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AMC Visa Credit Card Review 2022

Amazon rewards visa signature card review


Amazon rewards visa signature card review

Amazon rewards visa signature card review

I'm going to give you my full review of the amazon rewards visa signature card by chase that's kind of a long title but basically, it's just the amazon visa card I'm going to go over everything because I've personally had this card for eight years and honestly if you don't shop a lot on amazon it's not the best card on the planet it's got a lot of really good perks but if you do shop a lot on amazon then it is definitely worth considering.

So I'll cover all the main features and benefits of the credit card and then I also want to talk about some of the personal things that I found with the card that are very handy that I don't think a lot of people have talked about because after eight years of use a lot of things have actually gotten better with the card rather than worse.

I want to start by saying that in my opinion, I feel like this card is a cashback credit card nowadays because it used to be that you would just accumulate amazon rewards points and then you could redeem them only for amazon purchases and that was pretty much all the card could do.

But now you can actually redeem the points for real cashback meaning you can send the money directly to your bank or you can get it in the form of a statement credit and then you can also use chase's website and you can order gift cards or you can even use their travel portal as well.

So as far as rewards go you're gonna get 5% back on all Amazon purchases and whole foods market purchases if you're an amazon prime member.

Now if you're not a prime member you're gonna get 3% back on amazon and 3% back on the whole foods Market.

So if you're an amazon prime member and you shop a lot on amazon then obviously 5% back is a big deal when it comes to a credit card 

You'll also get 2% back at drug stores and gas stations so obviously if you're filling up your car you're gonna get 2% back but I've also noticed if you go into the gas station and you make a purchase a lot of the time that will also count as the 2% gas station reward

The only other category is  1% back on everything else that you spend on the credit card that doesn't fall into those other categories so as far as the reward categories go I feel like they're pretty good but overall I feel like the credit card is not the most competitive card out there unless you shop a lot on amazon because if you do then definitely 5% back or even 3% back is really good in that shopping category

 I also want to mention that the amazon visa does not have an annual fee so that's always a good thing and then on top of that you don't have to be an amazon prime member to have the card active.

It's just if you are a prime member you're going to get that extra 2% boost on the amazon purchases and at the whole foods market stores.

The card also does not have a foreign transaction fee so if you happen to travel a lot overseas and you make purchases with your credit card then you don't have to worry about paying that stupid fee which can sometimes be about 3% of those purchases that you're making in foreign areas.

You'll also get what's called purchase protection and what this means is that your new purchases will be protected for up to 120 days against damage or theft and that'll be up to five hundred dollars per claim and fifty thousand dollars per account.

Then you'll also get extended warranty protection which means that u.s manufacturer warranties will be extended by one year on eligible warranties that are three years or less 

Then there's a lot of travel perks as well like baggage delay insurance lost luggage reimbursement and travel accident insurance so there's a lot of stuff with this credit card that if you're using it on eligible travel that you can be reimbursed in certain situations 

Just keep in mind that there's a lot of fine print when it comes to this kind of stuff so if you are going to be making any of those claims with the credit card just keep in mind that there's a lot of different guidelines and rules that you need to follow in order to qualify for those perks 

But it is nice to know that as long as you're using your credit card for all of those purchases that at least you can be reimbursed in some situations which are a lot better than not getting anything if you're just using cash or a specific debit card 

This feature isn't the biggest deal but the card does have tap to pay technology and this is very fast compared to even chip readers because all you have to do is just tap it and you're done it's that fast.

Personal opinion about the Amazon rewards visa signature card

 I'm going to go over some of the other perks that I found with the amazon visa signature card and these ones in my personal opinion these are kind of the extra things that I found that are pretty handy with the card so I'll just go over these really quick with you guys t

The first one that I want to talk about is actually on chase's website when you're logged in and we'll just call it coupons because basically what's happening is different merchants are going to have different offers that you can actually act on your card 

So all you do is you sift through those different offers activate the ones that you think you're going to use and then abide by their terms and then you can get cash back just for going to places like chilli's where you're already going to go to dinner anyway 

The different coupons that are offered are always rotating so as long as you shop online every couple of weeks you're probably going to see new offers that pop up so throughout the year you're probably going to find something that you can spend money on and you can get cash back just for activating the coupon

Then I wouldn't really call this one a perk but it is handy if you want to know how many reward points you're actually getting on your purchases so all you have to do is just scroll through your individual purchases online click on them and once you're inside of it and you scroll down to the bottom you can actually see exactly what your reward was and how many points you got 

So for instance, if you're curious if you got 2% back at a specific gas station you can find out through that transaction if the merchant listed it correctly because a lot of the time if the merchant doesn't list it correctly then you're not going to get those eligible points that you could and you really can't do much about that but at least you can look on your own and see how many points you're getting at those specific stores that you're shopping at. 

Another feature that I use all the time is through chase so as long as you're logged in you actually have access to free credit monitoring through what they call credit journey so all you have to do is click on credit journey go inside of it and they'll update your credit score and this is really handy because they update it about every two weeks and you can see exactly what's going on you can learn about your credit score you can see your history and everything is very accurate as far as what I've seen from using it myself.

Then I've also gotten different emails where they'll boost a category for a short amount of time so, for instance, this one they take the 1% category and they boost it up to 2% typically for about three months and sometimes they have limits on how much you can spend how much you can earn 

But it's just a different perk that you can get through random emails and all you have to do is activate those on your card when you receive the email start using your card and you can actually see the points add upright in the other spot.

So you just click on an individual item scroll to the bottom and then you can see the normal points that you get plus the bonus points as soon as it's been activated.

So overall in my opinion I feel like the amazon visa signature card is definitely worth considering I mean I've been using it for eight years and it's only gotten better since I've gotten the card 

So obviously if the card's getting worse over time there comes a point where you might just want to cancel it but this card hasn't done that and so far they've done a really good job and they've only improved on things as time has gone by.

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