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What is the most widely accepted credit card?

Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business


Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Eliminate 95% of your processing fees save money with our standard processing or save a bunch with DAC's cash discount processing keep more of the money you earn for example 

Your monthly credit card processing volume is twenty-seven thousand five hundred dollars your estimated annual savings with DAC's cash discounting is eight thousand four hundred sixty-one dollars and fifty-four cents and your estimated five-year savings with DAC's cash 

Discounting is 42 307.69 what is cash discounting, is a specialized program that allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers while eliminating almost all of your non-cash processing costs 

You will be provided signage stating all of your prices are discounted for cash payment and for customers who choose to pay with a credit card a non-cash adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the discount for a cash price 

The non-cash adjustment is designed to offset your processing fees cash discounting is easy your plug-and-play equipment will arrive ready to use and pre-programmed with the non-cash adjustment of 4 with the cash discount program you can accept up all major credit cards and debt where applicable also 

If you decide you want to offer an individual credit card using the discounted cash price you'll have the option to waive the non-cash adjustment at checkout DAC provides the technology that makes this happen easily for you 

We have a wide selection of equipment with today's technology there's no reason for you to be limited to a single terminal we have many pos providers and equipment options many with free placement state-of-the-art technology 

Find the system that best suits your business peace of mind with technical help and support next-day funding on all accounts with DAC your weekend sales are deposited 

Monday morning no more waiting until Tuesday to get your funds cut off times vary by processor get your sales dollars sooner as late as 11 30 pm eastern standard time Sunday night exceptional service 

Everything needed to successfully run this program is provided in the welcome kit even access to our unprecedented service door slash window point of purchase signage help and support resources.

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