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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

10 Big Credit Card New Charges 2022

10 Big Credit Card New Charges 2022

10 Big Credit Card New Charges 2022

First of all the biggest change that has happened is that your billing cycle, what was there earlier, it was at the mercy of the ban, which billing it was. A cycle will be provided to you. 

But now from 1st July 2nd to 22nd, you can choose your own billing cycle. According to your requirement, suppose your salary comes on the first of any month. 

If you want to start your billing cycle from then onwards, you will be able to set your billing cycle according to its one time and if you have multiple credit cards, then you can do the same for all the billing cycles. 

Which is the biggest update. Along with this another big update regarding the billing cycle. It is that if your bill statement comes and there is any mistake in it and you release its dispute, then this dispute will have to be corrected to the bank within 30 days. 

If they do not do so, they will be fined. With this, the time of three days has passed. In this, of course, you will not have to pay any charge on your falsehood. until your dispute

What is there is not resolved? The third biggest update is that when a credit card is issued to you from 1st July 2nd 22nd, 

Your written consent will be taken before the issuance of its gift card, either physically or can be taken from you digitally. 

If your consent is not taken from you, then the bank will not work with any pretentious concern and it is wrong to do so, then on the basis of this Employee Consent, now the bank cannot issue you a credit card, then it will be beneficial that many times it happens.

 It is that without applying the bank used to deal with the credit card on its own and used to say that it will not work for two and a half percent. Third-party agents will not be able to apply for your credit card without your permission. 

Total Good Gold Folio to CBS Max's big break with this is what used to be that you used to have KV's. Of course, whether you activate it or not. 

Whatever UC is above you, it used to be imported. But now when you apply for a credit card. Within thirty days of its issue, you will have to activate it with the help of OTP in your own paper, and if you do not verify your credit card with OTP within 30 days. 

Do not take your consent. You will be confirmed to activate it. Within 30 days, the bank will confirm to you that you do not want to do whatever you want your credit card to do and if you tell

If you do not want to do that, then within seven days your credit card will be closed. No joining, no charges. All this will be free of cost. 

There will be no button on you, so like many times, someone was asked that brother, my credit card issue has happened. But I don't want to take that. 

Do I have to give NOC, then this solution to that problem has come from RBI. After this next big beti hai that when you apply for your credit card you will get a statement along with the application.

Statement, all the charges, interest, annual NOC, all the charges, all the information that is there will be given to you on that page. 

With the help of this, you will have the advantage that if you apply for a credit card and find that there are many hidden charges in it, then you will know in advance then you can stop your application and with this if you have fixed the credit card. 

And if the power becomes diesel, then the reason why the bank rejected it, you will also have to tell the bank that from now on, when you will be issued a credit card, then while issuing that card, you will have to get an insurance cover. 

Consent will also be taken about the insurance cover you want to take on your credit card. If his card is lost or someone becomes evil in his hand, then in such a situation you will be taken written consent and if you agree then you will get an extra benefit, 

In which You can get comprehensive insurance cover. With this, the biggest data that Max was asked many times was to cut us off without our consent. If you upgrade our card with IDC then how will your bank not be able to do. Strictly Prohibited ATM Cases If Your Card Is Upgrading Without Your Consent Without Written Consent If so, 

What do you have now in such a situation? You will get double the charges that were levied on your card as a penalty. That is, she will reverse the charge of that card to you. Dispute double penalty will be imposed. 

Due to this, the whole of your Harassment is getting problem. This. You can propose whatever you are to the Ombudsman, they will all decide how much compensation you have to pay. If you get damaged then this is a big step. 

The NAAC committee is that earlier it used to be that you used to get a card. The card which was sent by the bank to Dhruva by the courier did not reach Badha and it used to get lost somewhere on the way. Those people used to misuse it. Nothing like this will happen now. 

In this case, if the bank has sent you by credit card courier or post. If it gets stolen in the middle, if something goes wrong with it or any transaction is done with it, then it is the social responsibility of the bank.

The customer has nothing to do with this. All the responsibility that will be there will be that of the bank. With this, the biggest update is that if you give an application to close your credit card. 

You don't have any pending dues. If you have done all the settlement of Sara, then the credit card you have will have to be closed within seven days. 

Three cases if it is your credit card within seven days. If you do not close it, then you will get the penalty of the bank in the form of fiber to piece every day. 

But if you are given the butt, the process of controlling credit in this way has been made an experience. This means that you can close your credit card very quickly. 

What used to happen earlier than it used to take 30 days to 45 days. After giving credit card applications what would queue up and many times it didn't even happen. 

There used to be so much carelessness but this is a very big city. The gas has been taken from the ban on behalf of RBI, then it will be very beneficial for us, along with this, all have been done that till the time you do not activate your credit card, 

The NBFC of the bank which is your report, this credit Will does not send to the Bureau. That is until you are not the weight of the vehicle, there will be no entry in your CIBIL score 

That you have got such a financial limit. If you have used this much, then your CIBIL score will be protected because if you use your card

If you are not interested in activating, then when this information will not go to SIMI, then your CIBIL score will be protected because of what happened if you applied for credit card earlier. 

Immediately she sent her report to CIBIL. They made him MB in the report. If the net used to be closed, then the account which used to get closed. 

To whom would the credit be given to you, then 2000 sub-changes due to which the experience of using your credit card is going to change. 

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