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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Best Card For International Transactions India 2021


Best Card For International Transactions India 2021

Best Card For International Transactions India

Before you start reading this article. I would like to provide a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored article by any of the banks/cards I am providing this review based on my use and research You can decide among the cards you require.

I have used a lot of cards like international, debit, credit as well as digital cards On the basis of their experience, I'll tell the best and the affordable card for international payments 

The most frequent question is related to payments International transactions are required when you make international purchases or services from AliExpress Or you are purchasing a service or you are hiring someone from Upwork or Fiverr 

If you are purchasing a digital tool or hosting and you require an international card for it What is the card and what are the charges, everything you will know in this article.

Before I tell you about the card, there are some basic factors that you must know in an international card One card that you must not select for an international transaction must be the "Rupay Card" I have the IRCTC Rupay Credit Card You do not need to have this card as this is not accepted in the international payments It is only for India You can take Master or the Visa Card.

The next thing which occurs with an international card is its transaction charges, Whenever we deal with the currency in USD, there is a "Markup Fee" on it It is usually 3.5%, it can be higher or lower than this range There is an additional 18% GST charges as well So take it as you need to pay additional 4% transactional charges 

You will have to pay extra 4 rupees on every 100 rs spent Talking about the international transactions, in most of the cards, this feature is usually turned off by default So you need to manually turn on this feature

If you don't use this feature then this feature gets disabled automatically Every bank has a different procedure on this and Usually, all international transactions can be turned on through net banking only You can also turn on this feature by downloading their app.

The fourth is about Exchange rates, The exchange rate is different on Visa, Master Card, and American Express In my experience, I have got the best exchange rate through a master card There's close competition between Visa and Mastercard and both have provided a good exchange rate 

So which is the best international card The one which has enabled international transactions and the markup fee is less There must be the autopayment of the international transactions and it must be easy to acquire 

There must not be additional conditions should have a good credit score or a good history or good relations with a bank I'll not include such types of cards in this article, I'll include them in the list but I would not provide detailed information As I want everyone can use these cards 

So this article is not for cards enthusiasts but for those who require a good card for international payments 

So first let's start with SBI It is a bank where the majority of Indians have their account You and your family members must be having an account in this bank 

So let's start with which card you should use and if you have an account in SBI If you rarely use the card for international transactions then it's not compulsory for you to open a separate bank and do your transactions. So let's find all the internationally accepted cards in SBI

Firstly, don't buy a Rupay card for it It is free but it doesn't work internationally You can buy the SBI global debit card and I have initially used this card 

It works well, there's autopayment and talking about the transaction charges so there is 3.5% + GST but if you want to use it rarely then you can use this card and There is no problem with international transactions using this card You can manually turn on and off the international transactions on the card, this is a good card 

Talking about its credit card, there's the SBI Simply click credit card and This is really good as you get good cashback and discount offers in Amazon You also get good points as you use it for online transactions It simply clicks, you can get this against FD So if you want a credit card then you can look for this card online, you get good points as well

If I talk about ICICI The ICICI Cards have international transactions in their Debit Cards I have purchased this platinum debit card and I have done international transactions and I didn't face any problem You will have to pay the markup fee of 3.5% on it 

They also have their credit card and I didn't face any problem with it I have used this card a lot You can also use the Amazon Pay Card by ICICI for international payments The markup fee on this card would be 3.5% Transactions are good and there is no problem I have the ICICI corporate Debit Card and I have not faced any problem in it.

Next, we have the HDFC Bank, If you want to use the debit card of HDFC Bank then "Millenia" is the best debit card It is a really good debit card, it has good cashback points and you get 2.5% on the online spends 

It is not good like the credit card but if you want a debit card This card can be a really good option, it provides good cashback points and it works well with the international transactions 

The markup fee is high at 3.5% So if you want to use this for 2-3 international transactions then you can use these cards Talking about the credit cards

 I have the HDFC Moneyback Credit Card The markup fee on it is 3.5% The HDFC Credit Card is Regalia I like this card and I will apply for this card later on At the end of this year, I'll apply for the Regalia Card The Cashback points are really good and the markup fee is 2% only 

Another Recommendation for it is the HDFC's Infinia Credit Card it is an invite-only premium credit card and you must have a good relationship with the bank for this 

So if you have this then you can go with the HDFC Infinia card You get good cashback and the markup fee is only 2% 

Talking about Axis bank, they have the prestige debit card and it works easily and they have a 3.5% markup fee So all of the cards have a high markup fee except for the HDFC Regalia Card, it was 2% only, it also had good cashback points 

So the best card till now was HDFC Regalia or the HDFC Infinia Credit Card In the debit card, it works for international transactions but the markup fee is 3.5% only 

So if you use it for rare transactions then you can refer to the cards I have told you previously, but if you are regularly using it for monthly transactions then you can save your markup fees

Now I will talk about the cards with less markup fee So the first card is the "World Exclusive Debit Card" of IndusInd bank The name itself suggests it is made for international transactions 

The best part about it is, there are 0% markup fees This card provides more benefits but I will focus on the markup fees only The biggest flaw of this card is, you require an IndusInd Savings account in this bank 

You will have to maintain a balance of Rs.1 lakh to use this You will require to maintain a balance of Rs. 1-2 lakh rupees in its account to get this debit card and there are additional fees for it as well, So there are certain benefits but its maintenance is on the higher side

The next card is of Niyo Global Card This is also a good card with 0% markup fees, there's no forex markup fee or no extra transaction charges which are good It works like a debit card and you first load the money on it and then you use this card 

They have collaborated with DCB Bank and it is quite easier to use this card It is a good card but the main problem is, it is available only in Metro Cities, So it is a good card for Forex Transactions

 Before I proceed with my Card No. 1, I would like to provide the honourable mentions The first is the American Express Cards, It has the Membership Rewards Card It is a good card, if you use it regularly you'll get good cashback points The markup fee is 3.5% 

But if you use it regularly then you can get good cashback points and The best part about American Express is their customer support Customer support is one of the best for American Express credit/debit cards 

It provides good support while Frauds, Theft of card, the support quickly resolves your issue It is one of the best customer supports and If you require the best customer support then you can pay extra in the form of transaction charges So American Express is for you.

The next honourable mention is the Kotak 811 It is quite popular, I haven't used it People say, its works internationally, I haven't used this card If you have used this card then do let me know in the comments section below, 

Now the first card which I use a lot is RBL Card RBL is recommended by very few But this card is good It is a credit card But I am talking about RBL International Debit Card 

So there's a 0% markup fee I'll tell you which card I have They do not have it in plastic form, they provide an online digital card You can issue its plastic card separately, I have its numbers saved in my password manager,

There's no documentation You do not reload a currency on it It means USD, Uk, Dollar, UAE, you can use this card easily, You can easily use this card on any of the websites The best part is, you do not have any currency markup fees 

I have their Titanium First Debit Card I am a frequent user of this card There is 0% markup fees and you need the savings account for it I have the Prime Savings account in this bank The best part is, they have the card insurance for it as well Lost card Liability 

You get up to 50k insurance for this card All the transactions are covered in this There are a lot of things in it, but the best part about it is the 0% markup You get high-interest rates on RBL Bank It has an easy process for account opening 

The KYC was online and there was an online video chat for it I didn't face any problem with it It usually takes half an hour timing for all this The minimum balance required to maintain in this account is 5k per month

 If you regularly do international transactions then you can use this card There are no terms and conditions for high maintenance or credit score, as you get this card quite easily, I use the RBL card The next Card which I use is of HDFC Credit Score if I want to increase my credit score 

I use this card sometimes For maximum, I used RBL Card only There's one con and that is related to the customer support and it is not good The support is not good on-call or on email If you want to get your work done through them then you have to visit their branch You will have to raise your complaint about a quick resolution

For faster responses to your complaints, you need to visit their branch So these were the cards used by me Do let me know the cards you all use

 I'll tell you 2 important things if you need a credit card First, you should have a CIBIL Score If you do not have a CIBIL score then how to get it?

 You can take against your FD, you can go for Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card, ICICI Credit Card and SBI Card If you are travelling then you can use the cards which I have mentioned in the review You can use the RBL Card, 

You also have the third option to issue a forex card and which can be issued through your passport That card has fewer transaction charges A Forex card is just like a prepaid card and you get the money in it from the bank But you can issue a forex card only when you have a passport and a visa 

If your visa is not issued then you won't get this Card So let's wind this up The best card for an international purchase is RBL Debit Card Best Customer Support: American Express is the best Best Credit Card, HDFC Infinia but it is a premium card HDFC Regalia is also a good option.

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