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PayPal Cashback Credit Card Review 2022

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Review

What is the benefit of having an HDFC Bank Infinia card and how can you use this to the best potential 

Don't think of it as a review this is more friendly advice from our side to you to tell you more about this credit card let's kind of take it slows one of the first things I want to talk to you about this credit card is the reward point feature on this credit card 

The reward points from HDFC Bank are very well known HDFC Bank is very very generous in terms of giving out reward points on this credit card on a normal day if you're going out and buying your groceries with this credit card or buying clothes or something you're going to be able to get five reward points on a spend of rupees 150 

Remember unless you're spending a minimum of rupees 150 on an HDFC Bank credit card you're not going to get any reward points but 150 rupees and above you start getting reward points 

Now remember that on the infinite you will not get reward points for loading your wallets for spending on fuel and these are some categories that will not get reward points 

On once one of the big bang features of this credit card is the fact that HDFC Bank provides you with something they call the smart buy portal 

It's you can just google for HDFC smart buy and you'll be able to get to that website HDFC smart buy is HDFC Bank's attempt to make a white label portal where HDFC controls the transactions and so on 

But when you buy your airline tickets and when you're buying your hotel rooms and so on from the HDFC smart buy website you get a massive 33 percentage points on those tickets and spend 

So let's say if I’m buying a Bombay daily ticket worth 10,000 rupees HDFC Bank will not just give me that ticket HDFC Bank will also give me points worth 3 300 rupees 

Which I can use for a future redemption on buying another air ticket or a hotel room or so on and so forth so that's an amazing value 

I don't think there is any other credit card in India that apart from dynasty product which kind of gets you this high of a value on buying stuff from you know in terms of travel and lifestyle 

HDFC Bank is via the smart buy portal you'll be able to book also yourself some vouchers which are a great way again to earn 10x rewards these vouchers can be from amazon these vouchers can be for Flipkart these vouchers can be for another 150 brands 

Again head to the HDFC reporter and you will be able to buy these vouchers from there if you are a very big spender on amazon or on Flipkart remember on amazon using infinite via the smartphone portal 

You will be able to get 5x points which are approximately 25 points per 150 rupees spent Flipkart gets you 3x points which is 15 points for 50 rupees 150 rupees spent so that's a huge delta as compared to the other cards in the market 

There are many other ways to maximize your reward point earnings on the infinite, let's say you are a big foodie and you like dining out remember if you're going to a standalone restaurant which means if you're not going to a restaurant that is inside a Marriott or a taj or any other hotel chain 

You're going to a standalone restaurant let's say like Punjab grill you pay with your HDFC Bank diners you know sorry Infineon credit card you will get double points all seven days of the week 

So which means 10 points per 150 rupees spent you know these points are very important because they stack up really fast you know if you're spending ones for all your purchases you're going to get a lot of points which you can spend for free vacations anytime soon

Then there are all these bonus points offers from time to time so you will be able to get a lot of bonus points if you these usually come in SMS's or very harmless-looking emails from HDFC bank keep opening all those emails or keep reading live from and we will keep telling you of all the offers that keep coming up on the infinite. 

Another way to get points but this is a capped way to pay your insurance premiums once you pay your insurance premiums on infinite you can get up to 5 000 reward points per day 

Mind you this is a 2021 limit if this limit goes up or down in the future you should look at the HDFC bank website to find out what is the more current limit for yourself 

Now these are let's say you're going to both load of points how do you use these points the best way what I have been personally doing with this card for the past many years is I use them for report for ticket bookings again 

When you are using an HDFC bank credit card for earning rewards remember your rewards are only valid for up to 36 months after that if you have not used them they expire 

So the world is a big place why not use these word points to kind of book yourself an air ticket and go somewhere 

When you're using these reward points to book an air ticket you're also getting the opportunity of what is called double dipping you're not just going to be able to redeem these points but let's say you're flying an airline that earns you points like Vistara air India united 

Whatever else you will be able to put your loyalty number in that ticket and you will be able to earn points for the ticket when you've flown it as well 

The second use of these points very recently HDCF bank has tied up with Vistara so you can transfer the infinite reward points one is to one to Vistara you can also transfer it to Singapore airlines you can transfer it to inter miles as well 

Those are some of the airline partners where you can transfer these reward points and um then there is obviously the option of using it for cash redemptions 

Let's say you spend some money on your credit card and you want to use your water points to adjust it against the bill each reward point is worth 130 Paise so not the best use but I'm letting you know that it's not the best use but if you still want to do it you can you want to redeem your reward points for vouchers it's 50 Paisa per point 

Used how do you get some more reward points by the way one thing I skipped was this card comes to you in a paid version and a free version some people are offered to carry this card lifetime free some people to get it one year free some people have to you know always pay a fee to keep this card which is 10 000 rupees plus taxes but I am at this point of time 

So if you are one of those people who have to pay a fee the good news is HDFC bank is already giving you 10 000 rupees as 10 000 reward points every year you're gonna pay an annual fee on this credit card 

So your net outgo from your pocket is just the GST you're paying actually on this um coming to some of the other things that can be maximized on this credit card from time to time HDFC bank has recently been on a roll 

They roll out these member-specific promotions all the time all the time, so for instance on this card which is Shipra's HDFC infinite credit card we have a promotion this month that 1 lakh rupees spent this month will get us 5 000 worth of amazon Flipkart vouchers whatever we want 

So we're spending a lot of our household spends this year on shipwreck cards instead of some of the other cards we are spending and I think we have already done about 70 000 rupees just need to do a little bit here and there a great way to earn points 

Say your rent on your credit card there are many people out there offering this service right now I'd invite you to research that and then you can perhaps pay your rent on your credit card as well some of the perks that you get for having the infinite with you one of the biggest books off the bat is what you get is the club Marriott membership the club merit membership only comes to you for the first year once you start using this card for about 

You know 15 days or 20 days after activation you'll get a text message from HDFC Bank you just need to activate this you need to give them the details and your club marriage membership will be activated very soon do not confuse club Marriott and Marriott Berwick club marmot is the dining and lifestyle program of Marriott in India this will give you 20 approximately discount every time you dine at a Marriott outlet 

So it could be let's say Bombay brasserie it could be a Delhi baking company at the JW Marriott aero city any restaurant of Marriott you present this and you get a 20 discount it's also going to get you some discount vouchers like a couple of 30 discount vouchers 

If you are at a media property or it's gonna get you an ongoing 20 15 20 discount as well another benefit and a major benefit for a lifestyle credit card such as the infinite like I said earlier on you get up to three add-on cards now between the four of you you get four priority passes HDFC bank has not placed any limits on the use of this private class which means 

If you're having a heavy day of travel let's say you're in three different airports during a day you will be able to swipe your priority pass at three airports get three lounge accesses and no one's keeping count you can go into as many lounges every day of the year as many as you like same privilege comes for your add-on cardholders as well no one's keeping count ready so everyone gets the benefit of 

This thing for those of you who love golf mind you this card is a godsend because you're getting unlimited complimentary golf games at leading courses around the globe you know you just need to make a phone call 

You will be able to get that this is domestic as well as international so I remember a couple of times back in the day using my credit card I've been able to play golf at the golf courses in Mumbai which mind you I don't know golf 

So I'm trying to learn and that was a great benefit at that point in time if you don't know golf you will also be able to sign up for golf lessons where for one hour or so you will be able to get a golf instructor and they will teach you how to kind of play the game 

If you're a huge international traveller like I used to be free pandemic I will be back on the road soon I hope HDFC infinite gives you a two per cent forex markup rate which mind you is much better than 

So many other cards in the market which charge you 3.5 plus GST so you're getting a much lower forex markup rate which kind of adds up if you're spending a lot abroad and so on and so forth remember you can also while this is an invite-only card some people have asked for this card and gotten it 

Usually, you need to submit an income tax return of 45 lakh rupees but HDFC bank on its own also determines that a lot of people should get this credit card and when they determine that you should get this credit card it can usually they can make you jump from regalia or from a millennia card all the way to infinite as well 

So it's totally up to them once the system is determined you should have this card do jump on the opportunity to get it otherwise get your rm to recommend you for the card or so on and so forth HDFC is pretty much very generous with giving out this card 

Right now that has been my story in our house spending with the HDFC infinite credit card if you have any questions please put them in the comments box we'll try and respond as quickly as we can.

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