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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Huge Bonuses on Southwest Cards Amex Gold Dining Credit


Southwest Cards Amex Gold Dining Credit

Huge Bonuses on Southwest Cards Amex Gold Dining Credit

The American express gold card we're going to tell you which ones they have added and also they have taken away three as well 

we're going to tell you which three they have taken away so stick around for that so first of all the southwest credit cards from chase 

now all three personal Southwest credit cards are offering the same welcome bonus for a limited time it is 75 000 points for spending 5 000 in the first three months 

the southwest business cards are offering some good bonuses as well with an 80 000 point welcome bonus on the rapids rewards performance business card 

such a mouthful that name now to understand how valuable these bonuses are we first need to talk about the southwest companion pass here's 

how southwest describes it companion pass is the benefit that allows you to choose one person to fly with you free of airline charges and does not include taxes and fees from 561 way 

every time you purchase or redeem points for a flight to qualify simply fly 100 qualifying one-way flights or earn 125 000 qualifying points in a calendar year 

you'll earn a companion pass for the following full calendar year plus the remainder of the year in which you earned it 

so basically you get to take one person with you it's got to be the same person when you fly southwest okay 

so it's two seats for the price of one great for couples or great for friends who want to go on a big trip together I was going to say road trip 

but obviously, it's not a road trip because you're flying and that is whether you book with points or make a cash booking now you have to earn 125 000 southwest points in a calendar year 

To get the companion pass so let's say you earned the points in June 2022 you would get the companion pass for the rest of 2022 and the whole of 2023 

Guess what the points earned on the southwest rapid rewards credit card do count for the companion pass 

There are also some other ways to earn points that would count like partner car rentals 1 800 flowers etc 

I'll put the link to the regulations in the description but by far the easiest way to accumulate enough points is going to be through 

With the southwest credit card,

you can get the companion pass by flying too um but you know you'd have to fly 100 flights or accumulate 125 000 points through flying 

So generally the points you get on the credit card are going to be far higher than what you earn through flying 

So for the personal cards, you have to do five thousand dollars in spending to get the bonus so for that five thousand dollars first of all you're gonna get a minimum of five thousand points more 

If you're spending in bonus categories then you get the 75 000 points which is the bonus itself so add that together and you've got 80 000 points you're 

Now only 45 000 points away from a companion pass you can then make up that extra 45 000 points through spending or taking flights 

There is another shortcut which would be referral programs okay so chase allows you to refer a friend to the southwest cards and you get 10 000 points per successful referral up to 100 000 points per year 

you can actually refer to any card not just the one you have so you can refer to any of the business cards or the personal card so if you're in two-player mode 

It's really easy you can just refer your partner and then maybe you go and refer a friend refer your grandma your dog you get the idea and then 

Let's say you're doing a couple of referrals that gives you 20 000 points then it's only 25 000 points you need to make up through spending now that could be 25 000 in spending 

If you're spending in some of the bonus categories like for example there's two points below on travel um and three points per dollar on southwest you could make up that 25 000 points a lot quicker and spend a lot less than 25 000 maybe even 10 or 8 000 or something like that 

Now i'm not really going to talk about the benefits and the point earning bonus categories on each of the cards 

We're really just focusing on the bonus but obviously let's say with the personal cards for example as you climb the ladder with annual fees increasing the one with the highest annual fee is going to give you the best benefits that would be the southwest rapid rewards priority credit card 

It gives you things like four upgraded boardings per year 75 travel credit higher points multipliers and a higher anniversary bonus 

I'll put a link to all of the southwest cards both personal and business in the description this video so you can learn more about them all right 

Let's move on to the merchants that american express has added to the amex gold cards dining credit so the amex gold has a 10 per month or 120 per year dining credit okay 

It's actually split up per month so if you don't spend the whole ten dollars in one month you lose it right doesn't roll over um but it's a statement credit for spending at certain restaurants and certain merchants which are all to do with dining so 

I'm going to give you a list of the current set of merchants which is three old ones and actually three new ones i'll let you know which ones are the new ones 

So we have cheesecake factory shake shack except for in stadiums racetracks and airports grubhub and then we have a new one which is milk bar another new one which is gold belly 

I think seamless and rusev steakhouse were two original ones that they started with on the card back when it launched i think it was 2018 when they revamped 

but then ruth chris steakhouse never ever dined there didn't use it seamless yeah that was useful but seamless is owned by grubhub anyway and grubhub is still a partner 

you know you still get a statement credit for spending at grubhub and you can basically use all of the same restaurants just through grubhub instead of through seamless 

so yeah you kind of still got that option now let's look at the new merchants because personally i don't really find them necessarily super useful okay so check this out we have milk bar which sells cakes and cookies 

Maybe it might be good for gifts for people but uh it's not really something i would buy if i wasn't attempting to use the credit okay so it would kind of be extra spending 

It's only really worth it if you were gonna do that spending anyway then we have gold belly and this is kind of on the high end their chef meal kits look quite good 

but it's going to be that you are spending like a hundred dollars through them and then you're getting a 10 dollar discount which is 10 off you know 

So that's kind of extra spending you know it's not that you're like ordering a burger and fries and basically getting your whole meal for free and that was a meal you're going to eat anyway gold belly 

It's like you're ordering something that's pretty high-end that's kind of an extra thing so it's really enticing you to spend 

So i don't really rate these two at all then we have which obviously if you're into wine this is going to be a no-brainer because probably even just one bottle one or two bottles of wine would cost 10 together right 

I guess a sub 10 bottle of wine that's pretty cheap i don't drink at all so i don't know this stuff but from the old days i seem to remember that a wine under 10 is a pretty cheap wine 

So probably if you just buy one bottle a month from you've already used the credit and if you're going to do that anyway 

If you're into wine then you're effectively using the credit and lowering your annual fee through that use of it but personally out of all the categories both the old ones and the new ones 

I find shake shack the most useful because they have a shake shack near me at woodbury outlets it's kind of a you know designer clothes outlet shopping area pretty close to where i live and yeah 

I love shake shack it's just such a good hamburger place and uh you know if you're on the west coast sorry guys in and out it's nowhere near as good as shake shack but anyway fight me in the comments on that and then grubhub 

I think is going to be probably the most useful in general for people because it's a delivery or pickup service you basically can shop any restaurant on grubhub 

But obviously you have to either get it delivered or pick it up yourself you can't order and then dine in 

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