage payments 

But according to their site, they're hoping on expanding the program in the future to commercial rentals as well as mortgage payments and honestly if they end up adding mortgage payments 

I'll apply for this credit card in a heartbeat use it to pay for my rental properties mortgage and get a nice return on those payments anyways moving forward let's talk about what point redemption options you'll have with the built credit card 

So you're going to be able to redeem your points towards popular fitness classes covering your next month's rent payment which has a value of 0.55 cents per points 

You can also save your points towards a down payment on a house which has a value of 1.5 cents per points and lastly you can transfer your points for a one-to-one value to many airlines and hotel transfer partners 

This includes american airlines air canada air france cathay pacific emirates hawaiian airlines ihg hotels and resorts turkish airlines united airlines world of hyatt and virgin Atlantic 

The card also offers 900 bonus points when you link your built rewards account to each of these airline and hotel partners which is a hundred points for each account linked according to their site but i believe you can earn more than 900 points 

Since your list of partners has recently increased now on top of all the mentioned redemption options according to their terms and conditions from time to time they'll provide additional ways for you to use your points 

So i'm hoping that they add cash back as an option for those who simply want cash back but comment down below and let me know what other redemption options you'd like this card to have anyways 

Now that we know everything that this credit card has to offer and how it works i want to go over exactly how you can pay your rent using this credit card 

So you'll be making your rent payments all through the build rewards app which you can download on the app store the app will give you the option to pay in an existing portal 

Pay any landlord that accepts ach payments for the landlords that don't accept this type of payment as mentioned earlier bill will send them a check via usps first mail for your rent amount after 

You pay through the bill app having said that please keep in mind that this method may take five to seven business days for your landlord to receive your check so plan ahead also keep in mind that although bill does not charge any fees 

Your landlord may charge fees to use credit cards in their payment portal or at their leasing office so to avoid those fees and earn points and make sure to pay your rent through the bill app all in all in my opinion 

This credit card is a great option for renters simply because you can finally pay your rent using a credit card earn a bunch of rewards as well as build credit with each on-time rent payment

You make completely for free plus it serves as a great dining card and starter travel card for a lot of my traveling buddies now in my case 

I won't be getting this credit card since i'm not a renter but i'll be keeping an eye on it in case they decide to make it available for mortgage payments with that being said.

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