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HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card Review 2023

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card Review


Axis Bank ACE Credit Card Review

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card Review 

  • Axis Bank ACE Credit Card?
  • What is Axis Bank ACE Credit Card? 
  • Where and how can we use Axis Bank ACE Credit Card?
  •  What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this credit card?
  •  After all, how can we get this Axis Bank Ace Credit Card made? 
  • To get Axis Bank Ace Crate Card, Which documents do we need And what terms and conditions do-follow?
  • We may be eligible to have this credit card?
  • If you are not eligible to get this credit card Still how can you get this card made?
  • How will you get the full benefit of Rs 1300 as soon as you get this card made? 
  • Some people here also have to say this that after making this card In this you have to pay a lot of extra charges so are they right And if so, what are the charges you will have to buy? We will also know this in this article. 


What are the benefits of using Axis Bank Ace Credit Card? 

The first benefit of this credit card is Cashback 

By using this card, if you go through Google Pay, pay any kind of bill. So from there, you get a full 5% cashback 

Also in Google Play, if you got any kind of Rewards so that separately using this credit card do any type of transaction on Zomato, Swiggy or OLA 

So even there you are given a full 4% cashback Also if you use this card anywhere. If you do any transaction using this card. So there you are given full 2% cashback. 

That is use this credit card wherever you are 2% cashback sure. There are some places where you do not get cashback We will know about it in this article later.

The second benefit is Lounge access 

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card if you are getting down Then you will be provided 4 lounge access/year absolutely free.

The third benefit is Surcharge Waiver 

That is, by using this credit card, you take petrol from any petrol pump So there you had to pay a surcharge of 1% he will be forgiven you don't have to give it but the conditions are that the petrol 

you are taking Should be between Rs.400 to Rs.4000 And you can take its benefit only up to 500 per month.

What documents will we need for this? 

In documents, first, you will need a photograph an identity proof and address proof And income proof will be required. 

Which documents can you provide under Address Proof and Identity Proof? 

If you are a salaried person So you can give the latest 2 salary slips who should not be older than 3 months same if you are self-employed IT Return Copy, Form 16, Bank Statement.

If you give any one of these three documents, So you may be eligible to get this card made, If you have these four documents Then it comes to eligibility.

  • First, in Eligibility minimum of 18 years And the maximum should be 70 years.
  • Second, you must be a salaried person or self-employed.
  • Third, your CIBIL score should be good If your CIBIL score is bad Still how can you get this card made We will know about this too soon.

So if you have any documents And you are also eligible to get a card Then how will you get this card made? 

There are mainly two ways to make this credit card first online and second offline 

So first of all we know that how can I get this card made online Friends, there are 2 ways to get this card made online. 

  • First, you can apply through Axis Bank official website.
  • Second, you can apply through CashKaro.
Before knowing about this let me tell you one more thing Friends if you apply from the website of Axis Bank and your card gets approved.

So after approval, you are given a Flipkart Gift Voucher Which is full 500 rupees Same if you apply through CashKaro 

So you are also given a reward of Rs 800 from the card approval pay banks And the gift voucher of 500 you are getting from Axis Bank, 

You are getting it That means in total you will get benefits of Rs 1300, 

So here we will see both the process Through CashKaro's official website as well as Axis Bank's official website.

First of all, we start applying through CashKaro For that first you have to go to the play store of your smartphone And from there download the Cashkaro application 

If there is any problem in installing from there So its direct download link is here.  Cashkaro application

 As soon as you open it, you will see 2 buttons in front of you In which you have to click on the join button on the right side, Then some columns will open in front of you in which 

In the first column you have to file your name To fill Gmail in the second column In the third column, what do you want to keep the password of your Cashkaro account 

have to fill And in the last column you have to fill in your mobile number the columns after that you will get an otp for verification, verify your account. then you will get your credit card. 

If you are not eligible to get this credit card Still how can you get this card made?

First you have to know why you are not eligible for to make this credit cardsome example like your Poor Cibil Score or Age limit etc. 

If you think your Cibil is not gonna improve or you don't want to make this card fon your name then you can make this credit with the help of our father's mother's broth's, sisters' id proof. 

After the making of credit care only you need to know the registered mobile number for to use this credit card, what you can do when you apply for the credit card just simply put your mobile number instead of your family members then you can easily use this credit card with no problem. 

Have to pay extra charges?

Some people here also have to say this that after making this card In this you have to pay a lot of extra charges so are they right, I just simply so "NO"

What type of charges do you have to pay on this card?

Joining Fee 499 Annual Fee 2nd

year onward: Rs. 499

Card Replacement fee Waived

Cash Payment fee 100

Duplicate Statement Fee Waived

Charge slip retrieval fee or copy request fee Waived

Outstation cheque Fee Waived

Mobile alerts for transactions Free

Balance enquiry charges Waived

Cash Withdrawal Fee 2.5% (Min. Rs. 500) of the cash amount

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card Review 

I think Axis Bank Ace Credit Card is the best in the entry-level segment. Earlier Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card used to be the best credit card in this segment. The entry-level card segment is getting competitive day by day. An exception is 5% cashback on utility bill payments like electricity bills, mobile recharge or which is not available on any other card.

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