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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

What are the Chase Freedom 5% cash back categories?

  What are the Chase Freedom 5% cash back categories? If you don't know the chase freedom flex and the older chase freedom car that you can only get through product change they earn five percent back or five x points back per dollar  You can redeem it as either uh on rotating quarterly categories these calories change each quarter and that's on up to fifteen hundred dollars worth of spending per quarter  So if you do the math that is either seven thousand five hundred points or seventy-five dollars in cash back that is up for grabs each quarter  Now we are going to tell you all about the selection of categories that have just been released for the freedom cards for the quarter free of 2022  So the chase freedom quarterly categories now before we look at the quarterly categories for quarter three let's just very very quickly  I promise this will be very quick I won't keep you waiting we very very quickly recap the categories for quarter two and they are amazon and select

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve Still Worth It in 2022

  Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve Still Worth It in 2022? the chase sapphire reserve is the hottest credit card of 2016 that's the year it came out and still a card loved by many has just increased  Its welcome bonus from 50 000 points up to 60 000 points so i thought it would be a great time to go through all the benefits of the sapphire reserve a sk the question is the chase sapphire reserve still worth it in 2022  So first let's talk about the welcome bonus which is now 60 000 points now this card was launched back in 2016 with a 100 000 point welcome bonus  Which was really really high at the time no other cards really were doing 100 000 points bonus at that time  I doubt though we're gonna see a 100 000 point bonus anytime soon because this card has actually lost money for chase the launch of the card cost between 200 and 300 million dollars although  It was so successful that ceo jamie dimon did famously say that he wished the launch had cost chase more money but now it

PayPal Cashback Credit Card Review 2022

  PayPal Cashback Credit Card Review 2022 Paypal in partnership with synchrony bank everyone's favorite bank has issued an unlimited two percent cashback card  it was designed to compete with the city double cash and newer cards such as the wells Fargo active cash or the td bank double up card that earns two percent on everything  well in 2022 changes are coming to the PayPal MasterCard and applications for the card are actually closed right now and they are preparing for a re-release and the biggest change is that two percent is turning into three percent  yes you heard that right three percent back on everything unlimited cashback potentially because there is one catch you have to do that spending through Paypal  so if you're shopping online and you're on a website and it has a paypal button you use your paypal mastercard through paypal through that button on that website and you'll learn three percent if you're shopping in store and a certain store has a paypal q

Why should you invest in IPO?

  Why should you invest in IPO? IPOs are again the hottest area in the Indian financial market as a lot of money has been made in the past few months. In 2017, around 38 Mainstream IPOs were issued, raising an amount of Rs 75,278.57 crore, whereas in 2016  So far 26 issues have already been issued successfully, raising an amount of Rs 26,500.82 crore. So you can clearly see that the IPO market is slowly gaining momentum. I was chatting with my friend who told me that according to him IPO is a better way to make quick money.  His opinion was based on recent experience, which he gained by investing in two IPOs including Avenue Supermarts and CDSL, which gave good returns on the first day of listing. I don't know if this is really a good way to make quick money or not, so let's dig deeper to analyze the IPO market to see if it is really a value or a trap.  This reminded me of a good quote from the legendary investor Warren Buffett, who said, "Be fearful when others are greedy

What is the best way to protect yourself from inflation

What is the best way to protect yourself from inflation? U.S.A inflation is currently running at 7.5 according to the latest data and may still go higher and I know that a lot of people are worrying about how to protect their money from inflation p erhaps your side hustle of selling your used underwear on ebay isn't going too well  So let's look at some ways to protect your cash from inflation eating away its value  but first of all, if you don't know the exact definition of inflation what exactly is it  It is the decline of purchasing power of a given currency over time so if u.s inflation is running at 7.5 percent and you have say a hundred dollars and you wait until next year or next year that 100 would only be able to buy you the same amount of stuff as 92.50  Would have done this year so with bank interest rates currently at pitiful levels how are you going to protect your money from inflation  Number one series I savings bonds  Bonda are bonds from the us treasury tha

RBI allows UPI payment via credit cards

What's the rule now? UPI facilitates transactions by linking savings or current accounts through users' debit cards. What's the news now? In a major shift in how the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) functions, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today said that credit cards too will be allowed to be linked to the UPI accounts. The implementation will begin with the indigenous RuPay credit cards being allowed to be linked, followed by other card networks such as Visa and Mastercard. "This will provide additional convenience to the users and enhance the scope of digital payments," the governor said. About RuPay Card RuPay, the card network by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), managed to capture a 60 percent share of India's car market in 2020, as per data released by the RBI. Need some clarification It is still not clear how the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) will be applied to UPI transactions are done using credit cards. For each transaction

What do you know about bonds

  What do you know about bonds? Very few people invest in bonds in India.  Bonds are essentially loans that you give to companies or the government. When you buy a bond, you are essentially giving your money to an institution that is promising to pay back the money you borrowed, along with an interest rate fixed at the time of the loan. So far, simple enough. Here is where it gets a little more complicated. You can also sell bonds to other people. Basically, you bought a bond from Company X (basically, gave a loan to Company X). The company has said that it will pay you on a certain date. You can sell this bond to someone else and when the money-back date comes, the company will pay back the bondholder - the person to whom you sold your bond. Of course, this is over-simplifying it, but it will give you a rough idea of ​​how it works. Needless to say, the price of any bond can go up or down depending on the demand and supply of bonds in the market. Many investors are able to make higher

Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review

  Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review A certain credit card from a certain credit card issuer has become a lot like a coupon book recently with a high annual fee but credits that you can use for things to get some money back and recoup some or even all of that annual fee  It's kind of essential for you to use those credits because the annual fee is around $700 well on the chase sapphire reserve a card  I used to refer to as the king of high-level luxury travel credit cards we have seen an increase in the annual fee from $450 up to $550 and creeping in chase is starting to issue a lot of credits for things as well  So first up we have the $300 travel credit on the sapphire reserve now this is one of the original benefits that the card launched with so  It's nothing new now at the beginning this was every calendar year so if you signed up in say I don't know October you would get it then and then you would get it again in January so you'd actually get it twice in yo

How to delete swiggy account

How to delete swiggy account? If you are a seasoned Swiggy user, you should know that you can order quickly and easily from its app or website. But over time, due to some unfortunate event or bad experience, you may want to delete the account permanently. Don't worry in that case. You can delete your Swiggy account by following simple steps. Swiggy allows to delete your account through official email only, and you can send email to Swiggy support. Let us see what everyone needs to do to know how to delete swiggy account permanently. How to delete swiggy via email? In order to delete your account from Swiggy, you can follow these simple steps and go through this easy process to do so. This process will delete your siggi account after your request Open Swiggy website or app Visit their chat process support Request them to delete the account They will ask you to send the request via email Email your account deletion request to You need to know how to frame mail and

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Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review

Federal Bank Signet Credit Card 2022 Review What is Federal Bank Signet Credit Card?  Federal bank and RuPay have now joined hands to launch the Federal Bank Rupe Signet Credit card, bringing you the best features in a single card Like. The lowest dynamic annual percentage rate starting from 5.88% per annum.  "3x Rewards" on Spence for electronics and apparel categories "2X Rewards" on entertainment category.  Personal accident insurance cover of Rupees to Lakhs 24/7 concert services  Complimentary airport lounge access,  Complimentary Swiggy vouchers  Buy One Get One offers on Inox Movie  Federal Bank Signet Credit Card Welcome Benefits:  Amazon Pay E-voucher worth Rupees 500 on spent off Rupees 3000 and above in 1st 30 days. Additionally, experience fabulous dining offers at partner hotels through the Fed Delights programme,  Giving up to 15% discounts gain access to a wide variety of RuPay offers and deals, including travel, food and dining, shopping, sports, ent

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