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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review


Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review

Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review

A certain credit card from a certain credit card issuer has become a lot like a coupon book recently with a high annual fee but credits that you can use for things to get some money back and recoup some or even all of that annual fee 

It's kind of essential for you to use those credits because the annual fee is around $700 well on the chase sapphire reserve a card 

I used to refer to as the king of high-level luxury travel credit cards we have seen an increase in the annual fee from $450 up to $550 and creeping in chase is starting to issue a lot of credits for things as well 

So first up we have the $300 travel credit on the sapphire reserve now this is one of the original benefits that the card launched with so 

It's nothing new now at the beginning this was every calendar year so if you signed up in say I don't know October you would get it then and then you would get it again in January so you'd actually get it twice in your first year 

However, in 2017 they changed it to every card member year and this travel credit is one of the easiest travel credits to use out there basically it's valid for anything that codes as travel this is how chase looks at trap 

Merchants in the travel category include airlines, hotels, motels, timeshares, car rental, agencies, cruise lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, campgrounds, and operators of passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges, highways parking lots and garages 

That is a really broad selection and you can make your purchases directly with those merchants and that is in contrast to some newer cards like the capital one venture x where they have a 300 travel credit too 

But you have to use it through capital one travel it's not the case with the sapphire reserve you just make purchases through those merchants and you are good to go you will get refunded

All right now for some temporary credits and chase has been doing this a lot recently there was an instacart membership that would give you 10 credits per month that ended in April 2022 

However, chase has been adding some new ones okay so the first of two temporary credits that we are going to talk about is doordash 

Now chase has extended its partnership with doordash until the end of 2024. so what this means is that if you go get the sapphire reserve now or you already have it and you just haven't used this benefit yet 

You can use your sapphire reserve to enroll in the doordash pass and that gets you things like free delivery etc.

Now you must do this before the end of 2024 to get one year's worth of benefits and that's all you get with this one year it's just temporary however it is in your interest to do it before the end of 2023 because until the end of 2024 

All the while you have the dash path activated you will get five dollars worth of credits every month for doordash 

So let me explain it in another way a little bit more clearly this is how i interpret these terms it is possible to have dash pass after 2024 as long as you activated it before the deadline you still get a year of dash pass 

But for this five-dollar credit they're only giving that out until the end of 2024 so if you want a full year of that activate your dash pass before the end of 2023 and then you get a full year of the five-dollar credit 

Now the credit will be applied to the food part of the order but not the taxes and fees but here is the cool part if the credit is not used within the calendar month it will be carried over for a maximum of two months up to fifteen dollars in credit can be accrued before a five dollar credit expires 

So they'll let that credit roll over until the next month and that's actually really cool that a credit card company will let a credit roll over because pretty much any other credit that i can think of they never let it roll over until the next month 

The final credit that we're going to talk about today and this was added towards the end of 2021 and that would go puff now this is a delivery service for grocery store items they're not bringing stuff from your local grocery store to you 

They're not a middleman like ubereats or whatever they actually have warehouses and they stock about 4 000 items including alcohol uh food grocery store items and toiletries that kind of stuff now this isn't going to be usable for everyone 

Because right now they're in just 1 000 cities and that sounds a lot but do you know how many cities there are in the united states over 19 000 and if you're not in a city then you're out of luck completely like where i live out here in the countryside yeah nothing 

But if you are in a market where they deliver you do get a ten-dollar monthly credit for go puff purchases over ten dollars you have to spend a minimum of ten dollars and they're actually running this promotion until the end of 2023 

They don't say anything about the credit rolling over to the next month so I think it's safe to assume that if you don't use it you lose it the cool thing about this credit though that you might not realize is that it's not actually just the chase sapphire reserve that has it chase actually added it to a lot of their credit cards including many of the no annual fee cards like the freedom 

If we add all these credits up we get a really low effective annual fee so the annual fee is 550 if we then deduct the 300 travel credit sixty dollars for the door dash credit and one hundred and twenty dollars for the go puff credit that gives us an effective annual fee of just seventy dollars 

Not bad for a card where you get unlimited priority pass access of 1.5 cents per point in value a load of transfer partners reasonable earning rates on bonus categories etc.

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