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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Au Small Finance Bank Lit Credit Card Review


Au Small Finance Bank Lit Credit Card Review

Au Small Finance Bank Lit Credit Card Review

Friends, AU Small Finance Bank has launched a new credit card called LEED Credit Card for Way Today Credit Card, India's first customizable credit card.

 Now what are the benefits of this credit card and its disadvantages, should you take this card or not, in full detail, I have come to tell you all about this lead credit card.

Small Finance Bank started issuing credit cards to its customers last year and at present around 2,30,000 credit cards from AU Small Finance Bank in more than 200 districts, customers from AU Small Finance Bank will give you Zenith Credit. 

You will get the card. You will get to see Dura 18 Plus and Vet Credit Card, but at this time AU Small Finance Bank has launched another new chemical, in which Lead Credit Card i.e. Limit Broken Credit Card which is India's First Customizable Credit Card, Customizable credit cards are promised.

Now normally when you take a credit card, they take it according to your requirement. If you love to travel, then take travel credit cards such as bags such as MakeMyTrip credit card or Vistara credit card provided by Axis Bank or SBI. 

Well if you like shopping then you take it. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Or ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card Fair To You

Credit cards are also available. For example, if you get Axis Bank's Indian Credit Card, then basically you use the credit card according to your requirement.

But what happens in the late credit card is that you can use all these features according to your own or according to your requirement and you can also turn them off.

That is, what can you do if you get more reward points in shopping. This feature can be turned on in the lead credit card and you can turn off all other features. Now in such a situation, if you want more cashback, then you can do more of this feature. Then you can close it later. 

Whatever feature you are using, you will have to pay for it, which is valid for IT days. After that it gets auto renewed automatically and you can stop turning it off and get you switched on. 

You can switch to any other feature, so basically to say this late credit card is lifetime free, but you have to pay for three months to use the feature. 

Now let me tell you their complete system. What features of them and how can you enable them?

That is, in Thirty Days, you will get maximum cashback of ₹ 500 only. You get this extra cashback. You will get this cashback on top of the family or below the base reward system, you get one river point in thousand rupees. 

If you have used any of their features like Five Accept Tax Reward, then you get additional cashback on top of this. 

If you spend ₹ 10,000 in a month, then you will get additional cashback of two percent on the spending on it and you can use the cashback only three times in 90 days. 

You also get cashback category wise like grocery dining travel and you get cashback in different categories. There is no minimum spending here. 

Will you study more than ₹5,000. On top of that you will get cashback. There is nothing like this here. 

You will get flat five percent cashback on whatever spending you make, but for this you will have to select the feature and make some use of the particular category. 

If you want cashback in time. If you want cashback in travel. If you want cashback in grocery, then you will have to choose different features, for which you will have to pay for three months. After that you will get five percent cashback.

You will get only ₹ 0 cashback on maximum attendance. Now it is written in their website that you get three months free membership. This five has many more flats in Amazon Prime. Now I am a customer of AU Small Finance Bank,

But till now the applications in their mobile application, I am still not interested in being one in their credit card section, but many people say that the free membership these people claim, you will not get this free pay. 

See you Basically you will have to pay for these, but what you have to pay is much less than the normal rate. For example, for this you will have to pay for three months. Maintenance Rs. And for Amazon Prime you have to pay.

For three months or else so much money. Tomorrow you will have to pay for the flat for three months. For maintenance rupees and direct take pipe or if you take membership in amazon, prime or card flat, then you will have to pay more there.

If you take this membership through late credit card then you will have to pay less. You tell me whether you are getting three months free membership with this because I am not sure yet and many customers say that what will they have to pay for three months, they do not get full MMC plan free pay. 

Now the biggest question is whether you should take this late credit card of AU Small Finance Bank or else see if not. 

First of all, this credit card is not lifetime free. You are being given in the name of Lifetime Free, but to use the features, you will have to pay for three months. If you reward with five then you have to remember

If you want membership here, then you will have to pay there also, then you will have to pay something for three months to use the features. But if you want entertainment, you use a small plot more.

If you watch Amazon Prime for personal benefit or if you want membership in many sets, then you can use this car. 

You will get this car for free and normally you will get membership at a much lower price for whatever money they are in membership. If you do shopping a lot, do it in good quantity. 

If you do it in more amount, then this credit card can be a little beneficial for you because you will also pay for it. You are not getting this reward five free. If you have the right five acceptance reward, then for that you will have to do it on a two wheeler like knowledge. 

So if you do a lot of shopping then it will be beneficial for you. Otherwise. With many credit cards, where you can get good reward points, then you can buy a car.

You don't have to pay anything to get a car. You will get the car for free, but if you have to pay to use the feature, then take it and then check which feature do you want?

If you feel comfortable using it after not taking the desktop, then continue or else you can also stop. You must have got some information about this new LIT Credit Card from AU Small Finance Bank.

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