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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses May 2022


Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses May 2022

Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses May 2022

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card 

now we got to talk about this one first the chase sapphire preferred which is an old favorite of mine of a lot of people is offering an 80 000 point sign up bonus for spending four thousand dollars in the first three months of card membership since 

the points on the preferred are worth 1.25 cents per point when you use them through the chase travel portal that 80 000 point bonus is actually valued at 1 000 when you use it for travel through the chase 

but if you transfer the points out to airlines and you book high-level products like business class and first-class flights the points can be you know valued on average at least two cents per point so that would give you 1 600 in value out of that 80 000 point bonus

now the bonus on this card used to be 60 000 and they then brought in 80 000 as a kind of secret in-branch only bonus that you had to actually physically go to chase and sign up 

but about two weeks ago they actually brought the 80 000 point bonus back as an online public offer for everyone now I don't know how long this is going to be around for I know it is probably a limited time offer 

now out of the two chase sapphire cards are actually there's three but there are two that you can apply for the preferred and the reserve i prefer the reserve because it gets you to lounge access better points multipliers etc however the welcome bonus on the reserve is only 50 000 points 

so my strategy, if you want the reserve is to first apply for the chase sapphire preferred for the 80 000 points welcome bonus and then after one year chase, will let you upgrade to the reserve and if you've held on to the points that long and haven't spent them once you've got the reserve those points will be valued at 1.5 cents per point through the travel portal 

so that would mean that you then get 1 200 in value out of the bonus instead of just a thousand dollars if you're booking travel through the portal transferring to airline partners the value stays the same 

2. The advantage aviator business world elite Mastercard benefits

 so this is another 80 000 points welcome offer and it seems that Barclays who issued this card has kind of been asleep and they've recently woke up and realized wow credit cards are giving 80 000 points sign up bonuses 

we better get in that too the cool thing about this welcome bonus is that it is 80 000 American airlines miles plus a statement credit of 95 after you spend 2 000 in the first 90 days 

that's a very low spend requirement for an 80 000 point bonus and the 95 statement credit totally offsets the annual fee which is 95 

now the points guy values American airlines miles at 1.77 cents apiece so that means the total value for this welcome bonus would be 1 416$ 

But with this, your mileage may vary it depends on what class of travel you're booking business class and first class always gets better value than economy flights 

but potentially you could get over a thousand four hundred dollars in value out of the bonus now Barclays have also brought in 80 000 point welcome bonuses on a few other credit cards and we're going to go through them 

3. The barclays jetblue business card 

This card features the same 80 000 point bonus and a 99 statement credit for spending 2 thousand dollars in the first 90 days 

so you can see that these statement credits are specifically matching the annual fee so that you get the first year completely 

free JetBlue miles are worth about 1.3 cents per mile so that puts this welcome bonus at one thousand and forty dollars in value 

4. The Hawaiian airlines business card 

This card also features an 80 000 mile welcome bonus and a 99 statement credit for spending two thousand dollars in the first 90 days and guess what the annual fee on this one is also 99$ 

so the statement credit offsets the annual fee again but since Hawaiian airlines miles are worth less than just 0.9 cents a piece this bonus overall is going to be worth less than just 720 

but that is just average value and with a lot of these it really depends on how you use them for example

if you want to go to Hawaii and you live on the west coast you can actually get Hawaiian airlines business class or is it first-class

I don't know their premium cabin anyway fully flatbed etc you can get that sometimes for as little as 40 000 Hawaiian airlines miles one way which means you could get 80 000 miles for a round trip which is the exact bonus and that's probably way more than 720 in value

5.The Windham rewards earner business card 

This is the last Barclays card we're going to talk about I promise you the Windham rewards earn a business card is co-branded with the Wyndham hotel chain it is currently offering 75 000 Windham points you get 65 000 points 

for spending 1 000 in the first 90 days and then you earn 10 000 points after a purchase is made on an employee card 

window points are valued at 1.1 cents per point by the points guys so for the total 75 000 if you get the full bonus that would be 825 in value 

now the cool thing about this card is that it gets you Windham diamond status which is their top tier status and this gets you sweet upgrades and also caesar's diamond status which you can then use to get high status at almost every hotel in las vegas and Atlantic city 

so if you've been thinking of getting this card anyway now is a great time to apply.

6. The American express gold card 

Now this is the personal gold card and it's one of my favorites it's a very solid workhorse card that I use for all of my restaurant spending and all of my grocery spending and that's because it gets four points per dollar at restaurants worldwide and it also gets four points per dollar at u.s supermarkets on up to 25 000 in spending per year 

now there are currently several different welcome bonuses that you may be able to find for the gold card the first one is the public offer which is sixty thousand points for spending four thousand dollars in the first six months

then we have this seventy-five thousand point offer which I found by using a browser that I normally never use 

then I found sixty thousand points plus twenty percent back on restaurant spending in the form of statement credits up to 250 in the first 12 months through my referral links the person doing the referring can also get between 20 and 30 000 points depending on how much their account is offering 

so this could be a good one for two-player mode then you can also get 75 000 points plus 20 back at restaurants up to 250 through rezzy 

so if you're not into the player mode I recommend this deal the website doctor of credit talks about a 90 000 point bonus plus the 20 back on restaurants up to 250 

I wasn't able to find that one but hey you can search for it try incognito try referrals etc I wish you good luck finding it 

7. The AMEX Hilton honors surpass card

This card is an old favorite of mine it gets you AMEX gold status for a mere 95 annual fee it's a bargain now the public welcome bonus on this card is a hundred and thirty thousand points 

however Amex seems to not want to give me that they seem to be targeting me with 150 000. every time I try to find the public offer I can't find it I tried incognito I tried a referral and then I tried regular browser and I was always offered a so-called special offer of 150 000 points and 

8. AMEX platinum 

The way just added a gas discount of 10 cents per gallon Exxon and mobile gas stations we've got a video about that on the channel that you can check out but the AMEX platinum is still offering 125 000 points when you spend 6 000 in the first six months and on top of that 10 points per dollar back at restaurants on up to 25 000 worth of spending in the first six months and then for our final card we have 

9. AMEX  green 

but it is the Amex green through the rest website which is offering that 20 statement credits on restaurants up to 150 dollars back and in addition to that 50 000 points for spending 2 000 in the first six months that's a great bonus and I'm not sure how long these 

American express bonuses are going to be sticking around for they've already reduced some of them and American express did recently report increased costs at its earnings to call because of giving out so many amazing bonuses.

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